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The Mo Family.

Song Qingsong took the cup of water from Mo Yang and gulped it down.

He stared at the slender figure on the sofa and asked after a moment of silence, “Mo Chu, you… Are you… Domineering Roundy”

The moment he said that, the room became silent.

“Dont worry about that.” Sensing Mo Yangs serious gaze, Song Qingsong quickly put down the cup and promised, “I wont reveal your identity…”

“Dont worry.” Mo Chu raised her eyebrows and the corners of her mouth rose slightly.

“I believe in you.”

Song Qingsongs words, which were still in the corner of his mouth, suddenly stopped, and his eyes widened!

The meaning of Mo Chus words… Did she admit to it

This 17-year-old girl in front of him was actually a genius on the Starnet — Domineering Roundy! Even the normally calm Almighty Song could not help but be shocked! He swallowed hard, his heart surging with excitement.

If Domineering Roundys die-hard fans on the internet found out about this, they would probably go crazy!

However, Song Qingsong was indeed an expert.

After a few seconds of shock, he quickly returned to normal.

He looked at Mo Chu with more and more gratitude in his eyes.

Then, when they did not expect it, he suddenly stood up.

He straightened his face and bowed deeply to Mo Chu.

“Thank you for your help earlier.

If you have any instructions in the future, just say it!” If it was not for Mo Chu, he would probably still be struggling in the painful quagmire, unable to extricate himself! It was because of Mo Chus Medicinal Cuisine that he obtained this chance to be reborn!

“Awoo –” Hes just bending down, right I can do it too! When Roundy, who was originally lying on the sofa, saw this posture, it immediately jumped up happily and imitated Song Qingsongs actions, bending its waist deeply! Then, his round little buttocks were revealed!


The originally serious atmosphere was instantly relaxed by Roundys actions.

Mo Chu and the others could not help but smile.

“Ao ao –” Roundy only raised its head when it heard this sound.

Its small appearance was extremely arrogant! Did you see that This Young Masters posture is also very flexible!

“Okay, okay.” Mo Chus eyes were curved as she hugged Roundy into her embrace and gave it a good massage.

However, this little fellow was still enjoying it and kept rubbing against Mo Chus embrace.

“This is the Blood Luminescent Beast from before” Song Qingsong stared at Roundy with surprise in his eyes.

His tone was filled with undisguised love.

“Thats right.” Mo Chu nodded with a smile, his gaze towards Great Almighty Song was slightly surprised.

This great Gods taste was not ordinary, he actually felt joy towards the infamous Blood Luminescent Beast.

However, when Mo Chu turned to look at the cute little baby in her arms, the corners of her mouth could not help but curl up.

Thats right, Roundys so obedient appearance, who wouldnt like it

“Can I touch it” Song Qingsong hesitated for a moment and asked softly.

“Of course.” Mo Chu lifted Roundy in front of Almighty Song and gently pinched its little paws.

She warned, “Dont make a scene!”

“Awooo – ” Roundy stared at Mo Chu unhappily.

Hmph, my temper cant be any better, okay

“So smooth, so cute!” He placed his hand gently on Roundys back and caressed it twice.

Song Qings eyes instantly lit up.

It could be seen that he really liked this little fellow, the gentleness in his eyes could not be faked.

“How about you give it a hug” Seeing that Roundys attitude toward Almighty Song was not bad, Mo Chu could not help but suggest.

“Umm… can I” The question was a question, but the joy and anticipation in it were clearly expressed.

“Forget it!” Beside him, Mo Yang frowned and glanced at Roundy with disdain.

“This little fatty…” Before he could finish his sentence, he saw Roundy immediately glare at him fiercely.

Mo Yang tactfully changed the way he addressed it, “This little guy is very clingy.

You might not be able to save him later.

Its better not to hug him!”

Clingy Roundy threw a few throwing knives at Mo Yang.

Am I clingy Hmph! Stupid human with poor taste!

“How can that be” Song Qingsong laughed lightly.

“Roundy looks very cute!”

Hearing this, Mo Yang could not help but gape in surprise.

Could it be that he had a different aesthetic perception from his idol Otherwise, why could he not see how this lazy and delicious little guy was cute

“Did you hear that” The smile on the corner of Mo Chus eyes grew wider.

He gently poked the little tsundere who was still lying in his arms.

“How about it Are you willing to be hugged by Almighty Song”

When he met the look of anticipation in Almighty Songs eyes, the little guy still pretended to think about it for a while.

In the end, he nodded arrogantly.

Alright, since you like me so much, Ill just let you hug me for a while!

Then, with a leap, it jumped from Mo Chus body to Song Qingsongs embrace.

It shifted its position and found the most comfortable angle to close his eyes and rest.

Song Qingsongs eyes were filled with tenderness.

He even reached out his hand and patted Roundy with great care.

His appearance was so gentle that it could not be any worse!

A loving man was not any worse!

Song Qingsongs appearance reminded Mo Chu of a big brother he had met when she was in the orphanage.

Every time he received food, he would secretly hide a portion.

Even if he was not full, he would use this food to feed the stray cats and dogs that wandered around the orphanage.

That look in his eyes was exactly the same as the current Almighty Song!

When he raised his head slightly, Mo Chu could not help but be stunned.

His big brother was staring at Almighty Song without blinking.

His gaze was gentle and the corners of his mouth even curled up slightly.

This was…

“Cough Cough!” Mo Chu coughed twice and looked at her brother mockingly.

As for Mo Yang, when he met Little Chus clear gaze, he could not help but panic and subconsciously opened his eyes.

“Roundy seems to be asleep.” Song Qingsong did not notice the exchange of gazes between the two siblings.

He raised his head slightly and asked softly, “Should I put it in the room”

Heh! Mo Yang stared at Roundy who was lying comfortably in Almighty Songs arms and frowned.

He did not know why, but the more he looked at this fat ball, the more he felt that it was not pleasing to the eye.

With this fellow, did he even need to specially put it in the room to sleep

“Brother, take Almighty Song there.” Mo Chu raised his eyebrows slightly, and her eyes sparkled.

Brother, hurry up and take action.

Im creating an opportunity for you!


“… Okay.” Mo Yang originally could not stand Roundy, but at this moment, he unexpectedly agreed.

He nodded lightly at Almighty Song.

“Come with me.”

“Okay.” He carefully carried Roundy, and Song Qingsong followed behind him.

They arrived in less than two steps.

The housing area they had taken back then was large, and there were quite a few rooms.

Mo Chu decided to use one of them as a bedroom for Roundy and Little Flying Fox.

There was a bed on each side, and it was just right to accommodate these two little fellows.

After Song Qingsong placed Roundy on the bed, he turned around and was pleasantly surprised to find that there was another magical beast lying on the other bed.

Its snow-white belly was revealed, and its furry appearance was extremely cute!

Seeing the gentle look in his idols eyes, Mo Yang took a few steps closer and explained softly to him, “This is Little Flying Fox.

Its the little guy who gave you the Medicinal Cuisine earlier.”

Hearing this, Song Qingsongs eyes became even gentler.

This was the first time Mo Yang had seen such a gentle look from the Almighty Song.

His handsome side profile seemed to reveal a bit of elegance, and his temperament was like a bamboo spring.

His heart could not help but tremble!

“Alright, lets go.” After watching the two little ones for a while, Song Qingsong reluctantly turned around, closed the door gently, and called Mo Yang to leave.

“Mmm… Oh, okay.” Mo Yang paused, took a deep breath, and then followed Almighty Song out.

“How is it” Seeing the two of them walking side by side, Mo Chu smiled with curved brows and eyes.

They both had the same handsome temperament, but her big brother was more cold and detached, while the Almighty Song was much gentler.

The two of them looked so beautiful together that they almost broke the sky!

“They slept very well,” Song Qingsong replied with a smile.

Suddenly, he remembered the notice on the Starnet, and his eyes narrowed.

“By the way, the one who sent people to kidnap you before was…”

“Thats right, it was the Qiao Family!” Mo Yang gritted his teeth and continued the conversation.

When he talked about this issue, his face was no longer soft, only cold.

“Qiao Shan was the culprit who sent people to kidnap Mo Chu.

She even tricked Little Chu into coming to the Magical Region of Yinan to kill her.

If Little Chu didnt happen to bring Roundy with him, the consequences would really be…”

“Its fine.” Mo Chu shook her head with a smile, but her eyes were slightly cold.

“Anyway, their days after this are definitely not going to be any better!”

“I understand.” Listening to the siblings conversation, Song Qingsong nodded in understanding, and his eyes could not help but show some anger.

“Since thats the case, Ill add more fuel to the fire!”


Mo Chu and Mo Yang turned to look at Song Qingsong, not understanding what he meant.

However, they quickly understood, because after Domineering Roundys announcement, Song Qingsongs actions caused a huge uproar on the internet.

The result was that the Qiao Familys medicinal pills reputation fell to its lowest point!

“When did you record it”MoChu stared curiously at the video posted on the Starnet, watching it over and over again with interest.

This was the scene when Mo Chu and Elder Qiao were talking in the Magical Region of Yinan.

It was only a short video, and Song Qingsong had evidence that there was a problem with the Qiao Familys medicinal pill and Qiao Shans aggressiveness.

After all, the Qiao Family was powerful.

With just a word from Elder Qiao, no one dared to say anything about what happened in the Magical Region of Yinan.

However, no one expected that great Almighty Song would actually have such a trick up his sleeve.

This was great! He had completely stomped down on the Qiao Family!

“Damn! Did you see that I told you that Domineering Roundy wouldnt speak without thinking.

Isnt this evidence already out Its slapping the Qiao Family in the face!”

“Heavens, when I think about how my great Almighty Songs illness was actually caused by the Qiao Familys medicinal pills, I cant wait to eat their flesh and drink their blood! This bunch of scum, theyre really too damned! Sob sob, my heart aches for my great Almighty Song!”

“Resolutely boycott the Qiao Familys medicinal pills!”

“I agree!”

“How can I not agree If this goes wrong, what if we also suffer from a genetic collapse disease Moreover, Domineering Roundy has also stated that they wont treat patients with such a condition.

Under such circumstances, who would still dare to take the risk of eating the Qiao Familys medicinal pills”

“Tsk! Is it that exaggerated Weve been eating the Qiao Familys pills for more than ten years, and there havent been any major problems!” Occasionally, there would be a few comments that felt wronged for the Qiao Family, however, they were quickly criticized by everyone and no longer dared to make a sound.

“Hehe, then continue eating! If youre not afraid of death, then just eat it.

No one forced you not to buy it, right”

“Um, can I have your contact information privately I still have dozens of Qiao Family elixirs and pills here, Ill sell them to you at a 30% discount, how about it”

“Ill give you a 50% discount here, youll get the best quantity!”

As a result, as far as the eye could see, the entire Starnet was filled with comments about boycotting the Qiao Family elixirs and pills.

Although the forms were different, the content was very uniform!

As expected, the Qiao Familys side was already in complete chaos.

“This is bad!” The staff member of the Statistics Department was on the verge of tears.

This was all money! “As of four oclock this afternoon, none of our Qiao Familys official shops have sold a single medicinal pill.

On the contrary, 560,000 medicinal pills have already been returned.

There are also quite a number of pre-orders that have already been…”

“Shut up!” Edler Qiaos eyes were dark.

He had never thought that Song Qingsong would play such a trick!

A video that lasted less than a few minutes had almost confirmed that there was a problem with their Qiao Familys pills! It had even shattered their reputation into pieces!

The reputation that had been built up over hundreds of years had actually suffered an unprecedented blow in just half a day.

If they had not seen it with their own eyes, they probably would not have believed it.

“Quickly suppress the comments and videos on the Internet!” Due to Song Qingsongs preemptive strike, Elder Qiao could only try his best to make up for it.

Even so, it had already caused a huge loss, making him so angry that his entire body was trembling!

“This… technological suppression, we cant suppress it at all!” The internet talents of the Qiao Family were knocking on the terminal and attacking with all their might, but their faces could not help but reveal a bitter expression.

“What is technical suppression “Hearing this, Elder Qiao could not help but Frown, striding forward, his aura shocking the internet personnel beside him to the point of trembling!

“Its just that… When we were preparing to hack the video and related comments, we were blocked by the protective wall set up by other people.

With our current technology, theres no way we can break it.” Admitting his own incompetence, this person could not help but show some embarrassment on his face.

However, when he saw Elder Qiaos angry expression, his heart suddenly trembled and he quickly restrained the expression on his face.

“With so many comments, how can he set up the protective wall one by one” Elder Qiao was burning with anger and he fiercely slammed the table.

Previously, he had fed them a large amount of Federation Coins, but now it was their turn to do things, each and every one of them was like trash!

“Its not like that,” the leader swallowed his saliva and explained, “This kind of program only needs to write a protective wall and then paste and copy a large amount of it.

However, Ive never seen this type of protective wall before.

It must be some genius…”

The rest of the words were automatically silenced under the furious gaze of the family head.

“I dont care about these things.” Elder Qiaos gaze focused and his voice became fierce.

“If you cant solve this problem within an hour, then all of you can scram!”

The expression of the people sitting at the bottom of the table changed.

They felt bitter in their hearts.

If they could solve this problem, why would they have to put on such a face

“How is it” On the other side, Ning Yiyuan asked in a deep voice, his eyes sparkling.

“Dont worry, boss.

How can there be a problem if I take action” Zuo Lin raised his eyebrows proudly.

“This is a newly developed defensive wall.

Let alone an hour, even if they were given a month, they probably wouldnt be able to crack it!”

“Thats good.” Hearing this, the smile in Ning Yiyuans eyes grew wider.

An hour was enough for the entire federation to understand this matter.

At that time, the reputation of the Qiao Family would be greatly tarnished!

“However, can such a video and announcement really cause the Qiao Family to collapse” Zhong Wen frowned slightly.

“Heh! Whats wrong with you” Upon hearing these words, Zuo Lin was displeased.

He gave Zhong Wen a fierce kick.

“Can you not boost the morale of others and destroy your own prestige”

“Zhong Wen is right.” Ning Yiyuans eyes were clear.

“Although Domineering Roundy and Song Qingsongs reputations are very great, we cant just rely on these two things to destroy the Qiao Familys medicinal pill reputation!”

“However,” Ning Yiyuans lips curled up slightly, his deep gaze turning.

“Were here too, right”

Seeing his Bosss expression, Zuo Lins bones instantly turned cold.

Every time his Boss showed such an expression, someone would definitely suffer.

However… when he thought that the Qiao Family would suffer, he was inexplicably excited.

What was going on

“Boss, what are you going to do” Even Zhong Wen, who had always been calm, could not help but ask.

“When the Qiao Family encountered such a thing, they would definitely refute it and prove their innocence.” Ning Yiyuan lightly knocked on the table.

His forehead was slightly lowered, giving off the aura of a strategist.

“Zhong Wen, go check on their movements first, then tell me as soon as possible.”

“No problem.

“Zhong wen nodded, his eyes filled with unconcealable excitement as he strode out.

“What about me, Boss” Zuo Lin hurriedly stretched out his head and asked.

“Dont worry, I cant do without you.” Ning Yiyuan stopped rapping on the table.

“Go and check.

Besides Song Qingsong, who else had problems with the Qiao Familys medicinal pills Give me the data and details.”

“Okay.” Zuo Lin nodded repeatedly and immediately turned around to get back to work.

Looking at the two of them in such a positive manner, Ning Yiyuan could not help but smile.

The pride and excitement from the battle back then also welled up in his bones.

Dont worry, this big show had just begun, and the excitement was yet to come!

As Ning Yiyuan expected, the Qiao Family officially held a press conference the next day, and it was the kind of live broadcast on the entire star network.

It seemed that they were prepared to do their best to recover from this loss.

The news ofthe quality of the Qiao Familys medicinal pills is incorrect had already spread, and almost everyone was paying great attention to it.

Naturally, there were quite a number of people watching this press conference, it was almost comparable to the record set by Mo Chus reality show back then!

At the solemn meeting venue, all the reporters from various media outlets moved out one after another.

They could not hide their excitement as they stared at the stage.

Their momentum was even greater than when Exalted Chen Bai held the press conference earlier!

Elder Qiao stood in the middle.

He wore a gray suit obediently on his body, and his expression was solemn.

“Cheh! Humans behave like dogs!” Mo Chu and the others naturally also watched the live press conference on the terminal.

As the saying goes, know yourself and know your enemy, and you will win every battle.

However, when he saw Elder Qiaos appearance, Mo Yang could not help but lower his head and curse silently.

“Thats true!” Mo Chu also nodded her head.

“Hello, dear reporters.” When the time was up, Elder Qiao made a move and said with a cold expression, “Yesterday, due to Domineering Roundy and Song Qingsongs words, the reputation of our Qiao Familys medicinal pills has been damaged! Now, for this matter, we will officially hold this press conference.”

On the screen, Elder Qiao was calm as he nodded at the few men beside him.

“These two are very famous medical experts in the Federation, and these two are medicinal pill masters.”

“These four are all very famous talents in their fields of expertise.

Since everyone feels that there is something wrong with our Qiao Familys medicinal pills, why not take a look at them on the spot!”

As soon as his voice fell, it caused a wave of shock!

“What do you mean by this” The reporters below looked at each other.

“Could it be that the Qiao Family is preparing to recreate the entire process of manufacturing the medicinal pills”

“How is that possible” Very quickly, a reporter asked, “The Qiao Family is relying on these medicinal pills to earn money.

Can they reveal the entire prescription”

“Then what do you mean by this…”

Without needing everyone to guess anymore, Elder Qiao directly announced the answer, “The pills produced by our Qiao Family are definitely in line with the Federations Pill Quality Test, and even far superior to it.”

“Today, I invite everyone to take a look personally.

Our Qiao Familys pills definitely have no problems!”

Oh… so it was only to verify the various pill specifications, and not to demonstrate the pill manufacturing process from the beginning.

Although it was within expectations, everyone was still a little disappointed.

If the prescription process of this pill was announced, it would immediately cause a heated discussion on the Starnet!

Even so, their eyes were still fixated on the stage, and they did not even blink.

The various video recorders were all aimed at the testing tools on the stage.

Everyone held their breaths, waiting to see what the outcome would be!


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