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“Yeah, its useless.” Zhong Wen stood up.

His eyes were filled with grief and helplessness, but his tone was filled with urgency.

“It seems that we have to hurry up and move faster!”

If they delayed any longer, there might be one more person who died!

“Okay!” After taking a deep look at the dead man on the ground, Ning Yiyuan and Zhong Wen immediately sped up.

They took out their drives and drove to the district office center in District 12.

“Through my preliminary examination…” Zhong Wen entered the diagnosis into the terminal, and his face turned solemn.

“This disease should be a new one.”

A new case meant that they knew nothing about the cause of the disease and the process of its onset, which indirectly increased the difficulty of treatment.

“Judging from the current situation, the disease is acting very fast.

Once it can not be controlled, one will die very quickly.”

The man from before should have contracted the symptoms two days ago.

Now, he was lying dead on the street.

They were very fast.

In less than ten minutes, they had arrived at the office center of District 12.

As soon as they entered the office center, Ning Yiyuan could not help but frown.

It was different from the usual rigor.

Now, it seemed empty.

Only a few office workers were working hard, their faces numb.

In just one or two months, they seemed to have been shoved into another world.

They were surrounded by wailing and dead bodies, but there was nothing they could do.

They could neither run nor save the people.

“Wheres Your District Chief”Suddenly, a deep male voice rang in their ears.

They looked up and saw two handsome men standing in front of them.

“What are you doing here” Just from their clean clothes and mental appearance, everyone could tell that they were not from District 12.

If they did not hurry to hide, why were they still trying to get closer Did they want to die

“I asked you where your District Chief is.” Ning Yiyuans voice was slightly deep, and his imposing aura was released.

Now, it seemed that these people did not even have the desire to ask for help.

Pain and despair had already enveloped the entire 12th district!

Shocked by Ning Yiyuans imposing aura, a staff member finally stood out shakily and replied in a low voice, “Hes on the 30th floor.”

At this moment, the District Chief of the 12th district was also extremely afraid!

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He never would have thought that a small epidemic would actually develop into such a situation today.

In just a few short days of statistics, one-sixth of the people in the entire District 12 had already died, and this was hundreds of thousands of lives! Half of the remaining people had already been infected.

The situation could be described as grim!

Seeing that District 12 was no longer safe, he panicked.

If this continued, not to mention his position as district head of District 12, he might not even be able to keep his life!

These few days, he had been unable to sleep the entire night.

He discussed the treatment measures with the management staff of the various districts, but the feasibility was still not high.

The number of sick people continued to increase, and the number of deaths continued to rise, those shocking numbers were simply terrifying!

At this moment, a burst of noise suddenly came from outside.

“You cant enter at will.

Weve already said that you cant…”

The security personnel of the district office center were already in a mess.

Only now did they come out to stop Ning Yiyuan and Zhong Wen.

However, just based on their skills, how could they do it

The two of them quickly found the office where the District Chief of District 12 worked.

With abang, the door was pushed open!

“What are you doing… ” Before the District Chief could finish his sentence, Ning Yiyuan had already made the first move.

His face was gloomy, and cold aura came out of his body.

“Youre the District Chief of District 12, Wang Lanjiang, right”


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