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Holy **! How could he do that This move was too powerful!

The surrounding netizens could not help but be surprised.

Even the cameramen who were at the scene widened their eyes.

They had never seen such a unique combination of power, water and lightning, these two seemingly unrelated elemental powers combined together could actually unleash such terrifying power!

“Song Qingsong, how are you” After dealing with this magical beast, Mo Yang immediately walked towards his idol, Almighty Song.

When he saw the wounds on his arms and legs, his eyes could not help but freeze.

This injury was not light at all!

Mo Chu was a few steps behind Mo Yang.

She conveniently kept the tier 8 magical beast into her terminal, then walked straight towards the two of them.

She frowned slightly.

“Whats wrong Are you injured”

“Im fine.” Song Qingsong shook his head slightly.

“These are just superficial injuries.

It wont be a big deal.”

Mo Yang frowned and looked at Song Qingsongs nonchalant expression.

His expression was slightly solemn as he said, “I think this injury needs to be treated as soon as possible.”

“Thats right.” Mo Chu looked at him carefully and came to the same conclusion.

“Theres a lot of blood flowing from this wound.

If its not stopped in time, there might be other problems.”

The cameramen behind him hurriedly nodded.

Song Qingsong had just fought with a magical beast, and his arms and legs were injured.

His clothes were stained with blood.

Not to mention the dust and stains on his clothes when he dodged just now, he looked extremely pathetic.

It made one feel an inexplicable heartache.

“Let me help you clean up your wounds first.” Mo Chu raised her head, and a clear stream of blood gently rushed toward the wounds on Song Qingsongs arms and legs.

The blood was washed away bit by bit, revealing two hideous wounds.

“With your injuries, you need the Treatment Device.” Mo Yang frowned.

Although these wounds were not terrifying, they were exposed to the air.

What he was most worried about was an infection.

In fact, as long as Song Qingsong used the Treatment Device in time and stayed in it for half an hour, these two wounds would recover to their original state.


“Theres no need.” Song Qingsong smiled lightly, and there was a hint of self-mockery in his tone.

“I dont need the Treatment Device for such a small injury.

This program has just started, and I dont want to be disqualified like this!”

Looking at Song Qingsongs determined expression, Mo Yang paused.

“Alright, then wait for me here for a while.”

Mo Yang gave Mo Chu a look.

“Dont worry, Brother, Ill take good care of him.” Mo Chu nodded her head vigorously.

The cautious expressions of the siblings made Song Qingsong laugh.

Wasnt it just a small injury Did they actually let a 16 or 17-year-old girl like Mo Chu guard him

The corners of Song Qingsongs lips curled up slightly, and he could not help but feel a surge of warmth in his heart.

He had been in the entertainment industry for almost seven to eight years, so he had naturally met many people.

He believed that he could still tell who was sincere and who was fake.

And this pair of siblings in front of him could definitely be said to have the heart of an innocent child.

It was as if looking at the two of them, his entire soul felt cleansed.

Not long after, Mo Yang returned.

His originally handsome face had a shallow bloody scar, but he was holding a few vines in his hands.

“Brother, why did you bring this back” Mo Chu was a little puzzled.

“Youll know soon enough.” Mo Yang smiled at her.

His usually handsome temperament was tinged with warmth.

It was as if the ice had just cracked, releasing a trickle of water.

This caused the fans outside the screen to exclaim one after another.

“Wow, hes too handsome.

Ill give him 101 points for that smile.

Ill give you one more point.

Im not afraid of you being proud!”

“I really hope that the person hes smiling at is me!”


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