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The situation escalated in an instant.

An invisible barrier was suddenly established among the people!

Everyones eyes were a little shaky as they sized up the White Tiger team members.

To put it bluntly, in this day and age, who could trust another person unconditionally Who knows, as soon as you turned around, his side might stab you from the back, straight into your heart.

It was hard to guard against.

Not to mention, they were just temporary teammates on a mission together.

How much friendship could they have

Therefore, it was not impossible for the White Tiger team to do that!

Thinking back to the dangerous situation they had faced before, their eyes could not help but turn cold.

If this was not good, they might be buried alive in the zombie crowd.

Wouldnt they be swallowed alive

The leader of the White Tiger team, Deng Xiao, was smart.

Seeing the expressions on everyones faces, he quickly realized that the situation was not good.

He immediately stood up and defended them.

“Lan Lin, think about it carefully.

Can your words stand up to scrutiny If we really did it on purpose, would we be stupid enough to put ourselves in danger”

“I think you are clearly using us to vent your anger.” As he said that, Deng Xiaos expression turned stern.

“Even if your teammates are in trouble, dont blame us for this!”

With just a few words, he was trying to push away their suspicion!

Hehe! Lan Lin laughed coldly.

It was one thing to lie to outsiders, but they had been doing missions for a long time.

How could they not see the reason behind this It was just an excuse!

With her brows raised, Lan Lin was about to retort when he was called back by Lan Weis scream.

“Old Bai! Are you okay”

Lan Lins heart skipped a beat.

He quickly turned around and saw Old Bai squatting on the ground.

His eyes were dilated and his pupils were slightly pale.

He was screaming in pain but he was still biting his lips, he was trying his best to resist the erosion of the nature of zombies with his willpower…

Even outsiders could not help but feel bitter when they saw his expression.

Not to mention the other members of the Hunters squad that he had spent every day with.

“Old Bai!” Lan Lin shouted, his eyes were filled with sorrow and unwillingness.

He had the best relationship with Old Bai.

Yesterday, he even snatched half of his bread!

As he thought about how her partner who was laughing and scolding him just now had become like this, Lan Lin felt a wave of pain in his heart.

His eyes could not help but turn red.

Just as he was about to take a few steps forward, Old Bai reached out and stopped him.

“Dont… Dont come over!”

The mans voice was no longer as clear as before.

It became hoarse and dry, as if it had been ground by sandpaper.

When he raised his hand, his sleeve slipped down and the wound on his arm was immediately exposed.

It was just a scratch a moment ago, but now, it had turned black.

Mo Chus eyes were attracted by the wound.

The light in his mind was like thunder, exploding instantly.

Ning Yiyuans father, Uncle Ning, had the same wound on his leg… Since she could heal Uncle Nings leg back then, could she also heal the scratch wound caused by the zombie now

Thinking about it carefully, the reason why old white started to mutate, was it not because of this scratch If this wound was healed and the zombie virus in his body was removed, perhaps Old Bai could return to normal!

The more you think about it, the more it makes sense.

Mo Chu could not help but light up…

At this point, the situation quietly changed.

Watching Old Bai mutating bit by bit, many people in the mind had been born a bit of worry.

Deng Xiao grasped this point very well and felt a little happy.

He put on a righteous stance and shouted sternly, “What are you all standing around for Hurry up and deal with him!”

He added, “If this man turns into a zombie, it will be a big problem.

Who can guarantee that he wont be scratched”

Hearing that, everyones hearts trembled.

They subconsciously reached for the guns on their waists!

In fact, most of them knew Old Bai.

Some of them were even his friends.

However, when compared to their own lives, this friendship was insignificant.

Mo Chus eyes darkened.

The leader of the White Tiger team was indeed a good person.

He managed to divert everyones attention with just a few words!

Indeed, at this moment, no one cared if Deng Xiao and the rest deliberately caused the noise.

The most important question now was whether Old Bai would live or die.

“He has not mutated yet.

He is still a human.

How dare you” Lan Lins expression turned stern when he saw everyones reaction.

He glared at everyone and did not even care about the faint smell of blood in his throat.

He turned her head to look at Old Bai who was struggling non-stop.

Lan Lin felt a wave of sorrow in his heart.

This was his companion! They were brothers who fought together day and night! Yet, they were now facing such a situation…

“Haha! A human Take a look for yourself!” Deng Xiao could not help but laugh when he heard that.

His eyes were filled with sarcasm.

“Take a look for yourself.

Is he still a human in this state”

Old White half squatted on the ground.

His mutation was getting more and more serious.

His pupils had already dilated, but his skin was faintly showing a strange greenish-white color, and his bones were slightly twisted, the heavy breathing sounds were particularly clear in the silent air.

The White Tiger team captains eyes turned stern, and he said resolutely, “He has already turned into a monster!”

Then, he took out the black spearhead and pointed it at Old Bai.

“Since you cant do it, let me do it for you.”

“Who gave you permission to do it” Lan Lins expression changed.

She turned around and stopped him.

“You are killing the innocent!”

Lan Wei and the rest did not say anything.

They just stood beside Lan Lin and erected a high wall to protect Old Bai! They would protect the people of the Hunters team!

Deng Xiaos expression turned extremely ugly at the sight of this.

This bunch of lunatics! Didnt they see that the fellow was about to mutate What was there to protect

“Enough… Enough!” Old Bai heard the commotion clearly.

He raised his head slightly.

In just a short while, his vision had become extremely blurry.

He could not see where Lan Lin and the rest were at all.

Even so, his heart was still warm and touched, “I, I… Im so glad to have brothers like you in my life!”

It was a simple sentence but it was extremely difficult for him to say it.

It was as though every sound came from his throat but his face was filled with joy!

After taking a deep look at them, Old Bai turned around and ran out of the room!

“Old Bai!” Lan Lin shouted.

He paused for a moment before continuing to run forward without stopping.

After chasing Old Bai away, everyones mood did not improve.

Instead, it became heavier.

Especially the Hunters team, the atmosphere in their squad was even more gloomy.

It was as though their surroundings were frozen.

No one spoke.

Everyones lips were tightly pursed and their eyes were filled with grief.

The figure in the distance had gradually disappeared.

Mo Chu could not help but recall the first time they had met.

Old Bai, the bearded uncle from back then, had used all his strength to try and trick her into joining the Hunters team.

Even though half of his face was covered by his beard, that shrewd manner of speaking had left a deep impression on her.

However, in the blink of an eye, he had become like this…

Mo Chu suddenly stood up and whispered something into Ning Yiyuans ear.

Listening to the whispers in his ear, Ning Yiyuan could not help but be slightly stunned.

However, after a moment, he returned to normal.

His gaze was as soft as usual.

“Alright, if you want to go, Ill go with you.”

As he said this, the two of them walked out together.

One of them was tall while the other was short.

The two of them appeared extremely harmonious.

“What are you guys…” Seeing this scene, everyone asked.

After all, Ning Yiyuan could be considered the strongest person here.

“Little Chu isnt feeling well.

Ill accompany her out for a while,” Ning Yiyuan replied indifferently.

Everyone instantly understood.

There were so many of them.

Other than Lan Wei, there was only one girl, Mo Chu.

It was definitely not a convenient situation.

Thus, they nodded their heads in understanding and did not pay any more attention to it.

The two of them walked very fast.

Before long, they caught up with Old Bai who had left first.

Upon closer inspection, they found that the mans willpower was strong enough.

Even though he had started to mutate, his eyes were still trying hard to keep clear.

As he had been transformed into a zombie, his eyesight was much weaker, but his sense of smell was unexpectedly sharp.

As soon as he sensed the scent of a living person, he immediately raised his head.

His face was ferocious, and his eyes were filled with desire.

He looked no different from the zombie from before, but his expression only lasted for a second before he forcefully suppressed it, because of that, he looked even more twisted than before.

“Im Mo Chu.” She took a slight step forward.

She did not know if Old Bai could hear her now, but she still said, “Im here to help you.”

Then, she saw Old Bai pause for a moment.

His teeth were clenched, and his lips were tightly clenched.

Blood was already oozing out of his mouth, but he still raised his head.

A hint of understanding and relief flashed across his eyes.

Naturally, Mo Chu understood what he was thinking.

She could not help but find it amusing.

Did this person really think that she was here to end him

“Im here to save you, not to kill you.”

Before Old Bai could understand what she meant, Mo Chu suddenly raised her hand.

A milky white special ability wrapped around his entire body, circulating around his body like a stream of water.

“Whew…” Old Bai subconsciously let out a soft breath.

He felt as though his entire body had been enveloped by a warm current, Before it slowly seeped into his body, he slowly removed the desire that had been running amok in his blood vessels…

Ning Yiyuan silently stood at the side, acting like a guardian.

Naturally, he was able to take in this miraculous scene.

Under the gentle light, Old Bais stiff and twisted body gradually relaxed, while his dilated pupils recovered and converged rapidly…

After a long while, Mo Chu waved her hand.

The gentle light gradually faded away.

At this moment, Old Bai, who had looked ferocious a moment ago, had a calm look on his face.

When he opened his eyes again, they were already bright.

“How are you” Mo Chu was still a little unaccustomed to the large amount of light attribute special abilities being used.

Her body swayed slightly.

However, Ning Yiyuan, who was standing behind her, came up to help her, protecting her.

“Very… very good!” Old Bai was simply shocked!

‘How could this be possible I have already mutated…

Old Bai lowered his head foolishly and rubbed his body with his big hands.

After a long while, he finally stopped.

He looked ecstatic.

He had recovered! He had actually recovered!

To be honest, if he had not experienced it himself, he would never have believed what was happening!

After all, being scratched by a zombie was equivalent to being sentenced to death.

It had become the consensus of everyone to accept such a fate in despair, but now, someone had broken this rule! She had saved a person who was about to turn into a zombie with her own hands! Even now, Old Bais mind was still wandering.

He still felt that he had no idea where to go.

He was fine, really… fine!

Mo Chu leaned against Ning Yiyuans chest and looked at Old Bai carefully.

Seeing that nothing was wrong with him, she felt reassured.

It was her first time saving someone, so she felt very comforted.

However, looking at her hand, Mo Chus expression could not help but freeze.

If only… she had thought of this earlier, that middle-aged man might not have died in the first place…

Ning Yiyuan noticed this subtle expression.

He gently supported her and asked in a low voice, “Whats wrong”

Mo Chu sighed and told him her thoughts.

She had told Ning Yiyuan about her experiences during this period of time.

He was also very clear about these things.

“Silly girl!” Ning Yiyuan reached out and rubbed her head, but his gaze could not help but freeze.

As a superior, his vision was far more profound than Mo Chus.

Putting everything else aside, once she saved that middle-aged man, they would definitely not be able to keep this information secret.

And once her ability was discovered by others, this girl would immediately become the target of public criticism, Countless people would fight like hungry wolves for her unique piece of fat meat, and then, like a juicer, squeeze out the last bit of her special ability!

Thinking of this, Ning Yiyuans sharp gaze could not help but turn toward the man not far away.

A clear warning and scrutiny could be felt.

At this moment, Old Bai had also recovered his strength.

When he met Ning Yiyuans sharp gaze, his heart could not help but tremble violently.

He also understood that once Mo Chus healing ability was exposed, the effect would probably be even more powerful than an atomic bomb bombing Earth.

He was naturally clear about the severity of the matter.

Thus, Old Bais expression suddenly changed and he said in a deep voice, “Dont worry, I will definitely not spread this.

I swear on my life!”

Ning Yiyuan stared at him deeply and did not speak.

The most important thing was whether he could keep his word or not!

Old Bai clearly understood this point and did not say anything more.

He only looked at Mo Chu gratefully and said seriously, “Miss Mo, you saved my life.

In the future, if you have any requests, just tell me!”

“Umm… you should call me Mo Chu.”

Mo Chu smiled faintly.

The main point was that this uncle looked to be almost 30-40 years old, yet he still addressed her so respectfully.

She felt a little guilty.

“You are after all, much older than me…”

Then, it was Old Bais turn to be stunned.

After a long while, he said, “But, Im only… 20 years old.”


Mo Chu was deeply embarrassed.

Sure enough, she should not have judged him so quickly!


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