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The endless supply of food provided a stable rear area for District 12.

Meanwhile, Zhong Wen and the others clinical research had officially come to an end.

The medicine for treating diseases and plagues had already been put into production and was successfully distributed.

Qin Jing surveyed their surroundings and instantly knew where they were.

These slums were among the poorest areas inCity A.

But it also had the cheapest rents anyone could find, with a vegetable market stationed nearby.

It was a good enough place for those who struggled to get by.

Still, this was quite a distance from No.

1 High School.

Xu Xuans family certainly couldnt afford the daily bus fare back and forth.

Even if they could, Xu Xuanwould probably refuse to take the bus, seeing how frugal she was.

She didnt have a bicycle, either.

So, how exactly was she getting to and from school

And to think, on top of their financial situation, she also had a debt to pay off with Yao Ran.Qin JingknewYao Ranenough to know that she had probably taken advantage ofXu Xuanin their arrangements.

Her brows furrowed at the thought.

She just couldnt understand it.

“Xu Xuan, how come youre still blindly following Yao Randespite your living conditions Are you an idiot or something Not only is she no help to you, but she even makes things more difficult.”


Xu Xuan didnt acknowledgeQin Jingand focused on meandering through the alley with her precious cargo on her back.

A while later, she halted in front of a dingy apartment building.

She turned to the two other girls and asked, “Are you coming upstairs I should warn you, its very messy in there.”

Qin Jing nodded emphatically.

“Of course! Were here, anyway.

Theres no reason for us to just up and leave.”

Xu Xuan led them up to the third floor and retrieved a key from the top of the door frame.

She unlocked the door and held it wide for them.

Inside, they were greeted by a tiny living room.

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It was just about ten square meters all in all, but everything was spot clean.

The only furniture they had were a handful of stools and an old dining table.

Xu Xuan motioned for them to take a seat while she carried her grandmother to the latters bedroom.

After setting the old woman comfortably on the bed, she went and took out some old-fashioned, enamel cups and poured water for her guests.

Qin Jing stared at the cup in her hands, feeling like they had traveled back in time to the last century.

Even so, she refrained from voicing out her opinions and quietly sipped her water.

Xu Xuan sat with them, looking lost and restless.

Then, as though she had a sudden epiphany, she perked up and turned toYao Tang.

“Hang on, when Grandma wakes up, can you help me explain the whole situation back there”

She knew that her grandmother had been furious with her back at the club.

“Its alright, were just waiting for you!”

“Right, were not hot at all!”

Voices rang out one after another from the team.

No one was willing to leave.

Please! Zhong wen stroked his throbbing forehead.

When you say such a thing, could you take a look at the sweat on your forehead and your clothes that are already drenched in sweat Youre really lying through your teeth!

Probably no one would have thought that in just a short half a months time, Mo Chus popularity in District 12 had actually reached a peak!

Someone had spread her online nameLucky Star.

Everyone thought about it carefully and realized that it was really the case!

Look, she could just casually take out a magical plant to relieve the pain, and she was not infected when she entered and left the Quarantine Center.

The terrifying outbreak of the disease was now solved thanks to her.

It was indeed worthy of her title as Lucky Star!


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