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“Whos the silly little girl” Ning Yiyuan, who had just opened the door, heard this as soon as he walked out.

His face darkened and he looked at Zuo Lin with a sharp gaze.

Now, he had completely treated Mo Chu as one of his own, naturally, he could not allow others to say anything bad about her.

Zuo Lin was shocked by his Bosss gaze and immediately retorted, “No… Boss, you heard wrong.

I saidcute.

Thats right.

A cute girl like Mo Chu! I would never expect her to possess such a unique skill!”

Zuo Lin lowered his head and wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

The Boss who was single in the past was terrifying.

Now that he had become a one-sided dog in the relationship, he was even more terrifying.

He was completely temperamental and unpredictable!

“Very good.” As if he did not see the ridicule in Zuo Lins eyes, Ning Yiyuan nodded.

“Seeing that you have such a good attitude, Ill leave those posts that scolded Mo Chu to you.”

Sigh, what does this mean

Zuo Lins mouth was wide open.

He could not believe that he had been given such a heavy responsibility with just a few words.

That was right.

He did not know who this little girl, Mo Chu, had offended.

Other than the initial waves of praise and admiration, there was now a large group of anti-fans that had suddenly appeared, using all sorts of methods to smear her!

One moment, they were saying that Mo Chu was having an affair with the big boss of the company.

Otherwise, how could a freshman like her participate in such a large-scale reality show Another moment, they were saying that she was two-faced.

On the surface, she looked pure and straightforward, but in the dark, she had harmed countless people.

She had completely transformed Mo Chu from a simple little girl into an evil witch!

It was clearly something that did not exist, yet this group of spammers could still speak righteously.

Many netizens who did not know the truth on the internet were deceived just like that.

There were even people who began to dig into Mo Chus privacy, they tried to find some dirt to prove their claims.

For a moment, the internet was in chaos!


“Sister Qi, this… Should we continue” Initially, they thought that participating in this reality show would increase Zhang Xiaoqis attention further.

However, they did not expect that they would not be able to gain a good reputation, but instead, they attracted a group of anti-fans.

Chen Shao had a bitter expression on his face.

This show had only aired two episodes, and there were already quite a few endorsements that wanted to replace Zhang Xiaoqi.

They were prepared to find someone else for endorsement.

“Do as I say, didnt you hear me” Zhang Xiaoqis face turned cold.

When she had participated in this episode, she had already known that she might be scolded for her performance.

However, the key was that she had never thought that she would be scolded so badly.

It was almost as if she was being criticized by thousands of people!

Zhang Xiaoqis usually slow sense of entertainment was now online very quickly.

In this situation, it was already not easy to clear her name.

After all, the audience was not blind, there was only one way left — she will drag others down with her!

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The performance of the other female celebrities was similar to hers.

Only Mo Chus performance was the most outstanding.

Therefore, Zhang Xiaoqi had hired a lot of internet trolls to specifically smear Mo Chu from all aspects.

As long as the world was as black as crows, people would not only focus on her.

It had to be said that Zhang Xiaoqis move to divert the trouble was quite outstanding.

If it had been someone else, she might have really achieved her goal.

Who would have thought that Ning Yiyuan was behind Mo Chu, backing her up Could he just stand idly by and watch Mo Chu get scolded

He might as well hand this matter over to Zuo Lin and use his specialty.

The records of these internet trolls that were hired were mostly unclean.

Zuo Lin only needed to investigate a little and he would immediately pull out a bunch of things.

Hehe! Let me play with you guys!

Then, the netizens witnessed the development of a wave of stories calledFace slapping.

In other words, they were served with a big plate of justice!


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