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Mo Chus handkerchief was about to touch Ning Yiyuans face…

Suddenly, a strong hand reached out and grabbed her wrist.

“This makeup is not bad.

Do you think it looks good” Ning Yiyuans voice sounded in Mo Chus ear.

His tone was as gentle as before, but the content of his words gave her a big fright!

Damn it!

… Did Ning Yiyuan know about this

Mo Chu raised her head to look at him in surprise.

Her expression was still a little lost.

Thats not right.

How did this guy know

“Look over there.” Ning Yiyuan pouted at Mo Chu.

Following the direction that Ning Yiyuan was pointing at, Mo Chu almost burst into tears! What a careless mistake! There was a small mirror on her makeup table!

When Ning Yiyuan woke up, he could see everything clearly!

To think that she was still thinking of ways to get rid of the makeup on his face.

She did not expect Ning Yiyuan to know everything!


It was a mistake, really a mistake!

Mo Chu hit her head in frustration.

If she had known this would happen, she would not have been there to beg for mercy.

There was no need for that at all!

“Enough.” Ning Yiyuan reached out to pinch Mo Chus fair and tender face in amusement.

“Im not angry with you.

Hurry up and wipe this thing off my face.

It feels weird just by looking at it!”

“Yes! Got it!” Mo Chu gave a mischievous military salute before swiftly removing Ning Yiyuans makeup.

After removing the makeup, she used water to pat his face a few times before asking in an attentive manner, “How is it Does it feel nice”

At first, he felt a little strange when he was patted on the face by Little Chus tender hand, but later on, he felt quite nice…

When Mo Chu finally patted his face, Ning Yiyuan chuckled and gave a fair evaluation.

“Your craftsmanship is not bad!”

Of course!

Mo Chu raised her head proudly.

Back then, she had stayed in the beauty salon for more than half a year.

Although it was not a long time, when it came to craftsmanship, she was definitely at the professional level!

“Alright, lets go down.” Ning Yiyuan laughed.

For some reason, when he was with this girl, he felt very happy and relaxed.

“Dont you still want to go shopping”

“Yes, yes.” All women were obsessed with shopping.

When she heard this, Mo Chu immediately nodded excitedly.

Mo Yang was already downstairs.

He did not have Ning Yiyuans cooking skills, but he knew how to be clever.

He took a lot of glutinous rice balls that Mo Chu had prepared previously and placed them all in the terminal.

When he wanted to eat them, he only needed to boil them in hot water and wait for the glutinous rice balls to surface before eating them.

As soon as he saw the two of them go downstairs.

Mo Yang did not say anything, and he deliberately ignored Ning Yiyuan.

He only asked Little Chu, “Do you want to eat glutinous rice balls Ill cook for you!”

“Sure.” Mo Chu did not refuse and agreed with a smile.

Mo Yangs face lit up and he immediately nodded.

“Then wait a moment.

Ill cook it for you right away.

Do you want sesame or brown sugar”

“Half and half.

Eight is enough for me.” Mo Chus appetite was not big, but it was not small either.

She could eat a third of a fist-sized glutinous rice ball.

If her appetite was good, she could eat more than ten, but now, as breakfast, she could not eat too much!

“Okay, no problem.” Mo Yang smiled and agreed.

As for Ning Yiyuan, Mo Chu could only cast ahelpless look at him.

So, this guy could only go and cook breakfast himself.

However, fortunately, his cooking skills were pretty good.

Although he did not have glutinous rice balls, he could easily cook fried rice.

Very soon, Mo Chus glutinous rice ball was ready.

She personally wrapped all of these and mixed the fillings herself.

Regardless of whether it was the sweetness or consistency, it was still considered appropriate.

In fact, Mo Chu preferred eating glutinous rice ball with sesame fillings because the texture was very special.

When she took a bite, it was a little rustling and flowing.

When it was paired with white sugar, it was extremely fragrant!

Although the brown sugar-flavored glutinous rice balls were delicious, one would inevitably feel a little tired after eating too much of them.

However, if there were conditions, she would still prefer to eat them together.

This wasnt related to the texture of the glutinous rice balls, it was just a type of interest.

When you held a piece of glutinous rice ball in your mouth, you could guess or look forward to the taste of the glutinous rice ball.

Once you bit into it, the filling would flow out and the answer would instantly be revealed in your taste buds!

Once one guessed correctly, the sense of accomplishment would be very interesting!

With this thought in mind, Mo Chu quickly finished the entire bowl of glutinous rice balls.

Ning Yiyuan and Mo Yang were both used to eating in the army.

Their eating speed was extremely fast.

Even Ning Yiyuan, who ate faster than Mo Chu, finished eating before her.

“Alright, leave the bowls here.” Mo Chu cooked at home and Mo Yang helped occasionally.

However, the two of them did not like to wash the dishes.

In addition to the chores at home, they bought a housekeeping robot, specially used to do these things.

“Oh right, Brother.” Mo Chu put the bowls and chopsticks into the kitchen.

In a while, the housekeeping robot would come over and clean them.

Then, it would neatly put them in their original positions.

“Ning Yiyuan and I want to take this opportunity to go out and buy some supplies.

Do you want to come along”

Ning Yiyuan glanced at Mo Yang without batting an eyelid.

In his heart, he strongly hoped that he would reject her so that she and Mo Chu could have a date.

Actually, Mo Yang was not really interested in shopping.

Even if he wanted to buy things, he was used to buying them on the Starnet and sending them straight home.

Mo Yang, who was about to decline, immediately changed his mind when he saw Ning Yiyuans gaze.

“Sure, Ill go with you guys!”

This guy did it on purpose! Ning Yiyuan did not doubt it at all!

Mo Yang raised his eyebrows slightly and gestured as if sayingI did it on purpose! Come and hit me if you have the ability!

No matter how unhappy Ning Yiyuan was, their three-person trip was finally established.

There was a large supermarket less than a kilometer in front of them.

It was well-equipped with all sorts of materials, and this was their destination.

The three of them were considered public figures, so they were all dressed up.

Although it was not too exaggerated, as long as they did not get close enough to take a closer look, it was basically impossible to discover their identities.

Thus, the three of them smoothly walked into the supermarket without causing any abnormalities.

From the looks of it, their cross-dressing was very successful.

As the sole commander of this cross-dressing, Mo Chu said, “Well done!”

They must continue to maintain this next time!

The scale of this supermarket was still very large, at least from Mo Chus point of view.

It was divided into six levels, and each level was a separate selling point.

For example, the first level sold food.

Of course, two-thirds of the contents were all bought by Mo Chu.

As for the second floor, it sold clothes.

All kinds of brands, styles, and prices could be found.

In turn, the third floor sold furniture, the fourth floor sold electronic machines, and the fifth floor sold…

“Lets go to the first floor first.” Mo Chu took a small cart next to him and took the number plate on it.

There was no need to push this cart.

The magnetic induction system on it would allow it to move along with the number plate.

Moreover, it was equipped with a special induction system.

Once it shot at people or other carts, it would automatically avoid them, its sensitivity was very high.

The moment she stepped into the first floor, Mo Chu smelled a thick fragrance.

Her entire body seemed to be tightly wrapped by the fragrance of food.

She could not even take a step forward.

In front of Mo Chu and the others, a sales hall appeared to be very polarized.

On one side, there were only a few people.

On the other side, there was a long line.

… Huh

Mo Chu curiously walked closer to take a look.

In the end, he was surprised to find that the items on both sides were exactly the same, and even the price was not the slightest bit different.

However, the results of this sale were like heaven and earth.

Mo Chu silently watched from the side for a long while, and very quickly, she figured out the reason behind it.

Although the items on both sides were indeed the same, there was one thing that was completely opposite!

It was an intangible asset — service attitude!

Thats right.

The service staff on one side had a cold attitude, and the customers were indifferent when they asked questions.

Under such circumstances, the sales were naturally bleak.

On the other side, the service staff had a smile on their face, and they were warm and cheerful, business was naturally much better.

The two sides had formed a clear contrast!

To put it bluntly, under the circumstances where there was a choice, everyone was willing to choose a high-quality service.

After all, no one was willing to look at the cold face and white eyes of others.

The sales results before their eyes were the best proof!

As long as it was not an urgent matter, everyone would rather wait in line for a longer period of time just to enjoy a better service environment.

In fact, this point had already been noticed and emphasized since the 21st century! There were even quite a number of well-known enterprises that started off with the wordsHigh-quality service before occupying the market and becoming the overlord of an industry.

Mo Chu had never noticed before that the Federation was clueless in this aspect! It was uncharted territory!

All in all, the Federation was lacking quite a lot in the aspect ofhumanities.

Sometimes, not only did they not improve, they even regressed!

It was just like how most of the manufacturers in the federation were currently only paying attention to the efficiency of their products and had yet to discover the field ofservices.

However, this allowed her to gain an advantage… Thinking of this, Mo Chu could not help but chuckle to herself.

However, the moment she turned this corner and walked to a place that specialized in selling Spirit Food pastries, she was unable to laugh!

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