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“Aiya, isnt this our little Lucky Star” Looking at Mo Chus fair little face, Qin Yue teased, his eyes filled with ridicule.

Look, this nickname was really awesome!

In the past, he had not realized that Mo Chu had such big round eyes and a little mouth.

She looked like a real-life version of the Barbie Doll.

Qin Yue looked at Mo Chu carefully and subconsciously compared the two.

Hmm… but Mo Chu was just a little too thin.

If she was a little fatter, she would look even more like a chubby doll.

“Thats enough!” Mo Chus lips twitched.

She did not know why, but ever since the second reality show was broadcast, her nickname name,Lucky Star, immediately became famous.

Not to mention in the Military Academy, even when she walked on the streets occasionally, she would be recognized and be called Lucky Star, with a face full of surprise.

“Whats wrong I think this name sounds pretty good”Mo Yang chimed in from the side, as if it was a matter of course.

In the eyes of this sister-con, Little Chu was naturally all good, and the nickname Lucky Star was quite suitable for him.

It sounds pretty good Mo Chu could not help but cry.

However, thinking about it, the nameLucky Star was not too bad.

“Oh right, tell me about it.

How did you do it” Qin Yue was not able to see it at the scene.

Instead, he watched the entire program from yesterday, at first, he was very angry that he only appeared in the program for about ten minutes, but later on, he was completely attracted by Mo Yang and the others performance.

The anger from before immediately dissipated.

If it was him, he was also willing to put the focus of the post production on Mo Yang and the others.

It was simply too wonderful!

In the end, Mo Chus performance told him that there were still better things to come!

At the end of the episode, Mo Chu finally displayed this miraculous move, immediately shocking Qin Yue.

After the shock subsided, doubts filled his heart.

He thought for an entire night but still could not figure it out.

Early in the morning, he ran over to Mo Chus place to look for an answer.

“This… is actually just an accident.” At the mention of this, Mo Chu could not help but recall the scene when he was in danger previously.

Actually, at that time, she was also extremely frightened.

The dense mass of Hornet Birds could only be described with the wordterrifying.

Fortunately, she did not have claustrophobia, or else she would have fainted from the fright.

That scene would probably be ugly.


She originally thought that if she could not escape, she might as well give up and withdraw.

However, she did not expect that she did not even have the time to shout.

Just as she turned her head, she was surrounded by a huge wave of Hornet Birds, her vision was completely dark, and even her breathing became thin.

Seeing that the Hornet Birds were about to attack her, Mo Chu suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

He took out a large piece of candy from the terminal and placed it in his hand.

Bees loved sweets.

This had already become a deep imprint in their bones.

Speaking of which, she was attacked by this group of Hornet Birds because her hands were stained with the sweetness of the nest.

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In that case, this white sugar should also be their favorite thing.

Mo Chus hands trembled slightly as she handed the white sugar to a Hornet Bird.

She might as well use this as a last resort.

After all, there was no other way now!

Although this Hornet Bird was small, its two bulging eyes were quite vivid.

At the beginning, it was still staring at Mo Chu with hatred in its eyes.

It wanted nothing more than to immediately stab Mo Chu viciously!

However, as soon as Mo Chu took out the white sugar from the terminal, the expression in the Hornet Birds eyes immediately changed.

It was like a mouse seeing rice.

Its face was full of saliva and its eyes were shining.


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