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“Thats enough.” Mo Chu chuckled.

“You go ahead.

Ill just follow you.”

“Okay!” Qin Yue immediately nodded and agreed.

When the cameramen who were chasing after Qin Yue heard this, they could not help but feel relieved.

They panted heavily.

This was great.

Now they could finally relax a little.

However, before he could finish his breath, he saw Qin Yue, who was in front of him, shake off his hooves.

He was like a wild horse that had escaped its reins.

He was running even more energetically than before.

Sigh! What was going on Could he understand Mo Chus pace He should go running a little slower!

Then, the cameramans eyes were filled with tears.

Why was Mo Chu, who looked like a delicate and weak little girl, running so fast She even looked relaxed.

Then, he looked at the staff behind him, and they were as tired as a dog.

Did they dare to make this comparison any clearer

The mischievous subtitle team was still running at high speed.

They typed a few bright words on their heads — “Thats right, this is the man and woman who are like the wind!”

Finally, with their terrifying speed, the two of them managed to reach their destination before Almighty Song and the others.

However, this did not mean that they would definitely win the championship of this seasons competition.

After all, who knew where the commemorative coin was hidden

“Little Darling, come out quickly! Big Brother has been looking for you so long!” Qin Yue muttered softly.

At this moment, his image was completely lost.

His entire body was sprawled on the ground.

He used his hands to dig the ground, not letting go of any corner.

Unfortunately, when he became a clay figurine, there was still no trace of this commemorative coin.

“Whats going on” He patted Mo Chus shoulder.

He had successfully left a muddy paw print on her clean clothes.

Qin Yue was completely confused.

This place was only so small.

He had searched all of it.

However, he did not discover anything at all.

Could it be that he still had to dig three feet into the ground

“Theyre here!” At this moment, Mo Chus eyes flashed and he said softly.


Hearing this, Qin Yues face could not help but change.

He tiptoed and probed.

Damn it! As expected, the speed of Almighty Songs group was not much slower than theirs.

They were only a few hundred meters away now, and they would probably arrive in two or three minutes.

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“What do we do What do we do” Qin Yue was so anxious that he circled around on the spot.

He simply lay down again and groped on the ground.

“Did I miss something, and thats why I didnt find it”

“I dont think so.” Mo Chu frowned.

She had already gone through this circle before, but she still did not find it.

“Could it be that this commemorative coin isnt here Are we looking in the wrong direction”

“Ah” Qin Yue stood up, his face full of disbelief.

“It shouldnt be.

Weve spent so much effort, but in the end, its still a trap If thats really the case, this Lin Yehong is too wicked!”

Thinking of the suffering they had suffered along the way, Qin Yue was filled with grief and indignation.

He turned his body and grabbed a staff member beside him with his big hand, shaking him with all his strength.

“Tell me! How can your Director Lin be so ruthless Its already at the end, and he still wants to play us like this”

The innocent staff member was badly shaken by Qin Yue, his body swaying.

He lifted his sleeve, and a pouch dropped out, and it fell straight into Mo Chus arms!

“This is…” Everyone was stunned.

It was the silk pouch that they could not find, right Did it come out just like that

Mo Chu was also stunned for a moment.

She opened the silk pouch and a golden commemorative coin was revealed.

It was also at this moment that Mo Chu finally reacted.

No wonder they could not find this commemorative coin before.

It turned out that it was on the staff member who had been staying here all this time!

If it was not for Qin Yues sudden move, no one would have thought of it!

In the end, the result was decided in such a ridiculous way — Mo Chu relied on her exceptional luck to successfully take the title ofThe Strongest!

The finale played, and the audience still wanted more…

“Its gone Its gone just like that”

“Sob sob sob, its over already I still want to see more!”

“Its over, I just finished watching it.

I suddenly feel like theres something missing in my life!”

“Lin Yehong, come out now.

Well discuss the content of the next season!”

After setting a new record for the number of people online, the netizens, who were still in high spirits, began to crawl around on the internet, begging for the next season to continue!

However, at this moment, someone spread the news thatMo Chu was kidnapped and sold into the auction house.

For a moment, it was as though a large splash of water had been thrown into a pot of oil, and the Starnet was boiling!


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