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At this moment, the sun had already climbed to the center of the sky.

Gradually, a rainbow bridge was slowly erected on Clear River.

It was colorful and reflected the clear red and Green River water below.

It was simply like a fairyland!

Just as they were engrossed in watching, Mo Chu suddenly jumped up.

“I found it, its there!”

Following her finger, he looked up and saw that the three clue cards that they had been looking for were actually hanging in the middle of the rainbow bridge!

These three clue cards were placed in three small brocade pouches respectively.

However, she did not know what material the brocade pouches were made of.

They were actually transparent.

No wonder they had not discovered it earlier.

It was only until the rainbow bridge was formed that the refraction of light caused the three silk pouches to reveal their true form.

“Quick!” Qin Yue shouted.

The four of them ran to the side of Clear River.

Otherwise, once the rainbow bridge disappeared, they would have to wait another day!

Lin Yehongs design was very clever! The three silk pouches were hung in the middle of the transparent rope with hollow rings, floating on the top of Clear River.

Did they have to climb along the rope

Not to mention whether the thin rope could bear the weight of a person, the key was who could have such a nimble figure They were not acrobats! If they were not careful, they would fall into the river!

The cameramen behind them snickered.

You should have experienced it in the No-mans Land before.

Director Lin was famous for being crafty and strange! How could he let you get the clue card so easily

Therefore, they could only watch helplessly, feeling extremely anxious in their hearts! Thats right! They had spent a lot of effort to find the clue card, yet they could only watch helplessly, unable to do anything.

This feeling was too depressing!

However, soon, Song Qingsong came up with a solution.

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, and his handsome face looked radiant.

He used his superpower slightly and cut the rope.

Then, he squatted down, he pressed down on one of the ropes with all his might.


Due to the difference in height and gravity, the three silk sacks hanging in the middle started to slide down the rope on their side, and soon came to their hands obediently.

“As expected of Almighty song.

Impressive!” Holding the silk sacks in her hands, Mo Chu could not help but sigh.

“Where” Song Qingsong said with a light smile, and looked at Mo Chu with a gentle gaze.

“Its all thanks to you.

Otherwise, where would we find these silk sacks”

That was the truth.

Other than Mo Chu, who was a fool and had no experience, who went to take a look at the beautiful scenery, the others were busy searching by the Clear River and did not notice the rainbow bridge above them!

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“Come, one for each person!” Qin Yue handed one of the pouches to Mo Yang and kept the other one in his arms.

As for the third pouch that was left alone on the ground, it was quickly picked up by the staff and hung in the middle of Clear River.

At this moment, the rainbow bridge had already disappeared, leaving only a faint halo on both sides.

The rope and the silk pouches seemed to have become invisible again, and they could not be found at all.

From the looks of it, if Zhang Xiaoqi and the others wanted to find the second clue, they would probably have to wait for another day.

No wonder Lin Yehong said before that it would involve accommodation.

This was a rhythm where every second counted!

Thinking of this, Mo Chus heart could not help but tighten.

She quickly patted Qin Yue and said, “Take out the silk pouch and have a look.”

“Okay.” Qin Yue answered and carefully took out the silk pouch from his pocket.

He opened the clue card and took a look.

“It says: What gets wetter the more you sun it”


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