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Mo Yang had just returned from the mecha training room.

When he saw Roundys pitiful appearance, he could only sigh to himself.

There was always a higher mountain! Normally, Roundy was a little overlord at home, and no one could say no to it.

However, in the end, only Mo Chu was able to handle it.

“Little Chu,” Mo Yang drank a mouthful of water and asked softly, “Are you going to go with me to the Anonymous Courier Station today”

The Courier Station was a place for anonymous item pick-ups.

The user only needed to put in money and press the fingerprint to open the box door of the Anonymous Courier Station and get the express delivery they wanted.

Since there were a lot of people at the Courier Station, each fingerprint would be washed away by the next one, so there would not be any traces left behind.

That was why the name was given.

“Are you going to get the salt” Mo Chu raised his head and asked.

When they were in District 9, this matter had been handed over to Mo Yang.

When they reached District 3, they would use the Anonymous Courier Stationexpress delivery method to send the salt from District 9.

“Thats right.” Mo Yang nodded and put down the empty cup.

“However, they seem to have sent some other things this time.

Im not too sure about their functions, so I asked if you wanted to go with me.”

Actually, Mo Yang could have handled this matter by himself.

However, Ning Yiyuans reckless actions yesterday had really made Mo Yang wary.

Now, he could only put Little Chu in front of him so that he could be completely at ease.

“Sure!” Mo Chu did not know what her big brother was thinking, so she nodded and agreed.

The old man from District 9 was really an honest person.

After Mo Chu and the others arrived at District 3, their financial conditions were slightly better, so they raised the price of salt.

The old man still felt bad, so he even tied up the seafood they salvaged from the sea and sent them salt along with it.

“Aoo, awoo…” What about me What about me Although Roundy really wanted to stay at home, since everyone was going out, it did not want to be alone again.

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“Dont worry, Ill bring you along this time.” Mo Chu patted Roundys head and added with a smile.

“Awoo!” Roundy was immediately happy.

It jumped up from the sofa and jumped into Mo Chus arms.

Lets go, Lets go!

Mo Chu estimated the time.

By the time they returned, Little Flying Fox should be back.

Therefore, she locked the door and the group walked toward the Anonymous Courier Station.

Although there were many people at the Anonymous Courier Station and it looked like there was an endless stream of people, the speed of picking up the goods was very fast.

Mo Chu and the rest received the express delivery in less than 20 minutes.

After picking up the items and putting them into the terminal, Mo Chu and the rest simply strolled around the third districts market.

This was a street that specialized in selling antiques.

There were signs everywhere that said: If you find a fake, we will reimburse you tenfold.

No Cheating.

Mo Chu was quite curious at first, so she excitedly ran in to take a look.

In the end, in less than five minutes, she immediately covered her head and ran out.

There was nothing he could do, it really stung her eyes!

It was clearly just a simple yo-yo.

She did not know where those so-called antique connoisseurs dug it out from, but they were still doing all sorts of research with a serious look on their faces.

The conclusion they came up with in the end was simply jaw-dropping — this should be a tool used exclusively by the aristocratic families in ancient times! Thats right, it was just like that! Look at the smooth lines and unique workmanship.

Although it had been passed down to this day and its appearance was slightly damaged, its still heavenly workmanship!

Seeing the shop owner talking nonsense with a serious look on his face, Mo Chu had no choice but to say that perhaps she was too ignorant, and she really could not understand this kind of beauty.

However, Roundy in her arms was restless.

It held the yo-yo with its claws and her face was full of curiosity and shock.

Its eyes were wide open and it was completely deceived by the shop owner.


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