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The second grade was the private room in the middle.

Not only was it half the size of the private room at the top, but even the service had to be done by oneself.

The worst was the lower grade.

It could not be called a private room at all.

It was just rows of seats with a bidding device attached.

There was no concealment at all.

Even so, the price was ridiculously high, an ordinary person would probably not be able to afford the lowest ticket price even if they earned it for their entire life.

“Young Master, are you still going to book a first-class private room as usual” Just as he walked into the auction hall, Alans assistant beside him asked in a low voice, ready to make preparations as soon as possible.

Alan glanced at the hall and waved his hand unexpectedly.

“No need.

Ill sit down here today.”

“…Yes!” Although he was puzzled for a second, the assistant immediately agreed and went to handle the relevant matters for Alan.

When Alan sat down, the auction also officially began.

The first to appear was an ancient painting from a thousand years ago.

The auctioneer was explaining the origin of this ancient painting succinctly, and his tone could not hide his excitement.

“This ancient painting is called theFive Oxen Painting.

Its 20.8 cm long and 139.8 cm long.

It has a history of more than 1,500 years!”

“Oxen are a kind of animal in ancient times.

They are docile and hardworking.”

“In the painting, these five oxen have different expressions.

They either walk, stand, bow, or raise their heads.

They are full of movement.

Although the outline of the oxen is simple, the twists and turns of the muscles and bones in the painting are very precise.

The strokes are also very meticulous.

Their bright eyes reflect the docile and stubborn character of the oxen.

What makes people clap their hands in admiration is its integrity! I cant believe how it has been preserved until now!”

As soon as these words were said, the crowd below immediately boiled over!


If the hobby of collecting masterpieces in the 21st century was just a personal fashion, then it had completely become a national movement in the Federation! Due to a long period of lack of culture, the citizens of the Federation had greatly admired and been infatuated with these masterpieces.

Perhaps it was because every time they looked at these ancient masterpieces, they would always find traces of the past.

That was a completely different world from their current one.

There were no magical beasts or magical plants.

It was a safe and peaceful world, that was the world that they yearned for!

“In short, this is a masterpiece!” Suppressing his excitement, the auctioneer on the stage heaved a sigh of relief.

After calming down, he knocked on the round table.

“Now, the bidding begins.

The starting price of this painting is 50 million Federal Coins.

Each bid will be increased by one million.”

Then, the bids below became more and more intense, causing Mo Chus little heart to skip a beat! This was money, not hay.

There was no need to spend it like this!

“What a pity.” Mo Yang sat beside Mo Chu and clenched his fists.

His tone was filled with regret.

“If I had the money now, I would be able to buy this painting.

Look, how beautiful it is!”

The corner of Mo Chus mouth twitched.

Beautiful… beautiful

Where did this come from

Although Mo Chu did not know what the original Five Oxen Painting looked like, it was definitely not this strange thing in front of him! What the hell was that thing with a sharp horn on its forehead Was it a unicorn Where could there be such a terrifying mutated bull

Obviously, this so-called famous painting in front of her was clearly a fake! Moreover, this fake was too careless.

Not to mention the artistic atmosphere, you should have at least painted the appearance of a bull correctly!

Fortunately, this painting was not sent up for auction by Will.

Otherwise, Mo Chu would really doubt his ability to handle matters.

The bidding continued, and the bid had already soared from 50 million to 100 million Federation Coins.

From the looks of it, there was still a lot of room for it to rise!


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