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Chapter 30: Anything That Counts As A First Time, Theyre Still Intact For Him (2)

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Her calling outGrandpa Lin seemed to surprise him, drawing his gaze towards her.

In the moment her eyes met his, Shi Yao abruptly paused in the middle of entering the room.

It was fortunate that Grandpa Lin had heard Shi Yaos voice as well and said in the next moment, “Yaoyao is here Come over…”

Shi Yao quickly turned her gaze away from Lin Jiage to shoot a sweet smile towards Grandpa Lin. She carried over the tonics she had specially bought from the supermarket earlier that morning to his bedside.

“Yaoyao, have you had breakfast yet If not, Ill get Auntie Sun to call home and prepare something for you.”

“Yaoyao, how are you doing in school lately Are there any students or teachers bullying you If there are, feel free to tell me. I donate quite a sum to your school each year, and I have a close relationship with your principal as well…”

“Yaoyao, is the food in your school not delicious You seem to look thinner than you were at the Spring Festival. This wont do. It looks like Ill have to buy out a stall in your school canteen. Tell me which restaurants food you prefer, and Ill talk with their head chef to have him work at your school…”

Lin Jiage, who was sitting on the sofa by the window, couldnt help but frown at hearing his grandfathers endless words.

When he received news that his grandfather had fainted last night, he immediately rushed straight to the hospital, neglecting to even change out of his slippers.

He stood by his grandfathers bed for the entire night, unable to sleep at all.

His grandfather had woken up shortly before Shi Yao arrived, and after feeling worried for the entire night, Lin Jiage quickly called for the doctor.

It was only when the doctor said that his grandfathers condition had stabilized that he was finally able to put down the heavy stone in his heart.

After recalling that his grandfather hadnt eaten a thing, Lin Jiage asked him what hed like to eat. However, before his grandfather could reply, she suddenly entered. After which, it was as if he didnt exist at all—his grandfather ignored him entirely and focused all his attention on expressing his concern for her instead.

The doctor had instructed him to prepare some food for his grandfather after he woke up.

Seeing that his grandfather didnt intend to reply to his question, Lin Jiage asked once again, “Grandfather, what would you like to eat”

“Yaoyao, remember to visit me when you have time. It will be hard for you to take care of yourself living alone in the school dormitory, so you should visit our home more often so that we can fatten you up.”

Lin Jiages frown deepened.

Staring at his grandfather who was completely ignoring him, he raised his voice and asked once more, “Grandfather, the doctor said that you have to eat something. Tell me if theres anything youd like, and Ill get someone at home to send it over—”

“Anything.” This time, before Lin Jiage could finish his sentence, Grandpa Lin interrupted his grandson unhappily, his tone sounding displeased.

After which, without even sparing a glance for his grandson, Grandpa Lin continued to speak to Shi Yao. Compared to the tone hed taken with Lin Jiage just a moment ago, his voice became doting and kind once more, “Yaoyao, if theres anything that you want, you must make sure to tell me. Ill have Auntie Sun buy it for you…”

Just who is your real grandchild Why dont you ask me what I want and have Auntie Sun buy it for me

As this thought flashed through Lin Jiages mind, Grandpa Lin suddenly remembered something and turned to his grandson, “Hey, when you make the call to Auntie Sun, tell her to prepare some Coconut Sago. Yaoyao likes that a lot…”

After issuing this instruction to Lin Jiage, Grandpa Lin quickly turned his attention back to Shi Yao, “Yaoyao…”



Did he not have a name Must his grandfather express his favoritism so blatantly

Furthermore, just when his grandfather was finally willing to speak to him, it ended up being for her sake

Lin Jiage couldnt stand looking at this duo anymore, so he simply turned away to look out the window.


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