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The rest of the journey was considered to be a successful one.

With Ning Yiyuan taking charge, in less than half a month, they had safely sent the remaining few pots of normal plants to the various star systems, successfully completing the objective of this trip.

In the end, they had just stepped into the territory of the Federation when they received a piece of bad news — Mo Yang had been injured while on a mission!

… What!

Upon hearing these words coming out of Ning Yiyuans mouth, Mo Chus originally pink and tender face instantly turned deathly pale.

She tightly gripped his arm and asked repeatedly, “Hows my brother Will he be alright”

“Dont be anxious.

Perhaps Mo Yangs condition isnt as bad as we thought.” Ning Yiyuan had just received the news and did not know much about the specific situation.

As such, he could only comfort Mo Chu while speeding up the return journey…

At this moment, the atmosphere in District 12 medical center was tense and solemn.

“Hurry up! Send the artificial blood plasma over!”

In the operating room, Shen Yi had a handsome face.

He was holding a precise medical instrument in his hand as he was performing surgery on Mo Yang.

Large drops of sweat appeared on his forehead.

Before they could drip down, they were absorbed by the sterile equipment on his body…


“Suture needle!”

“Light detector!”

One by one, specialized terms sounded in the silent operating room, but they did not disturb Shen Yi, who was concentrating.

Looking at the body covered in wounds on the operating table, Shen Yi did not dare to relax at all.

He could only bury his head in the treatment of the injuries.

He had not expected that the seriously ill patient who was suddenly sent here today would be Mo Yang!

Before Shen Yi could ask any questions, Mo Yangs injury was so serious that it could not be delayed!

After a simple examination, it was found that Mo Yangs upper abdomen and thigh were hit by the energy gun.

There was even an artery that was grazed, causing acute blood loss.

The green military uniform that he was wearing at that time was almost dyed red by his own blood!

No matter how experienced Shen Yi was, he was still shocked by Mo Yangs condition!

He was immediately sent to the operating room for emergency surgery.

To put it bluntly, this was the time to seize every second.

Every fluctuation of Mo Yangs breath and every pulse was a battle with the Grim Reaper!

The power of the energy gun was extremely great, and this was known to all.

SK-1 was the weapon that injured Mo Yang.

It was the best among them.

Its biggest characteristic was that it had a strong follow-up corrosion effect! Originally, the part hit by the energy gun was only the size of a fingernail.

However, at this moment, the corrosion wound in Mo Yangs body had expanded to the size of a fist!

This speed could only be described as shocking!

In order to prevent infection, Shen Yi decisively cut off the corroded part of Mo Yangs body, especially the badly injured blood vessels.

As they were completely unable to be used, Shen Yi could only replace them with fake blood vessels…

Every step was very precise and precise.

He did not dare to miss a single step, let alone make any mistakes.

It took more than five hours for Shen Yi to temporarily stabilize Mo Yangs condition so that he could carry out the next step of examination and treatment.

Meanwhile, Mo Chu and the others had already arrived at the medical center and were anxiously waiting outside the operating room.

“Whats taking them so long Why arent they coming out yet”

Mo Chus heart felt like it was being poured with hot oil.

It was boiling hot and torturous, and she could not go back to her usual calm personality.

She walked around the corridor again and again, and several times, she almost bumped into the equipment at the corner.

“Alright, sit down and wait.”

Seeing this, Ning Yiyuan frowned slightly.

He forcefully pulled Mo Chus little hand and pulled her to sit down on the stool beside him, quietly accompanying her.

Even so, Mo Chus face was still pale.

Her eyes were fixed on the operating room.

Her hands were frighteningly cold, like ice cubes that had all their blood taken away.

Seeing this, Ning Yiyuan sighed softly and comforted her, “Little Chu, dont worry.

Shen Yis medical skills are ranked among the best in the entire federation.

With him around, Mo Yang will definitely not have too much of a problem.”

“Really” At this moment, Mo Chu was in a daze.

After waiting outside the operating room for so long, the longer she waited, the more anxious she became.

At the same time, all sorts of unfortunate speculations began to surface in her mind… What if Big Brothers injuries were too severe… What if Shen Yi couldnt deal with his situation…

All sorts of possibilities stacked together almost caused Mo Chu to collapse!

In the 21st century, she was an orphan and had always been alone.

It was fine if she had never experienced the feeling of familial love.

But now, she finally had a biological brother and had a precious familial love.

How could she just watch it disappear before her eyes

As soon as she heard the news of Mo Yangs accident, she was a little obsessed.

When she heard Ning Yiyuans words, it was as if she had suddenly seen an arm that was trying to save someone when she was drowning.

She refused to let go no matter what.

“Yes.” Ning Yiyuan nodded affirmatively.

Even Zuo Lin chimed in, “Little Chu, dont be anxious.

Zhong Wen is here too, right This guy is one of the best in surgery.

With him and Shen Yi around, nothing will happen to Mo Yang.”

Thats right! Theres still Zhong Wen!

After hearing this, Mo Chus tensed nerves finally relaxed a little.

Seeing this, Ning Yiyuan quickly gave Zuo Lin a look.

Zuo Lin immediately took out the Spirit Food that she had prepared earlier from the terminal and handed it to the Boss.

“Little Chu, come, eat something to cushion it!”

Ning Yiyuan handed the still warm spirit food to her and gently advised her.

It had been almost eight hours since Mo Chu found out about Mo Yangs accident.

Mo Chu was so anxious that she did not eat anything.

If this continued, how could she endure it

Feeling the warmth of the Spirit Food in his hand, Mo Chu could not help but feel warm in his heart.

She turned her head to look at Ning Yiyuan.

However, when she thought about Mo Yang who was still lying in the operating room and his life was unknown, she did not have the appetite at all.

“You guys eat.” Mo Chu shook her head slightly and stuffed the Spirit Food into Ning Yiyuans hand.

“I really cant eat right now…”

“I dont know how long it will take for the surgery to end!” Interrupting Mo Chus words, Ning Yiyuans expression became a few degrees more serious, “Do you really want to endure it like this forever Then, when Mo Yang wakes up, your own body will also collapse.

When that time comes, how will you take care of him”

Ning Yiyuans last few words directly hit Mo Chus heart.

She lowered her head and thought for a moment.

In the end, she took the Spirit Food from Ning Yiyuans hand and used her chopsticks to pick up a big handful and feed it to her mouth, then, she forcefully swallowed it down.

The Spirit Food that she used to think was incomparably delicious tasted like wax now…

Seeing that Little Chu was no longer stubborn and obediently ate the food, Ning Yiyuan finally heaved a sigh of relief.

He also turned around and swallowed a nutrition capsule.

Eating took too much time.

He still had a lot of things to deal with in time!

After glancing at Mo Chu, Ning Yiyuan stood up and walked to the corner.

Zuo Lin understood and took a step forward to accompany Mo Chu.

Ning Yiyuan was the Commander-in-chief of the Military District.

Although Mo Yangs mission was not directly under his jurisdiction, he still needed to understand the situation as soon as possible after such a serious accident and give instructions in time.

Ten minutes later.

Through a few video calls with his subordinates, Ning Yiyuan finally understood the entire process of the incident.

Mo Yang had always performed extremely well in the military.

Although he had only joined the military for a little over ten years, both his individual qualities and his collective cooperation were outstanding.

It was because of this that he was chosen to be the team leader of this riot control special task force.

Speaking of which, the interior of the Federation could not be considered stable.

Many separatists and rioters would take the opportunity to stir up trouble, wanting to stir up trouble.

Under the surface calm, there was always an undercurrent… and it was because of soldiers like Mo Yang who were fighting and bleeding that the Federation was able to ensure its normal operation!

The situation involved in this operation was already very complicated.

Just the preparation work alone had been done for nearly a year.

In the end, due to a wrong collection of information in the early stages, the final operation of Mo Yang and the others was on the verge of crisis, and they almost let these rioters go!

Once they let the tiger return to the mountain, their next riot operation would very likely hurt innocent people…

And at the most critical moment, Mo Yang stepped forward and crushed the other partys thoughts of taking advantage of the chaos to leave.

He mobilized additional members in time to uproot this group of rioters and catch them all in one fell swoop!

As the main force, he naturally suffered from the other partys fierce attacks.

That was why he was immediately sent to District 12s nearest medical center the moment the flames of war ended.

As for the other team members, although they were also injured, most of their injuries were not serious.

They could recover after staying in the treatment equipment for a few days…

After pondering for a moment and making the corresponding instructions and orders, Ning Yiyuan turned around and walked back.

Just then, there was awhoosh sound, and the door of the operation room was suddenly pushed open!

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