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If the man from Zimeng on the other side was said to have won with strength, then Mo Chu was now a classic example of using softness to overcome toughness!

Under the heavy punches, Mo Chus figure was as agile as a fluttering butterfly.

Every time she dodged an attack from an extremely inconceivable angle, she could even faintly restrain her opponent.

Her movements could be said to be as smooth as flowing water, he even carried a charm that was as moving as a dance!

How… How was this possible

Not to mention the stunned audience outside the screen, even the Zimeng man could not hide the surprise in his eyes.

She was just a petite little girl, yet she was actually able to fight against him.

Was this really not a joke

Even in the battle, Ning Yiyuan had also turned his attention to Mo Chus side.

At this moment, he naturally saw her performance.

The corners of his mouth could not help but curl up into a smile as his figure suddenly turned.

He fiercely kicked the man to the ground.

With a slight hook of his arm, he took the bronze medal from his arms.

The man who was kicked to the ground was still a little stunned.

How did his bronze medal end up in Ning Yiyuans hands in the blink of an eye

After shaking the others for a moment, he felt that there was no big problem.

Only then did Ning Yiyuans gaze fall on Mo Chu, and there was a faint trace of pride in his eyes.

“Damn it!” The man who was fighting with Mo Chu naturally noticed that one of his companions had been eliminated.

His attacks on Mo Chu were getting heavier and heavier, and his movements were much faster.

There was even the sound of the wind as he moved.

However, what surprised him was that even if he used his full strength, Mo Chu was still able to deal with it with ease.

Every time he threw a punch, every kick, and even every time he used elemental energy, Mo Chu would be able to dodge it.

She would bow, roll, and somersault… Every single movement that was close to the limits of a human was easily executed by Mo Chu.

That small body was simply unbelievably agile!

It was because of this that his attacks would always miss!

Could it be that under the watchful eyes of everyone, he would lose to such a little girl Thinking of this, the man could not help but become anxious.

His movements had also changed from calm and unhurried at the beginning to hurried and impatient.

With this impatience, his originally calm movements quickly revealed a flaw!

A good opportunity! Mo Chus eyes lit up.

She suddenly lifted up her legs.

As if they were piercing through the air, they carried an awe-inspiring aura as they smashed towards the mans open chest!

With a loudbang, the man was kicked to the ground, and the bronze medal hidden in his clothes fell to the ground.

The corner of Mo Chus mouth curled into a smile.

The solemnity from before seemed to have disappeared all of a sudden, leaving behind only a faint smile and calmness.

Bending down, Mo Chu stretched out her hand and was about to pick up the bronze medal that had fallen to the ground.

“Watch out!” Ning Yiyuan, who was a few meters away from her, suddenly changed his expression and shouted sternly.

Hearing this, Mo Chu frowned.

Her body actually flipped backward in the air, just in time to dodge the mans heavy blow that was aimed at her! Even so, her movements were still a little slow, leaving a black mark on her fair wrist!

She was still too careless! Landing steadily on the ground, Mo Chu bit her lip fiercely and stared at the man opposite her.

Her attack just now had already dealt a heavy blow to this person.

She did not expect that he would actually be able to stand up now!

However… the corners of Mo Chus mouth curled up, and her wrist slightly raised — a bronze medal was swaying in the wind, and the face of the man opposite him immediately turned ashen.

Although they still had three members left, Mo Chus team still had five complete members left.

Regardless of which aspect, they would definitely lose this match!

“Hows your hand” Ning Yiyuan took a few steps forward and carefully raised Mo Chus wrist.

His gaze was immediately attracted by the black and blue bruise on it, and his eyes suddenly darkened.

It was a pity that their terminals had been confiscated, otherwise, he could still take out the ointment inside and apply it on Mo Chu.

“Its alright.” Although she was injured, Mo Chu could not hide the smile on the corner of her mouth at this moment, and her eyes shone brightly.

The physical strength of men and women were different.

This was something that was decided by nature.

Back then, when Cheng Wa and the others were training Mo Chu and the others, she had clearly realized this point.

No matter how hard she tried, under the same conditions, her strength was still unable to catch up to Mo Yang and Qin Yue.

Cheng Wa and the others did not say much about this point.

After all, this was already a publicly acknowledged fact.

The gap between the physical strength of men and women could only be filled with their best efforts.

However, it was almost impossible to completely surpass it.

However, Mo Chu was unwilling to accept this.

Thats right, strength was a males strength, but a females flexibility also had an incomparable advantage.

Why would they compare their own weaknesses with a males strength When she thought of this, Mo Chu had a flash of inspiration! Thus, in the subsequent training, she intentionally strengthened the training of her bodys flexibility.

She even practiced yoga from the 21st century.

In a match, she just so happened to put this training into practice, and even succeeded in doing so! When she thought of this, how could Mo Chu not be excited

The audience outside the screen was clearly stunned by Mo Chus move!

Ning Yiyuan was the first to win, and everyone had confidence in her.

However, to be honest, everyone really did not have high hopes for her at the start.

After all, with her age, her actual combat experience would definitely be limited, so what if she had high talent In addition, during the first round of combat, she had been firmly protected by Ning Yiyuan and the others, so everyone did not think highly of her.

She was probably the last person to win!

However, reality had slapped them hard!

Even with the attacks of the Zimeng people pressing down on them, Mo Chus counterattack was smooth and silent.

In the end, she successfully defeated this man, becoming the second person to win a bronze medal! If they had not seen it with their own eyes, they would not have believed this fact at all!

More and more special ability users had taken a liking to Mo Chus movement techniques, using softness to counter toughness… This battle was truly interesting!

“Do you see that Our Little Chu is that domineering!”

As such, the citizens of the Federation, who were already showing off, now had their tails sticking up into the sky.

“Luck yStar is awesome! We will always support you!”

“Just tell us, who else is there Roar roar!”

Even Elder Ning, who was sitting on the high platform, could not help but smile.

He slammed the table hard and said with a beaming expression, “Well done!”

Previously, he had thought that this little girl, Mo Chu, was a little petite and weak.

Now, it seemed that it was the exact opposite!

“Hmph!” Sitting beside Elder Ning, the Patriarch of the Qin Family coughed twice and turned his head to glance at him.

Heh, this old fellow, did you not see how black the face of representative from Zimeng was, and he was still cheering here

“Whats wrong Are you thirsty” Elder Ning did not even turn his head to give him alms.

His gaze was always on the light screen.

“If youre thirsty, drink more water.

Dont disturb me.”

Fine! Qin Dafeng picked up the Cup and gulped down a mouthful of water.

After all, it wasnt me who was hated by others!

“The Federation really has a lot of talented people this year!” Fu Jun sighed softly.

At first, they did not think highly of these young people, but they did not expect their performance to be unexpectedly astonishing.

Their behavior was also commendable!

“Its not over yet!” Was it not a little too early to say this Qi Shaobai snorted coldly, but a complicated expression flashed through his eyes.

As long as one was not blind, anyone could see the strength of these few fellows of the Federation.

The most terrifying thing was that they were still so young.

If this went on, they would all become a great help to the Federation in the future!

This, to the other galaxies, was not a good thing!

“Hmph! If it wasnt for you, Brat, how could I have poured so much of my soup for nothing” Qin Yue had beaten the man to the ground, only then did he remove the bronze medal from his body.

This was not enough to vent his anger, so he gave him another fierce kick.

After that, the man completely collapsed onto the ground.

Mo Chu turned her head to look.

Aiya, he was originally a well-built and strong man, but now his entire body was covered in black bruises, especially that face! It was simply impossible to look at!

Mo Chu could not help but click her tongue.

This kid was too ruthless! Wasnt it just a bowl of corn rib soup Did he have to make it so exaggerated

They took all three bronze medals of the three opponents, so the entire team was eliminated! Mo Chu and the others had successfully received five bronze medals!

“Little girl, youre quite powerful!” Shaking the spoils of war in his hand, Qin Yue ran toward Mo Chu.

He was about to pat Mo Chus shoulder.

However, before his hand touched her, he was frozen by Ning Yiyuans cold gaze.

“Hehe!” With a hollow laugh, Qin Yue tactfully withdrew his hand, turned his body, and patted Mo Yangs body.

His tone was full of pride, “See, our Sister is so powerful!”

Mo Yang rolled his eyes at him and pushed his hand forward, almost causing Qin Yue to stumble.

On the other hand, Almighty Song took two steps forward and asked in a deep voice, “What do we do next”

At the beginning, everyone was definitely fighting in a melee.

It was because of this that they chose to avoid the fight.

However, half a day had already passed, and many teams had probably started fighting, what should they do now

“What do you mean, what should we do” Qin Yue glared as if it was a matter of course.

“Continue eating!”

As soon as Qin Yue said this, he was unsurprisingly met with disdain from everyone.

“Weve collected five bronze medals.

One team has already been eliminated,” Ning Yiyuan thought deeply for a moment before speaking indifferently, “According to my estimations, Dark Ocean Galaxy has already collected five bronze medals.

As for Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, they have already collected at least ten bronze medals!”

“In other words, other than us, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, and Dark Ocean Galaxy, theres only one team left in play.” Ning Yiyuan raised his head slightly, his eyes sparkling, “And what we need to do now is to do our best to kill this team!”

As long as that was the case, they had a chance of becoming the champion!

As a Marshal, in order to obtain victory in the war, Ning Yiyuan needed to understand the entire situation in his heart and make a timely and decisive judgment and decision.

This point was undoubtedly revealed at this moment.

As for the audience outside the screen, they were completely dumbfounded at this moment!

Ning Yiyuans guess was absolutely sharp and focused.

It was as if he had seen it with his own eyes.

This kind of strategy and planning could be called terrifying!


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