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The number of women in the Federation was small, to begin with, not to mention in an army that was no different from a Buddhist temple.

That was basically not seeing a single female figure all year round!

As the saying goes, after being in the army for three to five years, they would fall in love with a pig.

Not to mention Mo Chus delicate and obedient appearance.

At this moment, she was half-lowering her head.

Her jet-black hair was just hanging by her ears, revealing her fair jaw and clear eyes.

It made the hearts of the group of rough men soften like a pool of water! With a stir, the pool started to bubble!

The originally peaceful and quiet Mo Chus lips curled up slightly.

Her brows were curved, and she suddenly became bright and beautiful.

It was like the warm sun outside.

It was not dazzling, but it was exceptionally soothing.

this made this group of old bachelors even more dumbfounded!

As expected, she was the girl that Marshal Ning had taken a fancy to.

She was really different from those coquettish b*tches outside!

Thus, the group of men secretly swallowed in their saliva.

They wished they could not even roll their eyes.

Aiya, hey! This was completely the materialization of their ideals in their hearts! Unfortunately… as they sniffled, everyones eyes could not help but reveal some regret.

Such a good girl had already been snatched away by Marshal Ning!

Mo Chu did not notice the complicated emotions of the soldiers beside her.

She was busy organizing her words at the moment.

Her slender white and tender fingers tapped on the terminal.

Not long after, a hot piece of news was freshly released.

Then, the netizens on the Starnet once again witnessed the huge appeal of the nameMo Chu!

A dynamic message was hung high on the front page of the Spirit Food Shop, trying to ensure that everyone could see it clearly — “Hello everyone, I am Mo Chu.

From next month onwards, the Spirit Food Shop will resume normal operations.”

A simple sentence instantly caused a huge uproar on the internet!

This message had only been posted for less than a minute, but it had already been liked and shared by hundreds of thousands of people.

The sensation caused was like a surging flood, with each wave becoming more and more powerful.

“Damn! What… What did I see just now”

“This dynamic message, am I seeing things Or is someone stealing the backstage of the Spirit Food Shop Quickly pull this person out and kill him without mercy!”

“Get lost! This is clearly the return of my Lucky Star.

I cant be any more excited!”

“The Heavens have finally heard my loyal prayer!”

“Oh my God! The spirit food that I havent seen for a long time, I can finally see it again.

Tears will flow forever!”

Similar comments immediately spread across all the major forums and official websites.

In just a short half an hour, the news ofMo Chus return was successfully pushed to the top of the hot searches list! In turn, it attracted even more peoples attention.

The initial spark of fire instantly became like a prairie fire!

There were even some diehard Mo Chu fans who posted a unified slogan on the forums —

“Little Chu, Welcome Home!”

“Little Chu, Welcome Home!”

“Little Chu, Welcome Home!”

A simple four-word line formed stacks upon stacks in the comment pages.

Moreover, with lightning speed, they quickly took over all the major web pages, leaving no way out for other news.

As the number of views was too high and too fast, it even caused the internet to be paralyzed and unable to log in normally.

This situation could not help but make people sigh.

Even if Mo Chu had left for a year, her influence was still not to be underestimated!

Of course, there were also many haters who began to doubt.

“Hehe! This is definitely hype! Such a big matter, would the Federation not inform us on the official website”

“Thats right.

They might be using this opportunity to advertise theSpirit Food Shop.

After all, its popularity is no longer what it was in the past.”

“Right! Everyone, dont be fooled by them!”

The irascible netizens immediately started a war with their guns.

“What the f*ck are they trying to fool you with How can they continue to fool us with such a thing”

“Thats right, theyre still trying to create hype Our Lucky Star doesnt need such a thing!”

“Hehe, youre a retard, yet you still refuse to admit it.

Ill give you a piece of advice from the bottom of my heart.

Hurry up and take your medicine, or itll be too late, alright”

He had to admit that the majority of the netizens combat power was still very strong!

Looking at the flashes of swords and the smoke that filled the air, even through the terminal, Mo Chu could still clearly feel it.

With a slight movement of his fingers, Mo Chu added another sentence under the message, “Thank you, everyone, for your consistent support and companionship.

Im grateful!”

Then, this sentence was like an elixir for the netizens who supported Mo Chu, causing their combat strength to soar in an instant! The witty remarks came one after another, bombarding the anti-fans to the point that not even their dregs were left.

They did not dare to show their heads again.

Hence, the entire page was left with a wave of comments and concerns, causing the warmth in Mo Chus eyes to become even stronger.

This happiness of being constantly cared for and protected by others instantly surged into her heart.

Her smile became even wider.

Of course, this made it even more obvious that the soldiers nearby were peeking.

“Cough cough!”

Song Hao could not take it anymore.

He placed his hand on his mouth and coughed a few times.

“Why arent you quickly observing Wisdom Cloud Galaxys movements”

What are you looking at Havent you seen a woman before

With that said, Song Hao looked at the girl who had her head lowered not far away.

She looked as calm as water, yet her entire body seemed to be emitting an aura that could not be ignored.

Was this… Mo Chu The woman who had risen to fame in the past two or three years and was in the limelight for a while

Apart from the rare light attribute special ability that was rarely seen in a hundred years, there did not seem to be anything special about her! Song Hao rubbed his chin and frowned in confusion.

How could she be liked and adored by so many people

How did the once ostentatious Qiao Family fall to such a state It definitely could not be separated from Mo Chus terrifying popularity! Even when the Qiao Family was publicly judged by the Federation Court, there was also a boost in public opinion.

In the end, it still had to fall on Mo Chus head!

Song Hao was thinking silently on his side, but the soldiers beside him were not happy.


Were not allowed to peek, but youre getting excited

You dare to cover our sister-in-law Do you want to die

The soldier closest to him directly returned the favor.

He pretended to cough twice and even glanced at Song Hao a few times.

If it was in the past, this soldier would definitely not dare to do such a thing.

It might even be a matter of military punishment.

However, there was no doubt that the power of an idol was huge.

Now, in order to protect Marshal Nings future happiness, he had to be bold!

On the other side, Ning Yiyuan and the S team had successfully met up with the defense personnel of Area A and exchanged information with each other.

“How far away are Wisdom Cloud Galaxys people from us” Ning Yiyuan turned on the communication device and asked softly in a low voice.

“Less than a kilometer,” the soldier replied in a deep voice.

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuans eyes could not help but flash.

A few movements appeared in his hands.

The movements were smooth and efficient.

This was a commonly used command gesture in the army.

Seeing this, the members of Team S quickly assembled with the 300 defense personnel and automatically divided into three groups.

According to Ning Yiyuans instructions, they quickly set up an ambush.

Those who were able to participate in this military exercise were all experts in the army.

The location of the ambush was also very clever.

They just happened to use the environment around them to block their figures.

If one did not look carefully, they really would not be discovered!

Ten minutes had passed…

The soldiers who were lying in ambush were still rooted to the spot, not making the slightest movement.

“Pay attention, the enemy is almost here!” The voice from the communication device sounded again.

Hearing this, the people who were lying in ambush held their breaths and waited.

Without blinking, they looked at the only path in front of them, tightly holding their energy guns in their hands.

Five minutes later.

The wind blew past, and the branches on both sides rustled.

It made the place even quieter and quieter.

… No one.

The large group of people that they had expected did not appear at all!

Huh… everyone could not help but be puzzled.

What was going on

Could it be that the information was wrong Or could it be that something had happened to the other party and their progress had been delayed

Subconsciously, everyone turned their gaze to Ning Yiyuan, who was at the front.

He was crouching down and hiding in front.

When he saw everyones puzzled expression, he remained silent.

However, his resolute figure gave everyone a measure of support.

Thus, the panic that had just risen in everyones hearts instantly calmed down.

Thats right, follow Bosss footsteps.

Nothing will happen!

Meanwhile, the command room was already in chaos.

“Whats going on”

Song Hao suddenly took a few steps forward, his gaze fixed on the cursor on the screen.

The cursor that represented Wisdom Cloud Galaxys military strength was still flashing, but the person had disappeared without a trace!

“Thats not right! How is this possible The data clearly shows that…” The soldiers at the side were clearly confused by this scene as well, he widened his eyes in disbelief and lowered his head to look at the data carefully.

He muttered, “Could this be the new military decoy from Wisdom Cloud Galaxys side But… how did we not receive any news at all”

Even he himself could not help but suspect, his brows tightly knitted together!

“Oh no! Wisdom Cloud Galaxys military strength has appeared in Area C!” another soldier stood up abruptly and shouted loudly.

The screen in front of him was originally calm, but now a cursor appeared!

Damn it!

Song Hao frowned even more and finally understood.

The previous attack in Area A was clearly a trap.

The purpose was to divert their army so that their attack would be smoother! Wisdom Cloud Galaxys people were too cunning!

Taking a deep breath, Song Hao pulled the communication device by his ear and shouted sternly, “Ning Yiyuan, did you hear that Weve fallen into a trap.

Come back quickly!”

This kid had previously promised that Wisdom Cloud Galaxys side would not attack! They were clearly attacking now, right

“Fallen into a trap” Unexpectedly, Ning Yiyuans slightly deep voice sounded from the communication device.

It was still as calm as a pine tree.

“If we retreat now, well really fall into a trap.”

“What do you mean” Song Hao did not understand what he meant, but that did not stop him from seeing the truth.

The current situation was right in front of him, and he had no choice but to believe it.

The more he frowned, the angrier Song Haos voice became.

“Now is not the time for you to fight with me.

Ning Yiyuan, hurry up and bring your men back!”

Due to his previous mistake, the Federations military strength was already one-third less than Wisdom Cloud Galaxys.

Ning Yiyuan had also brought a portion of his men away.

At this moment, it was inevitable that they would be helpless.

If anything happened, none of them could bear this responsibility!

“Do you hear me Ning Yiyuan! Hurry back! The defense of Area A is meaningless now… Hurry up, hey! Hey!” The situation was pressing, Song Haos tone was getting higher and higher.

However, before he could finish his sentence, he was cut off by Ning Yiyuan!

This impulsive fellow!

Song Hao slammed his fist on the table! Since he could not command Ning Yiyuan, he could only turn his attention to the others.

“Team S, Hurry back! Bring back the 300-strong defense force!”

Hearing Song Haos exasperated roar, Team S looked up at the calm and composed Ning Yiyuan and bit their lips.

“Aiyo, this, this signal doesnt seem too good.

I cant hear it clearly!”

Then, they imitated Ning Yiyuan and cut off the conversation.

The rest of the people followed suit, infuriating Song Hao in the command room!

F*ck! Are these brats rebelling They clearly knew that Area A was already a useless move, yet they still wasted their troops.

Whats the use of staying there

If this military exercise fails, see how I will deal with you guys!

“But… Boss, are we really not going back” the captain of Team S licked his lips and asked in a low voice.

Since the Boss did not say anything, he felt a little uneasy.

“Yes!” Ning Yiyuan turned his head and replied in a low voice.

He still maintained his concise manner.

“Wait a little longer.”

“Yes, Sir!” Hearing this, the soldiers felt as if they had taken a load off their minds.

All of a sudden, they calmed down and looked at Ning Yiyuan with eyes filled with trust.

They would do whatever their Boss said!


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