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Every class had its own independent circle.

Just like this exchange meet, the people who could attend were basically all the top medical experts in every galaxy.

It was impossible to say that they did not have any pride and backbone!

They had heard of the name of this lass, Mo Chu, from the very beginning.

After all, there were only about ten people who would attend each exchange meet.

Everyone had their own thoughts.

Any addition or subtraction of one or two people would appear particularly out of place.

It was because of this that Mo Chu had already aroused the curiosity of everyone before she even entered the venue.

When they saw her in person, everyone could not help but frown, and their impressions of her plummeted.

One had to know that the medical profession was not like other professions.

There had never been shortcuts.

Mo Chu, this girl, looked like a petite and small ball.

She was quite pretty, but from the looks of it, she was probably not even an adult yet! A little girl that was unknown to the public had suddenly jumped up, and she had already gotten a spot to participate in this exchange meet

Could it be that the matter of her swearing an oath to the Ning family of the Federation had caused a huge commotion, and that was why they had opened the back door for her Without a doubt, this was the thought of most of the people present.

After all, Mo Chus tender face was really too deceitful.

Therefore, facing such a junior who they thought was eager for quick success and quick profits, this group of highly respected medical experts really did not like her.

Intentionally or unintentionally, everyone isolated Mo Chu.

Initially, they thought that even if Mo Chu did not panic in the face of this situation, she would at least be a little apprehensive!

In the end, this girl had a graceful appearance.

There was always a faint smile on her face.

In addition, her features were like a painting, exquisite and pure.

For a time, it made many people refresh their senses towards her.

Mo Chu had always been a person who could be pleased with himself.

When others ignored her, she was still at ease!

Thus, she strolled around the venue alone.

The venue was very large, but it did not seem empty.

On the gilded long shelf beside her was a long row of jade boxes and jade bottles.

Inside were all the latest medicines developed by the various medical experts who participated in this exchange meeting.

Some were injections, some pills, and some granules… There were so many variations that Mo Chu was dazzled by them.

In fact, the Spirit Food that she made herself could be considered medicine to a certain extent.

It was because of this that she had chosen to participate in the conference.

She wanted to see if she could take in the best of the best and expand the production of Spirit Food.

“Tsk! Do you even know what youre looking at” A cold snort suddenly rang out, filled with disdain and ridicule.

Mo Chu turned her head and saw a handsome boy.

However, his chin was slightly raised at this moment, and his proud peacock tail posture made people involuntarily smile.

“What are you laughing at!” The boys gaze was quite fierce.

He could see the smile in Mo Chus eyes at a glance, and he immediately jumped up like a rabbit whose tail had been stepped on.

“A woman who came in through the back door, and you still have the cheek to laugh Dont you find it embarrassing!”

“I… Went through the back door” Hearing this, Mo Chu could not help but be slightly stunned.

She swept his gaze across the expressions of the others, and only then did she understand where the root of this rejection lay.

The boy took Mo Chus question as an affirmation.

His exquisite eyes raised slightly, and he looked extremely proud.

“If you know it, then quickly scram.

Its just you.

Dont drag down the quality of our entire exchange meet!”

Mo Chu did not say anything.

She stared at the young boy carefully for a while.

This gaze that did not contain any impurities caused the young boy to frown slightly.

However, his fair skin could not help but be stained with a touch of redness.

He said with a stern expression, “What are you looking at Ive never seen such a good-looking person before!”

“Ive seen him before,” Mo Chu replied indifferently.

She was so stunned that the young boy was rendered speechless on the spot.

Actually, this young man was quite good-looking.

His features were exquisite, and his features were distinct.

He could definitely be called apretty young man.

It was just that Mo Chu was surrounded by a lot of good-looking people.

Not to mention Ning Yiyuan, just her big brother, Almighty Song, and Shen Yi all had their own merits.

Compared to this radish-headed young man before him, they were more mature.

“You are… Xie Chunxi” Mo Chu curled her lips slightly.

She now had some understanding of the identity of the young man in front of him.

He was a famous genius in Dark Ocean Galaxy.

Not only did he have a good reputation in the medical field, but he also could not be underestimated in the cultivation of his special abilities.

However, at the age of 25, he had already become a high-level level tier 9.

His potential was really shocking.

With such a powerful boost in strength, it was no wonder that this young man was as arrogant as a peacock!

“Humph! So what if I am” The young man rolled his eyes and glanced at Mo Chu.

“Let me tell you, dont think that you can get away with fawning over me.

Go back to where you came from!”

“Fawning over you” Mo Chu held back his laughter, and his eyes became even more curved.

“Why should I fawn over you”

For some reason, Mo Chu felt that this youths temperament was somewhat similar to Roundys.

He always put on a tsundere appearance ofIm the Boss, but in the end, he stretched out his hand and lightly poked, his insides were as soft as cotton.

However, this youth was not as docile as Roundy.

When he heard Mo Chus words, his handsome face suddenly stiffened and he fiercely glared at Mo Chu!

Due to his outstanding talent, Xie Chunxi had always been successful since he was young.

However, today, he did not expect to be defeated by Mo Chu twice in a row.

How could the proud and arrogant little fellow endure such humiliation

His eyebrows shot up! He thought to himself,alright, since you dont want to give me face, then dont blame me for throwing it on the ground and stomping on it a few times!

With a shift of his gaze, the young man turned around and took a bottle of pills from the long rack beside him.

“This is the latest medicine Ive developed.

Since youre able to participate in this exchange meeting, you must have some ability!”

“Then tell me, what are the ingredients in this pill” The young man raised his head proudly and glanced at Mo Chu.

“Im not going to bully you.

As long as you answer five of the ingredients correctly, Ill acknowledge you! If you cant tell me, then you can just go back dejectedly.

Dont embarrass yourself here!”

“How is it Do you dare”

The commotion between the two of them was not small, especially when it involved Xie Chunxi, who had been in the limelight in recent years, and Mo Chu, who had appeared out of nowhere in this exchange meeting.

No matter who it was, it was an important topic!

Now that the two of them had exchanged blows, it had stimulated the gossips of the crowd to a certain extent.

Just like that, there were people who used the excuse of getting drinks and looking at medicine to swarm towards them one after another.

Once there were more people, Xie Chunxis momentum became even stronger.

His small chin was so high that he wanted to poke the sky!

“Is there a time limit” Mo Chu smiled faintly and asked softly.

Hearing this, Xie Chunxi could not help but be stunned.

He finally lowered his noble head and barely glanced at Mo Chu.

Actually, he had not thought of this question.

Mo Chu could have just not mentioned it.

At that time, even if she could not guess the reason behind it, she could still say that the time was not up.

After all, he had not set it up in the beginning.

However, with Mo Chus question, she had blocked her own path of retreat!

However, it had to be said that Mo Chus words changed many peoples opinions of her.

As long as she was not faking it, her personality and character were not much different.

For a moment, everyone had more confidence in Mo Chu.

“Then how about four hours” Xie Chunxi looked at Mo Chu with a face full of grace.

Hearing this, the surrounding medical experts could not help but nod in agreement.

This little brat finally understood.

One had to know that an exchange meeting in the morning would only take four hours.

If that was the case, he had given Mo Chu ample time to prepare.

Mo Chu did not hesitate and nodded directly.


Thus, this experiment that was not considered an experiment officially began under everyones watchful eyes.

In order to show fairness, Xie Chunxi took out four pills from the bottle.

One of them was given to Mo Chu while the other three were given to a few medical experts beside him.

From the looks of it.., he was prepared to let everyone guess what ingredients were in his pills.

It was only now that the medical experts who were watching the show could not help but laugh bitterly and realize that they had also been tricked by this brat! This was not a test for Mo Chu, it was clearly a test for them too!

They had heard that this little fellow was exceptionally arrogant before, but now that they saw it, it was indeed true!

However, at this stage, how could they still say no They could only carefully examine the pill in their hands.

They moved closer to the tip of their noses to sniff it and used their hands to rub it gently.

Some of the medical experts who had survived were also in the good spirit ofIts not a big deal to just watch the show.

They happily watched from the side and occasionally moved closer to take a look.

Although Xie Chunxis character was quite annoying, it could not be denied that his talent in the field of medicine was indeed envied.

Not only did he have new ideas and creativity in the field of medicine, but the quality of the finished product was also a few levels higher than the average medical expert.

Otherwise, it would not have been possible for him to smoothly enter this exchange meeting.

On the other hand, Mo Chu was slightly inferior.

Her fame had only risen recently.

There were not many medicines that she was good at, and even the number of patients that were cured was very few, only two or three.

It was no wonder that everyone had doubts about her!

“Theres no rush.

You guys take your time.” Xie Chunxi was smiling brightly at this moment.

His handsome face was a little more lively, but the slyness in his eyes could not escape everyones gaze.

When they got the pill in their hands, they finally understood why Xie Chunxi had limited the time to four hours!

This pill was definitely a new thing that this kid had just developed.

Moreover, the concoction method was extremely unique.

They had been looking at it for almost ten minutes, and they could barely determine two or three ingredients.

This was the only thing that they were not too sure about.

Seeing the awkward looks on everyones faces, Xie Chunxi smiled even more happily.

However, when he turned his head and saw Mo Chus movements, he could not help but be stunned.

This little girl held the pill in her hand and occasionally took it to the tip of her nose to sniff a few times.

This simple action contrasted with her fair fingers, which were as flawless as jade.

There was not the slightest bit of nervousness or apprehension in her pair of clear eyes.

Instead, there was a faint sense of satisfaction.

Looking at it made peoples hearts tremble…


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