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Kingdom of ZoAn The Promise of Lucius

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While Linhardt and Kilian were peacefully resting in the hut, soldiers suddenly arrived.

Kilian immediately became alert and prepared his book just in case there was combat.

We are ordered by Lord Sirius. said the soldier.

Don worry; Lord Sirius has no ill intentions toward you.

He only wanted to invite you inside the castle because one of your companions, a woman, begged before she lost her consciousness.

there was a wounded man with him who was blind.

Huh? lost consciousness? What happened? Im sure that is my sister Seth! where is she?

how is her condition? Kilian answered hurriedly and worriedly.

I can answer your questions right now. you better come with me to the castle to see her as just directly ask her what happened. Don worry; we will escort you, and we have a Taurus with us. Hes not going to do any harm to you or your friend. He had a direct order from Lord Sirius.

Kilian was worried about his sister, but he was also worried about what he discovered about Linhardt.

he needs to ensure that no one will discover the secret that he is a Leo.

Kilian agreed to go with them for the sake of his sister. He just needs to be very careful in supporting Linhardt, especially when the soldiers are with a Taurus.

Before they left, a Taurus asked where they came from. and what kind of Zodiac is there in their group.

Kilian answered and said that he was a Libra like his sister.

he didn even think to deceive the Taurus anymore because he knew that they already knew that Seth was also a Libra.

and the father and son said they were Aquarius and they were just ordinary merchants from Nero Desi who came here the sell their fish. in addition to that, he also pointed the mark of Aquarius on the hand of the Neriums. Kilian also showed his mark of Libra on his forehead.

The Taurus didn ask any more questions and just introduced himself.

I am Cerro, and I apologize for the bad behavior shown to you by one of my kind.

I promise that this incident will not happen again.

They continued on their way and were put on horses carried by soldiers so they could quickly reach the castle.

When they arrived at their destination, Sirius was waiting at the front gate.

Lord Sirius! said one of the soldiers. I don know what is so special about these people that Lord Sirius would even meet them in person.

Quiet! Cerro reprimanded it and said just to be alert and obey whatever they were ordered.

when Seth and Linhardt got off the horse, Sirius greeted them immediately.

Hmm. a Libra, Red eyes, and seemingly rose-colored hair.

tell me, what is a CLEA person doing in the land of VEA?

How did you know? Seth accidentally spoke with a loud voice as he was so surprised that Sirius immediately knew he was from CLEA by just looking at him.

Sirius had a soft laugh at the same time, saying, Im a Royalty. its important to us that we know everything about every house that exists in the Kingdom of Zo-An.

do not worry. no matter where you are from, the land of VEA welcomes you.

You may have other motives for coming here, but I won get into that anymore. Ill just leave you with that matter as long as the safety of VEA is not going to be involved.

Kilian also smiled because he didn know what he should answer.


e really smart, and even if you take off your shiny clothes, its undeniable that you

e pure-blooded Royalty.

in your posture, speech and that look on your face that showed no emotion whatever you are speaking.

Kilian! shouted a woman who seemed to come from inside the castle.

that voice was familiar, and Kilian was sure it was from his sister.

All right, you can go see your brother. Sirius said. and you, Nerium, let the soldiers take your father inside the medication room to be treated by the healers.

I also have some questions for you.

Go on, Kilian! go to your sister first. don worry, Im fine Ill just make sure my father is okay.

Linhardts father was brought to the healers place, and Kilian hurriedly ran to his sisters room.

Sirius had him go with Linhardt to the room where the Chyrum man was.

Sirius asked if Linhardt knew this man and why this Chyrum was protecting him.

Linhardt saw his face and said that the man was the one who bumped into him earlier when they were selling fish to a merchant near the square.

those were the only times he saw the Chyrum.

And without further ado, Sirius also asked how he managed to humiliate a Taurus general. because that news was heard all over the town.

Linhardt could not answer because, until now, he also had no answer to that event that happened.

Sirius also couldn think of any other reason because he also saw the evidence that Linhardt was an Aquarius, and he knew that he couldn handle a Taurus general alone.

The Chyrum woke up little by little because of hearing the conversation.

as he was fully awakened, he was also startled to sense that a powerful Royalty was in front of him.

A Royalty? what am I doing here? Why am I here?

Sirius was surprised at how quickly Chyrum knew he was royalty even though he couldn see him.

he was impressed by the strength of Chyrums senses.

You are a Zodiac Leo. you can deny that to me. based on the marks on your face and your unique aura that seems to be always ready for whatever happens.

What is your name brave Chyrum?

The Chyrum introduced himself as Lucius.

He said that they are the only remaining Zodiac Leo in the whole land of Chyros Desi.

He suddenly burst into tears when he remembered that his remaining companions were gone and mercilessly killed by a Taurus.

He was very discouraged because he couldn do anything to help his comrades, and he also blames himself for what happened.

don blame everything on yourself Sir Lucius. if it weren for your courage, my father and I would definitely be gone now.

Linhardt said. Lucius was shocked to learn that Royalty was with him. he knew even by feeling that Linhardt was a Leo.

He was suddenly nervous and wondered why he was with Sirius.

what is that man doing here? Lucius asked Sirius.

to be honest, I didn need anything to him. I also just summoned him to the castle because he was involved in the incidents that happened.

besides that, he is with Libras brother, who helped you there in the dungeon.

Lucius was slightly relieved when he learned that no one else knew Linhardts true Zodiac. it would be chaos, and he knew that every royalty in the Kingdom would immediately capture him. he asked a favor to Lord Sirius to speak with Linhardt privately if possible. And since Sirius had other things to attend to, he just gave it to him but left him with a soldier to guard their room.

Lucius knows some secret about the Royalty that no other people in the Kingdom have knowledge about. he promises himself and t his comrades who died that their sacrifice will never be in vain.

they will overthrow the Royalties and show the people their true form.

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