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Chapter 196: G-Quest Everyday

Tauro and Aeris spent their days completing mainly G-quests with Ragune, interspersing them with herb-collecting quests.

G-quests are low-ranked errand quests, but even for higher-ranked adventurers, when performed, they are easily evaluated based on their contribution to the adventurers’ guild and the local community.

So it didn’t bother Tauro and Aeris at all, but Ragune began to show signs that she felt she was bothering them.

“I can’t seem to raise my guild rank.

I’d like to raise it as soon as possible so I can be of service to the two of you.

…… Ku, kill …….”

“ Haha.

Don’t panic, don’t panic.

You’ve already moved up to the G rank, and in terms of pace, You’re on the fast track.”

“ That’s right, Ragune.

And don’t worry, you’re not bothering us at all.

And if there are any nomination quests to the “Black Golden Wings,” you’ll be asked to participate in them as usual.

It doesn’t mean you can’t do quests for the higher classes.”

To reassure her, Aeris explained.

“Oh really”

Ragune’s expression brightened.

“That’s right.

It just doesn’t affect the promotion assessment, but if you have the ability to do it, you can do the quest.

Well, we don’t have a client who would nominate ‘Black Golden Wings’ though…….”

Tauro added, while also adding a few snippets of information.

Right now, since we are discussing cooperation during times like gathering medicinal herbs, Ragune may have been frustrated that we couldn’t fight as a team.

“Then, I’d be very grateful if I could join you and your team on your quest next time!”

Ragune was very motivated.

“ —-the guild has sent a nomination quest to the ‘Black Golden Wings.”

Tauro reported to Ragune and Aerith.

“Oh! I can join in!”

Ragune was very enthusiastic about the opportunity.

“A village two days south of here has asked us to investigate the cause of the abnormal changes in the nearby swamps that are having a negative impact on the surrounding area.”

“Why is that a nominated quest for us”

If it’s a search mission, it could be done by another team or even by an individual adventurer.

It was only natural for Aeris to wonder.

“It looks like the swamp has been contaminated with poison.

I’ll have to check the details, but it looks like Chloe, the branch manager, decided that my ‘poison resistance’ and ‘purification’ could be useful.”

“What! Tauro-dono has complete resistance to poison And even “purification”! I, too, have resistance to the abnormalities inherent to the Dragon People, so I think I can be of some help!”

Ragune was surprised by Tauro’s ability, but she did not forget to appeal herself.

It’s a chance to play an active role.

“ Okay, I’ll let you two take center stage this time.

……By the way, both of you, please stop honorific words such as “Dono” and “San”.

If not, the distance won’t shrink no matter how long it goes!”

Aeris complained about the distance between them.


I’ve been warned again.

I understand.

Ragune, can I call you by your first name”

Tauro asked Ragune to agree.

“Of course! May I also call you that……  Tauro and Aeris”

Ragune said, looking embarrassed.

““Of course!””

Tauro and Aeris answered together.

“ Oh, and also the vacant house in our neighborhood, formerly rented by former members of “Black Golden Wings”, the team will pay the rent and Ragune can live there.

You are commuting from the village of the Dragon People now, right”

Tauro suggested.

I’m not bragging, but Aeris and I remodeled the house together, so it should be quite comfortable to live in.

It’s in our neighborhood, and if someone was to live there, I’d prefer Ragune, who is a member of the team.

“Really! Actually, my ‘dimensional corridor’ uses a lot of magic power, so it’s something of a challenge.

It would be easier if I could live here, so that would be great.”

“Then, Ragune, I hope you’ll be my neighbor from now on!”

Aeris is happy that she and Ragune are getting to know each other a little better.

Tauro, too, is not very good at closing the distance between people, so he was happy to see that they could shorten the distance between them.

And he felt that Aeris was reliable in helping him shorten the distance at times like this.


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