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“This… Is your Guardian”

The originally ambiguous atmosphere was suddenly broken by Xie Chunxi, who interrupted the conversation.

This kids idiocy probably flared up again.

First, he glanced arrogantly at Ning Yiyuan, then he lifted his exquisite chin, his tone was slightly disdainful.

“This person looks quite ordinary! I heard that hes already in his forties.

Tsk tsk, hes quite old!”

He looks ordinary…


Zhong Wen, who was sitting in the front row, could not help but cover his face.

With Bosss looks and temperament, hes still considered ordinary.

Then what should we call ourselves! Also, even if hes in his forties, how could he let people in their fifties live!

However, Xie Chunxis words were clearly a contrast to his own situation.

He was a beautiful youth, he naturally did not like Ning Yiyuans mature and cold demeanor.

In addition, he was only 25 this year, so he was definitely a young man.

Naturally, he felt that Ning Yiyuan, who was in his forties, was old…

However, Ning Yiyuan obviously did not get his point.

The originally affectionate and gentle handsome face suddenly stiffened!

His sharp sword-like eyes shot fiercely at Xie Chunxi.

Where did this damn Brat come from

Mo Chu was dumbfounded.

Xie Chunxi, do you know that the man you despised just exchanged a few moves with Yan Yiyan and did not lose out

As expected, the ignorant are fearless!

“Mo Chu, think about it.

Youre still so young.

Its a pity that youre matched with such an old man.

Fortunately, hes only a Guardian.

You might not choose him when you get married in the future.”

Mo Chu had just praised Xie Chunxis fearless spirit.

In the end, this guy actually dared to defy the wind and commit a crime.

Once again, he kicked Ning Yiyuans tiger tail.

This guy was a little too bold!

Did you not see that Ning Yiyuan was about to kill you with his eyes

“What are you looking at Are you comparing whose eyes are bigger” Xie Chunxi also noticed Ning Yiyuans gaze.

He even snorted a little arrogantly, completely unaware of the killing intent contained within.

“Uh…”Mo Chu could not help but hold her forehead.

He was extremely impressed by Xie Chunxis careless mind.

Obviously, Ning Yiyuan also felt that it was a little too embarrassing to be friends with such a fellow.

Hence, he silently shifted his gaze back to Mo Chu.

However, he still secretly remembered this fellow.

“I see that youve lost weight.

Dont be too busy recently.

You still have to pay attention and rest well.” Ning Yiyuan continued to ramble on and on, directly changing from the initially demonic and sexy style to the current family-friendly male style.

The change in attitude was smooth and natural.

It was seamless.

“Where did you lose weight I dont think theres any difference!” Mo Chu touched her face.

She hadnt been in the Dark Ocean Galaxy for a week.

Even if she had lost weight, it would not be so obvious!

“Be good and nourish yourself.

Dont meet some unimportant people.” It was obvious that Ning Yiyuans emphasis was on the last sentence.

Mo Chu could not help but roll her eyes.

Was this man worried that she would attract the attention of others

“Dont worry.” Mo Chu nodded heavily.

“Ill take good care of myself.”

By the time the two finished their video call, the journey back to the hotel was already more than half done.

Xie Chunxi pursed his lips helplessly.

“Whats there to talk about Why did you talk for so long”

“Sigh.” Mo Chu glanced at him lightly.

“Youre still single, right”

“… Yeah.” Xie Chunxi was stunned for a long while before he nodded.

It was obvious that he did not understand the relationship between these two questions.

“Oh.” Mo Chu nodded in understanding and said, “Then its no wonder!”

Xie Chunxi was speechless

Hmm… What do you mean by that Are you discriminating against single dogs

Zhong Wen, who was sitting in the front row, could not help but turn his head around.

He patted Xie Chunxis shoulder sympathetically.

“Young man, youre still too young!”

Aiyo, dont be too happy when you join forces to attack others!

Xie Chunxi was just about to open his mouth to counterattack when the alarm suddenly sounded on his Drive Machine.

The red light kept flashing.

“Theres a drive blocking the path five thousand meters ahead.

Please pay attention!”


Zhong Wen suddenly turned his head and frowned.

Clearly, he did not expect such a situation to happen.

The Drive Machine had always been in automatic mode.

Before he could resume manual operation, the alarm sounded again.

“Theres a Drive Machine blocking the road 5,000 meters ahead.

Please change lanes immediately!”

5,000 to 5,000 meters.

It had only been half a minute.

This speed was a little too fast, right

… could it be that they were deliberately trying to hit them

Normally, drivers would automatically choose a route based on the network.

There were rarely any collisions or congestion, but todays situation was clearly not right!

It was as if someone was deliberately trying to hit them!

Before he had time to think carefully, Zhong Wen immediately turned his head to look at the terminal network, looking for an empty temporary route on the nearby road.

“Theres still 50 meters left!”

“30 meters!”

The urgent voices kept pressing on them, and the atmosphere became tenser and tenser!

Zhong Wen saw the opportunity and suddenly turned to the right.

At the critical moment, he finally avoided the situation where the two Drive Machines collided!

Unfortunately, they had just turned into the right lane when a drive suddenly appeared out of thin air behind them and directly rammed into their Drive Machine!


A loud sound was heard!

The Drive Machine fell into the river next to them, splashing a lot of water!

Fortunately, the quality of their Drive Machine was excellent, so there was no problem.

They could still move forward when they turned on the cruise ship mode.

“Damn it! Someone must be looking for trouble!” Xie Chunxi touched the water on his body, and a hint of anger could not help but appear on his handsome face!

They did not close the window earlier.

Although they were not injured, the water on both sides of the car still entered the car due to the pressure, and they were instantly drenched!

“Ill look into this matter! “Zhong Wen took off the seaweed covering his head, and his face darkened slightly.

This was the first time he was in such a sorry state!

Mo Chu also lowered his head and didnt say anything.

For some reason, she felt that the style of this.

matter was somehow familiar.


Finally, after going through some twists and turns, the few of them finally returned to the hotel where they stayed.

Mo Chus wet clothes were almost dry.

When she glanced at the bed, she immediately collapsed on it.

The things that she had experienced today were too exciting.

First, she was threatened by someone, and then she almost crashed into a car.

Finally, she fell into the river…

At this moment, when she rested, she felt her legs go weak.

In the corner, Roundy, who was munching on the cake, paused.

“Awoo –” What happened to Little Chu

After stuffing the cake into its mouth, Roundys short legs jumped on the ground and landed beside Mo Chu.

Its nails poked Mo Chus slightly red cheeks.

“Be good, dont mess around.” Mo Chu stretched out her arm and pulled Roundy into her embrace.

Her voice was a little muffled.

“Let me sleep for a while.”

Roundy, who had always been a troublemaker, was more sensible now.

Seeing this, it did not disturb Mo Chu anymore.

Instead, it lay obediently in her warm embrace and went to sleep with its eyes narrowed.

The night passed just like that.

“Little Chu, its time to go to the exchange meet.” There were consecutive knocks on the door, but there was no movement inside.

Zhong Wen could not help but frown.

That was not right.

Little Chu, this girl, had always been punctual.

Why was there still no movement when it was time to leave

“Little Chu Little Chu”

Zhong Wen knocked harder on the door, but there was still silence inside.

Something was not right!

Zhong Wen immediately found the customer service staff and got the spare key.

The door opened.

On the big bed, Mo Chu was lying quietly in the middle.

The blue blanket covered most of her body.

Her face was rosy and she looked like he was sleeping soundly.

Roundy was also leaning on Mo Chus body.

The white fluffy ball looked like a comfortable pillow.

Zhong Wen could not help but let out a light breath.

It seemed that he was making a mountain out of a molehill.

When he took two steps closer, his expression suddenly changed!


Zhong Wen immediately strode forward and placed his hand on Mo Chus forehead.

The scorching heat was transmitted to his hand through Mo Chus skin!

How was she sleeping peacefully It was clearly because he was so hot that she had fainted!

Zhong Wen felt frustrated and blamed himself, but he did not dare to delay any longer.

He immediately brought Mo Chu into the Treatment Device in the hotel.

Roundy, who was thrown aside, was obviously still in a daze.

What happened Where are you going to Snatch My Little Chu

When the two of them were almost out of sight, Roundy finally reacted and immediately followed them.

Fever was not a big problem.

The Treatment Device used its own physical heat dissipation to help the body cool down.

With the help of the special nutrients in it, it was even more effective and had 100% efficiency.


From the looks of it now, the efficiency was only 99.9%!

That was because…

F*ck! This Treatment Device actually had no effect on Mo Chu

Zhong Wen scratched his head in annoyance.

How was this possible

It had been more than half an hour since Mo Chu was put in.

Even a seriously injured patient should have shown obvious signs of improvement by now.

However, there was nothing that could be done about Mo Chus fever!

The temperature did not drop at all.

Instead, it was getting higher and higher!

Mo Chu had only been unconscious at the start.

At this moment, she had already become delirious from the fever.

She had even started to mumble!

Her originally delicate face was now frighteningly red.

At a glance, he could not help but be alarmed.

Her delicate lips were now extremely dry, and a few of them had even cracked and peeled off.

“Awooo –” With this appearance, not only Zhong Wen, even the usually slow Roundy realized that something was wrong.

It kept circling around the Treatment Device, its pair of claws scratching the ground non-stop.

It had dug a hole in the supposedly hardest inkstone floor in the world!

Zhong Wen was also anxious!

Why did not he research some antipyretics before There was no need to just look at it now!

However, it was estimated that no medical expert in the entire galaxy would specialize in researching this thing!

The key was that it was not necessary!

After all, who would need to spend so much effort to research something that could be solved in ten minutes

Who would have thought that this Treatment Device would actually be ineffective against this girl, Mo Chu

“Boss, what do you think we should do” This was the first time Zhong Wen had encountered such a helpless situation.

He did not care that Ning Yiyuan should be busy at this moment, and directly sent a video call over.

After he explained the matter clearly, Ning Yiyuans face was frighteningly dark!

Even Zhong Wen, who had been by his side for so many years, was shocked.


After pondering for half a second, Ning Yiyuan suddenly said, “Arent there other medical experts Find them!”

He woke up the man of his dreams with one look!

Zhong Wen instantly reacted.

Yes! The hotels on the three floors were all booked, and all of them were the medical experts who were attending the conference.

One person was too short, and three people were too long.

Perhaps they had a solution!

Zhong Wen did not dare to leave either.

After all, Mo Chus current situation was not optimistic.

Fortunately, he had left Xie Chunxis contact number on the terminal.

With Xie Chunxis reputation as the only personal disciple of Exalted Su Yuan, he should be able to bring a few people over, right

Without further hesitation, Zhong Wen immediately dialed the terminal.

Half a minute later, seven to eight medical experts followed behind Xie Chunxi and rushed over in a hurry.

“The other medical experts have already rushed to the exchange venue.

Those who are here have come over to help.” Xie Chunxi had also run all the way here, and he was still slightly panting.

“Wheres Mo Chu How is she”

He turned his gaze and quickly saw Mo Chu in the Treatment Device.

Contrary to yesterdays liveliness, Mo Chu was like a listless flower at this moment.

She was barely breathing under the scorching sun, and she was so haggard that he was beyond recognition.

It had only been one night, why did this girl suddenly…

“Is there a problem with this Treatment Device” After looking at it for a long while, Xie Chunxi suddenly asked.

“Impossible.” Zhong Wen had also considered this problem before.

He had even specially checked it.

This Treatment Device was a new model that was produced last year, and there was not the slightest problem.

“We cant let Mo Chu continue burning like this…” Xie Chunxi took a step forward.

When it came to working, the arrogance on his body instantly disappeared and was replaced by a strong sense of professionalism.

“Even a normal person wouldnt be able to withstand such a high temperature, let alone Mo Chu…”

Zhong Wen was also very clear on this point.

“Have any of you guys come up with a medicine to reduce the fever”

Since the Treatment Device was useless, they could only place their hopes on this.

… what

To reduce the fever, a special medicine was needed.

Why not just stay in the Treatment Device for a few minutes

Everyone looked at each other.

They were helpless against Mo Chus situation.

“Wait!” Xie Chunxis eyes suddenly lit up.

“I think I have it here!”

After searching for a while in the terminal, Xie Chunxi quickly took out a box of syringes.

When he met the astonished gazes of the crowd, the little brat could not help but cough a few times and explain softly, “Wasnt I bored at that time I just casually researched it to pass the time.

However, the effect of the antipyretic is especially obvious…”

Indeed, if there was anyone among this group of medical experts who would research antipyretic drugs, it would probably be Xie Chunxi, this strange youth!

“Should we inject it directly into the blood vessels” Before Xie Chunxi could finish his sentence, Zhong Wen took out a syringe from the syringe and looked at him with a questioning tone.

“Yes.” Xie Chunxi nodded.

After getting an affirmative answer, Zhong Wen did not dare to delay any further.

After expelling the air from the syringe, he injected it into Mo Chus blood vessels.

Zhong Wens hands were very steady, but his heart was slightly perturbed.

A few years ago, when he was examining Mo chu, he discovered that there was something strange about her body.

At that time, he did not take it seriously, but now, it seemed that the situation was not that simple.

Otherwise, this lass would not be unable to consume the food of the Federation.

Now, even the Treatment Device was ineffective!

Ten minutes later.

Zhong Wens worry came true as expected — Mo Chus temperature still did not drop.

Xie Chunxi widened his eyes in surprise and muttered in disbelief, “Thats impossible! I clearly tested it before.

No matter how high the temperature is, using this kind of injection will bring down the fever in seven minutes at most.

Why isnt Mo Chu reacting”

Very soon, Mo Chus bodily reactions told them that this kind of injection was not useless…

She began to tremble violently and convulse!

“Ah– Ah–” A low and painful groan kept coming out of Mo Chus mouth.

Her originally red and hot cheeks had turned pale and colorless at this moment, and her brows were tightly knitted together.

Just looking at this painful look made ones heart ache!


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