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One bite, two bites… Alright, one more!

In just a minute or two, the fried onion rings on the plate had been mostly eaten by Roundy.

The expression on its small face was rippling, and its eyes were smiling into the shape of crescent moons.

… Ow ow ow! This taste is really too good!

Looking at Roundy burying its head in eating, Mo Chu curled the corners of her mouth…

Thats right!

Her eyes widened as Mo Chu suddenly remembered what she felt was wrong!

The last few times when she came back, that group of Blood Luminescent Beasts would appear like a tidal wave.

Why did they not appear now

After pondering for a moment, Mo Chu quickly locked her eyes on the little fella in front of her.

She narrowed his eyes and asked, “Roundy, where are your little companions”

Hearing this, Roundy, who had been working hard, suddenly froze!

After being silent for a while, it raised her head pitifully and secretly looked at Mo Chus expression.

Its little appearance was so adorable…

However, when she saw that Mo Chu was unmoved, Roundy could not help but shrink her chubby body.

Her short legs quietly took a few steps back, trying to dodge first…

However… Mo Chus eyebrows could not help but twitch a few times.

If you want to quietly leave, can you put down the plate on your claws first This target is too obvious, okay

“Roundy…” Mo Chus voice sank a few degrees, and there was a hint of warning in her tone.

Actually, it was not that she was reluctant to part with the group of Blood Luminescent Beasts from before.

It was mainly because she did not like Roundys way of doing things.

To bring this group of Blood Luminescent Beasts here without saying a word and chase them away without saying a word, was this not too much of a turn a blind eye to them.

Seeing that Mo Chu was not too happy, the little fellow immediately returned to its original position alertly, putting on an obedient and remorseful look.

“Ao ao –” At this moment, this little fellow was even complaining!

They did not respect me at all and even bullied me by relying on their advantage in numbers.

The most important thing was that they actually snatched food from my mouth!

Hmph! To be able to keep them until now, it was already very loyal, alright

As expected… Mo Chu could not help but touch her forehead.

This guys main focus was still on eating!

However, looking at it from another angle, this at least showed that normal plants were indeed very effective in suppressing the Illusion Tree.

Otherwise, Roundy would not have done this.

“Who helped you” Mo Chu raised her eyebrows slightly, but the expression on her face had already relaxed a lot.

One had to know that Roundy was like a person who had cultivated very well.

Very soon, he noticed the change in Mo Chus attitude.

His originally perturbed look was immediately put away.

“Oh, oh, its that stupid big guy.”

Oh… When he heard this, Mo Chu immediately reacted.

So it was Qin Yue who had been captured!

Poor, innocent Qin Yue was being called stupid again!

On the other side.

Ning Yiyuan diddid not nt stay idle either.

As soon as he returned, he went straight to the headquarters and processed all the documents that had been delayed previously.

Not long after, Zuo Lin and Zhong Wen walked in.

The cheeky look on their faces immediately disappeared the moment the door closed, and they returned to their serious expressions.

“Did you find it” Ning Yiyuan put down the document in his hand and leaned back in his chair.

“Yes!” Zuo Lin nodded and clenched his fists.

He looked angry.

“The Song Family must be behind this!”

The Song Family!

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan straightened his back and frowned.

He had thought that a few people in the army were involved in this matter, but he did not expect that the Song Family was behind it!

“How did they find out”

“At that time, we traced the weapons of the insurgents.” Because each weapon had a different batch number, it was very convenient for them to track it down.

However, the other partys actions were very secretive, they also spent a lot of effort.

“In the end, it was traced to a subordinate military officer.”

Zuo Lin then added, “At that time, I hacked into his personal terminal and discovered that he had a very large financial gap.

However, the money was quickly replenished.

This just so happened to be linked to his profiteering in weapons trading.”

“Then how did you find out about the Song Family”

“At first, we thought it was his personal behavior.” At the mention of this, Zuo Lin could not help but sigh at his own wit.

Tsk tsk! Nowadays, it was rare to see someone as handsome and intelligent as him!

“But later, I paid extra attention and read all his documents.

In the end, I found that he had a highly encrypted communication interface!”

When he heard this, Zhong Wen could not help but roll his eyes… What the f*ck You call this intelligence It was clearly this guy who had itchy hands, okay Once he hacked into someone elses account, he could not help but browse through the other persons information.

Now, he was shamelessly bragging!

Zuo Lin, who was actively showing off his intelligence, did not notice Zhong Wens expression at all.

He continued to speak excitedly, “Look! This is clearly suspicious!”

“Then, I followed that contact number and looked it up.

Boss, you dont know.

That contact number has three firewalls, and its time-limited.

Fortunately, Im very capable.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have been able to find their conversation records within the stipulated time!” Zuo Lin could not help but boast about himself again.

“So… that contact number is from the Song Family “Ning Yiyuans right hand was unconsciously turning the pen.

His slender fingers were agile, and one could only see the flickering shadows of the pen with the naked eye.

“Not on the surface!” Zhong Wen sneered, “They are well-prepared.

Even the contact information is in code! After they were found out, they contacted the Song Family!”

This series of process was easy for Zuo Lin and the others, but it would take a lot of effort to investigate it!

If they did not have enough connections, they probably would not be able to find out the secret.

“Alright, you guys have worked hard.” Ning Yiyuan nodded slightly.

“You guys stay put on this matter for now.

Leave the rest to me.”

“Yes! “The two of them nodded.

They were quite convinced of their Bosss strength.

After they left, Ning Yiyuan began to think about this matter silently.

In the military world, the Ning Family had always been the pillar of support, and the Song Family had been slowly climbing up the ranks in the past few years.

Previously, during the important military exercises with Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, hadnt they succeeded in squeezing people in as commanders

However, they had previously believed that this was because the Song Family had accepted the remaining power of the Qiao Family.

Now, it seemed that this was not the only reason!

To dare to use the interests of the Federation and the lives of innocent people as stepping stones, one had to have the courage to accept the consequences! Thinking of this, Ning Yiyuans eyes instantly darkened!

However, this matter involved too much, and it was crucial to treat this seriously and carefully.

Perhaps, before he had even started his official operation, someone on the other side had already received the news, and even the evidence could be destroyed!

Therefore, he had to carefully consider and make all the necessary preparations!

After pondering until late into the night, Ning Yiyuan stood up and walked towards the Mo Family.

With practiced movements, he reached Little Chus room.

Although the door was already locked, to him, this was just a small case, alright

In less than a few seconds, he successfully opened the door.

On the big bed, Little Chu was already fast asleep.

Her little face was red and tender, as if it was glowing.

It made people want to pounce on her and take a bite so that they could test out that smooth and tender feeling.

Her little mouth was slightly open, and she was breathing evenly… Her appearance was simply adorable to the point of exploding!

Ning Yiyuan stood at the side and stared at Little Chus appearance.

His eyes could not help but soften, and the fatigue all over his body instantly disappeared!

He did not have the heart to disturb Mo Chu, so he slept on the small sofa beside her.

Therefore, when Mo Chu woke up the next day, she saw a man lying on the sofa when he opened his eyes.

What the f*ck! She was almost shocked!

By the time he reacted, Ning Yiyuan had already climbed onto her bed!

Ning Yiyuan was so alert!

Mo Chu made a slight movement, and he instantly woke up.

This was also the vigilance that was developed from years of military life.

“Have you slept well” Ning Yiyuan gently smiled and rubbed Little Chus head.

His voice was gentle.

“Yes.” Mo Chu casually replied, not aware of the situation that followed.

“Thats good!” Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan smiled with satisfaction, and his eyes deepened slightly

Then, under the circumstances that Mo Chu did not expect at all, he pounced on her! There was an extremely enthusiasticmorning exercise…

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