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Early the next morning, the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy galaxy was in an uproar!


It turned out that for some unknown reason, a large number of patients had suddenly entered the usually quiet and quiet medical center.

Moreover, all of them were still weak and their faces were pale!

Looking at the surging situation, it was really shocking!

After a careful examination, the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy medical experts hearts could not help but thump!

The symptoms of this large group of patients were almost the same.

This… could it be that a large-scale infectious disease had appeared

At the thought of this, everyone could not help but look at each other.

They felt guilty.

How could they dare to hide it They quickly reported it to the government.

When Wisdom Cloud Galaxys higher-ups heard this, they could not help but be shocked!

If a large-scale infectious disease had really appeared, it would be serious!

Thinking back to a hundred years ago, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy had also experienced this once.

At that time, it had caused a great panic.

The disease was rampant and peoples hearts were shaken.

The entire galaxy had fallen into chaos.

In the end, it had taken many years to settle this matter!

Not to mention now, they had not even settled the matter of the Illusion Tree! How could they withstand such a blow

The Wisdom Cloud Galaxy government did not dare to relax.

The higher-ups immediately gave the order to mobilize.

First, they activated the level-three alert, and then they gave the medical centers experts a death mission.

They wanted them to figure out the situation of the disease as soon as possible and come up with a solution! They still had to appease the people.

They were extremely busy!

This caused the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy medical experts to worry!

Tell me, this isnt like making a nutrition capsule.

With the established steps and materials, we just have to follow the steps!

Although most of the patientsconditions were similar, just collecting the data would require a huge amount of effort!

Not to mention that they still had to carry out data analysis and cell tests… Which one did not require time

But since the higher-ups had given the order, how could they dare to go against it Besides, if this was really an infectious disease, the first ones to suffer would be the medical staff!

They had no choice but to continue working hard!

In less than half a day, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys high-ranking officials, who were originally jubilant, instantly fell to the bottom of the valley.

Their faces were covered in dust!

Dark clouds shrouded the area for a few days…

Not only did the patients in the medical center not improve, they even increased by several times! The place was completely blocked and filled with people!

The people below were not stupid.

After seeing this situation, how could they not understand Even if the Federation government tried their best to conceal it, it was useless!

In an instant, the price of goods increased by several times! The price of medical devices was frighteningly high!

Even though the officials had emphasized that medical devices were not of any real help to the emergency this time and that things would soon calm down, they still could not suppress the panic in everyones hearts!

The various government office buildings were also in a state of chaos!

“Director Zhang, this is bad! The price of goods has been fluctuating for the past two days.

According to the latest statistics, the price has already tripled! If we dont control it, it will be very easy for the economy to turn around!”

“Director Li, I just received a notice saying that a group of people are rioting outside, and the momentum is getting bigger and bigger! They are gradually approaching our office building! Should we arrange for force control”

“Director Lan, this is bad! Our previous defense system has been compromised.

The data of those patients are now publicly released on the Internet! It has caused a great panic among the people!”

One bad news after another entered their ears.

For a moment, the higher-ups of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy were so angry that their hearts, lungs, and kidneys were hurting!

Fortunately, just as they were in a state of anxiety, a piece of good news finally came out.

After these few days of non-stop research by medical experts, they had preliminarily concluded that these patients were not infected with some unknown infectious disease, but were very likely to have been infected with some kind of poison!

As for the specific poison and the cause of the infection, they still needed to conduct further research before they could confirm it and then come up with a solution.

Upon hearing this, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys higher-ups finally heaved a sigh of relief… Fortunately, fortunately, it was not some infectious disease!

At once, the government released this news and finally stabilized the peoples hearts for the time being.

However, there was still a small group of people who were still restless.

After all, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys initial act of hiding, had already cast a shadow over their credibility…

However, compared to the initial situation, this was already much better!

Unexpectedly, not long after, the medical centers examination results came out, and Wisdom Cloud Galaxys higher-ups were furious!

“What did you say!” Director Lan, who was secretly in charge of this Spirit Food counterfeit, was stunned and widened his eyes in disbelief!

“Thats what the medical center said…” The staff member in front of him could not help but lower his head, and his voice became lower and lower.

“They said that according to the results of the investigation, nearly 90 percent of the patients… consumed our Spirit Food, and thats why they were poisoned!”

In other words, a large number of patients in the medical center were poisoned because of their Spirit Food!

“How is this possible” Although this was the second time he had heard this, Director Lan still could not control his shock and anger! The big palm slapped the table hard, making a loud sound that shook the sky.

“How could there be a problem with our Spirit Food”

They had obviously followed Mo Chus method! How could there still be such a big mistake

“Could it be that someone secretly cut corners” Director Lans expression turned serious as he narrowed his eyes and asked in a low voice.

One had to know that the Wu Family was the boss of this business on the surface, and he was also the one who provided the manpower and tools to make the Spirit Food.

Perhaps he had taken a fancy to the profiteering and wanted to play dirty tricks, which resulted in the current consequences

“It should be impossible!” The subordinate staff shook his head slightly, not agreeing with this idea.

In order to ensure safety, their people would go to patrol almost every day, and the workshop was also equipped with cameras.

It was impossible for the Wu Family to cheat.

“Since its not this problem,” Director Lan frowned and said, “then what else could it be”

Director Lan probably did not expect that Mo Chu still had a trick up his sleeve in the production of the Spirit Food, just in case!

He did not expect that it would really work at this moment!

Wisdom Cloud Galaxys commotion was so big that the other galaxies heard a little bit about it.

When they learned the inside story, they could not help but gloat!

Oh my, what the heck!

Out of vanity, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy claimed to be smart, but unexpectedly, they actually dug a hole and buried themselves! This act of courting death was simply brilliant!

Especially on the Federations side, they were delighted!

You try to take advantage of us, and now youve shot yourself in the foot Let me tell you, these three words — serves you right!

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