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“Dont worry, brother.

Everything will be fine.” Mo Chu shook Mo Yangs hand.

With a flick of the Drive Machine, they immediately sent Will into the operating theater.

More than two hours had passed since that time.

They did not know how the situation inside was right now.

Finally, the doctor walked out of the operating theater and smiled at Mo Yang and Mo Chu.

“Dont worry.

Its a good thing that you guys sent him in time.

If it had been any later, he would have lost too much blood and his brain would have been deprived of oxygen and his spirit would have been damaged.

At that time, the patient would have been in trouble.”

“Then when will he wake up” Mo Chu asked softly.

Although he had not been in contact with Will for a long time, there was no doubt that Will had helped them.

Naturally, he had left a good impression on Mo Chu.

“Dont worry, we have already examined him.

He is fine,” the Doctor explained to them.

“If he is willing to be discharged, you can let him go back and rest for a few days.

He will recover naturally.”

Upon hearing this, Mo Yang heaved a sigh of relief and quickly thanked the doctor.

When they brought Will back, they realized that Little Flying Fox had already delivered the goods.

At this moment, it was sitting alone in front of the door, waiting for them!

As soon as it saw their figures, the little fellow immediately became happy.

It immediately pounced on Roundy, who was at the side, and the two beasts hugged each other!

Roundy, the proud little fatty, had an unhappy expression on his face.

However, its two claws were very honest as it hugged the Little Flying Fox tightly.

Fortunately, their house was big enough.

Any random room would be able to accommodate Will.

At this moment, he was lying quietly, and the wounds on his body were all bandaged up.

Mo Yang and the rest did not understand what had happened, so they could only keep their doubts to themselves.

Everything would have to wait until Will woke up.

Mo Chu first tidied up the magical plants that Little Flying Fox brought back and put them aside.

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Their trip this time was really fruitful.

Apart from the magical plants that Little Flying Fox brought back, Mo Yang also found a whole box of seafood in the express delivery.

When he opened it, he could not help but be pleasantly surprised.

Guess what she saw

Crabs, seaweed… there was even squid! Not bad, not bad!

Mo Chu patted Little Flying Foxs head and took out five corn tortillas from the terminal and handed them to it.

“Here, this is the reward for your hard work this time!”

Little Flying Fox happily accepted them, but Roundy was not happy at the side.

Wheres my corn tortillas You even gave them to my follower, so where are my corn tortillas

“Little Flying Fox helped out with the delivery, so theres a reward.” Mo Chu poked Roundys bulging mouth.

“Tell me, what did you do”

Hearing this, Roundy was stunned at first, then he said with conviction, “Awoo, owoo–” How could I not have done something If it wasnt for me, would you guys have discovered that man

The little guy raised its head high and had a proud look on its face, but its claws were placed in front of Mo Chu.

The meaning of begging for food could not be clearer.

However, what Roundy said was not without reason.

If it was not for Roundy, how could they have discovered Will in time

Thinking of this, Mo Chu took five more tortillas from the terminal and gave them to Roundy.

She smiled and said, “Alright, this is for you.”

The little guy was quite smart.

It compared the tortillas in its paws with the one in Little Flying Foxs paw.

It realized that both received the same amount of tortillas.

Hence, it did not bother about it anymore and began to bite into them.

After Mo Chu packed up the things, she opened the terminal and opened the front page of the Spirit Food Shop.

A few buyers had already shared the effects of consuming the Spirit Food in the comments post on the front page.

These pleasantly surprised and slightly ostentatious words naturally caused the next wave of wails and howls.

Why wasnt I the one who snatched it Why wasnt I the one who advanced


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