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Feeling as if his reputation had been ruined by his sleeping posture, Qin Yue, who had been in high spirits previously, was now completely dispirited.

He continued to mutter along the way, “Lin Yehong, Lin Yehong, you pervert.

Why did you take pictures of my sleeping posture… Why”

As he muttered to himself, he would occasionally cast his gaze on Mo Yang and Almighty Song beside him.

His gaze was filled with jealousy and envy.

They were all both men, so why did their sleeping posture look so good

Thats right! In order to prove that he was not the only one who made a fool of himself, Qin Yue sneaked into Mo Yang and Almighty Songs room like a thief last night.

In the end, he felt like crying even more after what he saw!

With these two stark contrasts, his originally normal sleeping state had become a synonym for his extremely ugly appearance.

Even when he finally arrived at the final stop — The White Mountain Tower, it could not rouse Qin Yues interest anymore.

“Roar roar–” This time, Roundy was happy.

A smile could be seen on its big chubby face at all times.

Along the way, it occupied Mo Chus embrace to its hearts content.

She had seen many different sceneries and simply enjoyed it to the extreme!

Of course, Roundy gave Qin Yue a look of disdain.

Other than this dull-witted human who was a little annoying at the beginning, everything else was so wonderful.

However, the way this person had kept his mouth shut recently was still acceptable.

Looking at Qin Yues dispirited look, Mo Chu initially thought that he would be depressed for a while longer, but in the end…

They had just stepped into the White Mountain Tower when a delicate and pretty girl beside them suddenly cried out in surprise.

Then, she pounced on Qin Yue excitedly.

“You, you the one who participated in that program,Who Is the Strongest! You are Qin…”

Before the girl could finish her sentence, Qin Yues eyes suddenly lit up.

Immediately, as if he had been injected with stimulants, he instantly regained his excitement and hurriedly nodded.

“Yes, thats right, its me!”

The girls smile became even sweeter.

“Then you should know Almighty Song and Mo Yang, right”

“Yeah…” Qin Yues smile froze for a moment, and his rough face looked a little pitiful.

He stretched out his finger and pointed behind him.

“Theyre still behind us!”

“Is that so” Upon hearing this, the girls eyes lit up even more, and she was just about to rush to the back.

However, upon seeing Qin Yues expression, she probably felt a little heartbroken.

She smiled sweetly at him and clenched her fists, “Oh right, I like you very much too.

Good luck!”

With such a simple sentence, Qin Yue instantly felt that his injured heart had been soothed.

Then, he straightened his waist and straightened his back, returning to the energetic youth from before.

Seeing this, Mo Chu could not help but let out a light sigh, swallowing back the words of comfort that he had thought about all the way.

“Aiya, Little Chu, hurry up!” Qin Yue regained his senses and put all his attention back on the competition.

Seeing that Mo Chu was two or three steps behind, he even waved at her with disdain.

“Otherwise, we will be caught up!”

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Great! Just a moment ago, he looked like he was on the verge of death.

Now that a girl added a word of consolation, Qin Yue immediately became energetic.

“Awooo–” Roundy moaned a few times at the right time and reached out his claws to cover his ears.

Why was this annoying guy excited again

Qin Yue did not notice Roundys dislike for him at all.

He even glanced at Mo Chus arms and shook his head.

“Look, your pet is too lazy.

You have to let it run or it will become even fatter!”

At this moment, Mo Chu was glad that Roundy covered its ears.

Otherwise, it would have caused a ruckus when it heard these words!

However, Qin Yues excitement also stirred up the enthusiasm of the entire team.

Even their footsteps were faster than before.


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