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After all, this was not a simple problem of stealing, but a complex social poverty crisis.


For example, during the three-year difficult period, one person only had 2 or 3 rations a day.

Everyone would get so hungry that they were even tempted to eat soil, so upon seeing food, anything else could be put aside after they sated their hunger.


Lin Lan’s family had an uncle who had less than five servings a day and his family had been hungry for several days.

The production team managed to get some bean cakes and divided 10 catties per family.

The uncle was carrying the bean cakes on his back to take home, and as a result, he started to eat them desperately on the road.

He even ate all of the bean cakes by the time he got home!


The wife and children at home cried and caused a fuss as the wife also beat him up.

In the end, the uncle died.


Of course, she didn’t beat him to death, but he died after eating too much bean cake and eventually, from indigestion.


It was originally the life-saving food for the family for a month, but as he ate it in one meal, the family did not feel sad even as he passed.


It could be said that hunger took away many things.


At that time, harvesting crops was an uphill battle and members of the Commune always tried their best to steal food for their homes.


And they were even more skillful than the current times.

Not just peanuts, but all kinds of food are stolen.

When breaking corn, they would already have their fill first, let alone peanuts.


Even when farming, the Commune members secretly stuffed the seeds into their mouths.

This forced the cadres to come up with different tricks to prevent these— mixing coal ballasts, urine, and finally pesticides in the crops.


Sometimes, the seeds planted in the ground would even be quietly eaten by the children, row by row.


In comparison, things were currently much better.


Even so, peanuts were rare and would always be eaten secretly by the workers.

When sorghum was harvested, no one stole it and no one was desperate enough to have raw corn either.


Based on this idea, Lin Lan felt that there was no need to force Erwang to be different, but to influence him slowly.


Lin Lan stood up and looked around, seeing Han Qingping leading the students on the other side.


Dawang went to break the corns and his work points were high.

Erwang and Miasui picked some peanuts here and the other two children were responsible for picking up the fallen peanuts.


At this time, Erwang also looked at her and Lin Lan waved at him.


Erwang also raised his hands and spread his fingers, making a gesture of surrender.


Lin Lan knew that he meant that he did not steal and was free of crime.


Lin Lan smiled, very pleased.


At this moment, the Production Leader came over with his hands behind his back, holding a stick as thick as a pinky thumb in his hand.

He shouted, “I won’t hold you accountable for what you ate before, but from now on, you’re not allowed to eat even one.

I’ll ask for your name and deduct your work points if you eat again! Especially those who stuff them in your pockets— be honest and take them all out! Do not wait till I’m angry before you decide to abide!”


When he said that, those who knew the meaning of shame quickly stopped, but some people refused.


Lin Lan watched as Yu Wuzi desperately made her final attempts.


Ever since Liu Chunhe was sent to the labour camp, Yu Wuzi went to the southern streets to rant and vent her resentment.

But after being slapped by Lin Lan with a cane, she did not dare to do that anymore.


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