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Its none of your business!

Ning Yiyuan glared at Zuo Lin and could not help but mutter in his heart,Why does this guy always become smart when he shouldnt be

Seeing this, what did the two of them not understand They could not help but look at each other.

It seemed that their boss had always been a vegetarian!

“That.” Zuo Lin cleared his throat and glanced at Ning Yiyuans lower body.

He said vaguely, “Boss, this kind of thing… Its not good to avoid medical treatment!”

After getting married and having the ointment, everything was ready!

In the end, Boss still could not eat meat.

Obviously, it was his own problem! Although he did not dare to believe it, it seemed that this was the only truth.


Hearing this, Zhong Wen, who was drinking water with his head raised, spat it out.

He stared at Zuo Lin with a surprised face.

He felt a thousand curses running through his heart… Zuo Lin was crazy, right He actually dared to say such a thing

When he raised his head again, as expected, Bosss face instantly darkened!

“What did you say just now” Ning Yiyuans words seemed to be squeezed out of his throat.

As long as he was a man, he will not stand for this kind of suspicion.

“Its your body…” Before Zuo Lin could finish his words, Zhong Wen stopped him and smiled at Ning Yiyuan ingratiatingly.

“Boss, this guy hasnt been released for a long time, so its inevitable that hes a little excited.

Dont worry about him.”

Then, Zhong Wen directly ignored Zuo Lins struggle and dragged him back…

The journey was safe.

As long as they passed the last reception station, they could smoothly reach the territory of the Dark Ocean Galaxy.

In the reception station, they could take a short break to replenish their food and water.

They could also take the opportunity to visit and buy the unique products of Dark Ocean Galaxy.

This was similar to the 21st centurys scenic area.

“Do you want to go out and take a look”

Feeling the change in speed, Exalted Chen Bai asked gently, “This should be your first time coming to this kind of reception station, right”

“Yes.” Mo Chu smiled and nodded.

“Its my first time seeing it.”

Before this, they had almost all taken civilian starships, and they had not taken this route, so naturally, they had not seen it before.

However, Mo Chu was not too curious.

After all, through the window, she could see the appearance of the reception station outside.

If the reception station was the initial impression of a galaxy, then Dark Ocean Galaxy would at least be able to score nine points!

With just a slight glance, one could see the fully mechanized operation of the equipment inside.

The personnel were even more neat and efficient.

They were utilized to the greatest extent from all aspects, and it was very fitting for Dark Ocean Galaxys overall style.

“Awoo awoo!” On the other hand, when Roundy saw the unfamiliar scene outside, it jumped excitedly in Mo Chus embrace.

Its claws slammed on the table.

I want to go, lets go out and take a look together!

“Wait…” Mo Chu was about to comfort the little guy when the ship suddenly shook!

Roundy even flipped over in her arms! The beast was stunned!

… What happened It had clearly restrained its strength just now.

Why did it still shake the ship

“Watch out!” The few security guards who were close to her reacted quickly.

They immediately approached her and Exalted Chen Bai.

They looked around cautiously and did not dare to relax at all.

A few minutes later, after checking, everyone felt that the ship had malfunctioned and that it was not a surprise attack.

Only then did they let down their guard…

“Now, please send out a group of workers from the ship to check if the equipment is normal and what caused the abnormal vibration just now” Zhong Wens calm voice rang out on the ship and quickly calmed everyones emotions.

A group of workers on the ship immediately took action.

Those checking the wings walked to the front while those checking the equipment in the center walked to the back.

“Come, please move aside.”

Mo Chu and the others were behind the central operation section, so they naturally needed to be inspected.

Two or three workers strode towards them with serious expressions.

They were even pushing a small cart with some professional cabin inspection equipment on it.

Ten minutes later.

The problem of the ships malfunction was resolved, and they successfully landed at the reception station.

Many people took this opportunity to go down and have a good rest.

Although the ships speed was very stable, and the various facilities inside were also very comfortable, there was always a sense of steadiness.

In the end, Mo Chu could not stand Roundys ruckus, and she carried it out for a stroll.

You really had to say, this small reception station really had a lot of treasures inside!

At least Mo Chu had found a lot of special magical plants and magical beasts.

All of them were lifelike, as if they were real.

Happily playing with hertrophies, Mo Chu carried Roundy back to the ship.

However, she had not rested for long when she suddenly exclaimed, “Oh my God! A pot of normal plants is missing!”


In an instant, everyones expression changed drastically!

They had brought a total of seven normal plants this time just in case.

However, they did not expect to lose a pot before they even reached the territory of the Dark Ocean Galaxy!

Ning Yiyuan stood in the control center and frowned.

“Whats going on Werent there surveillance cameras all along Why is there suddenly one pot missing”

The staff member in charge of the surveillance camera gulped.

He looked shocked and scared.

“I… I was watching the whole time.

In the blink of an eye, there was suddenly a pot missing.

I dont know whats going on!”

“How is that possible” Zuo Lin retorted directly, “All the normal plants are installed in the S-class ship.

Theres a fingerprint lock and an alarm system specially installed on it.

Even if someone really went in and took a pot, they wouldnt be able to do all these things in one second!”

The staff shook his head vigorously.

“Im not lying to you.

Ive been watching the surveillance camera! It only took a blink of an eye, and then it was gone…”

Actually, he was still very upset!

After all, those who could be sent into this starship were all outstanding in various fields.

However, he did not expect that there would be such a slip-up!

“Let me take a look.” Zuo Lin went over and opened the surveillance record.

After looking through it carefully, his expression suddenly became serious.

“… this is a premeditated operation!”

“What do you mean” Ning Yiyuan raised his head to look at Zuo Lin and asked in a deep voice.

“Boss, look.” Zuo Lin stopped the video in one of the frames.

“This frame is slightly different from the previous one, but its very realistic.

If you dont zoom in carefully, you wont be able to see the difference.”

“Someone deliberately used this technology to hack into our surveillance system and simulate a normal situation.

In fact, in private, theyve already replaced our plants.”

Such a deliberate action… It was clearly premeditated!

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