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Wisdom Cloud Galaxy had previously used the low price strategy and suppressed Mo Chu in an invisible manner, causing her business to plummet.

Then, almost 90 percent of Wisdom Cloud Galaxys citizens bought Spirit Food produced by the Wu Family.

Unexpectedly, the moment they bought it, something happened! This large wave of citizens were all sent to the medical center!

As long as they thought of this matter, they nearly vomited blood!

“… Are those pastries still on sale” Director Lan suddenly asked in a deep voice after a moment of silence.

“Yes.” The staff member nodded.

“The results of the examination have just come out.

We havent had the time to take action yet.”

“Let them find a good reason to take back the pastries as soon as possible!” Director Lan rubbed his fingers and said in a deep voice, “We absolutely can not let the public know that they are sick because of this! Do you understand”

“Yes!” Not daring to stare into director Lans deep eyes again, the staff member lowered his head slightly and agreed.

Then, he immediately turned around and walked out of the door, taking action…

Wisdom Cloud Galaxys side was quite wishful thinking, but could the other galaxies watch them escape just like that It was not easy to catch them with such a weakness.

If they did not make good use of it, would they not be letting themselves down

No one knew who was involved, but gradually, rumors began to spread among the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy people…

The reason for their large-scale outbreak was that the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy government had encroached on Mo Chus Spirit Food, but they did not understand the scene and rationale behind it.

As a result, something went wrong.

Once a person ate it, something would go wrong!

In the beginning, everyone was still disdainful of this statement.

One had to know that the business of the Wu Family was secretly supported by the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy government.

Could it be that they had cheated their own people

Even if they wanted to sow discord between them, they had to find an excuse that was easy to believe!

In the end, this kind of talk became more and more popular.

Moreover, it was said that there were people with noses and eyes.

There were always a few people who could not help but have some doubts in their hearts.

Just like that, someone fed the Spirit Food he bought previously to his familys pet.

He originally wanted to use this method to curb this absurd rumor.

Unexpectedly, a few days later, the pet that was originally fine also showed the same symptoms!

Holy sh*t!

This person was so scared that he immediately threw all the Spirit Food out of the house!

His heart trembled.

Holy sh*t! There was really something wrong with the low-priced Spirit Food they bought from the Wu Family!

Not long after, the news spread like wildfire…

Everyone did not believe it at first, but with such a live example, they could not help but feel puzzled… Could it be that this news was true

It just so happened that at this moment, the Wu Family had also received the news, and they were extremely anxious!

They never expected that the golden egg laying chicken that they had been holding in their hands before would turn into a hot potato in the blink of an eye!

Moreover, more importantly, the higher-ups even asked them to find an excuse to take back all the Spirit Food that had already been produced.

This was admitting it without beating themselves up, right

But the problem was… would they dare to not do as they were told

If they did not take back the Spirit Food, what if someone else bought it and ate it before something happened

To say the least, as long as this Spirit Food was sold, it would be clear evidence!

In fact, at the beginning, the Wu Family had thought of using Mo Chus Spirit Food to replace their products.

As long as they changed the situation a little, at least the current crisis could be considered to be over.

As for the citizens who had been poisoned by the Spirit Food, they would be able to find an excuse to deceive them! What a simple matter!

Hence, they had secretly sent people to wantonly purchase Mo Chus Spirit Food.

However, it was only at this moment that they realized that Mo Chu had already transported all the excess pastries back to the Federation! There was not a single bit left for them!

Despite their anxiety, they even felt their hearts tremble slightly.

Could it be that Mo Chu had already anticipated such a situation and had made preparations in advance

The more they thought about it, the more fearful they became.

However, they could not ignore the matter in front of them!

Since they could not obtain Mo Chus Spirit Food, they could only look at other galaxies.

However, the problem was that other galaxies could not possibly provide so many Spirit Food at once!

In the end, they really had no other choice.

They could only endure this tense situation and find a reasonable excuse to remove all the products from the shelves.

However, the citizens of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy were not fools.

How could they be fooled by them

With these few things combined, how could they not understand

There were even some people who refused to give up.

They specially took the excess Spirit Food from before and went to other places for safety tests.

In the end, there was indeed poison in it!

Once this news was spread, the citizens of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy instantly went into an uproar! Their hearts were raging!

Tell me, what was all this about

Previously, they had eaten Mo Chus Spirit Food for so long and nothing happened! But now

Wisdom Cloud Galaxys own Spirit Food had actually made such a big mistake, resulting in so many people being sent to the medical center.

This was a huge joke!

Wisdom Cloud Galaxys higher-ups were also very vexed!

The truth that they had tried so hard to hide was actually exposed so easily.

It was simply a slap in the face!

The anger of the people grew stronger and stronger.

In the end, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy could only step forward and apologize publicly.

The Wu Family became the obvious scapegoat and took the blame for the whole incident..

Listening to Elder Nings live broadcast of the situation on Wisdom Cloud Galaxys side, Mo Chu could not help but chuckle.


You still want to take advantage of me Dream on! This was a classic case of trying to steal a chicken but losing the rice!

“Little girl, did you expect this situation long ago” Knowing that Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was in a difficult situation, Elder Ning was so happy that his face was full of wrinkles, but he could not help but ask Mo Chu curiously.

“Yes.” Mo Chu nodded and revealed the secret, “In fact, the production process of this Spirit Food pastry is indeed very easy, but when processing the ingredients, you need to pay special attention to the concentration of the fog.

Otherwise, its very easy to not clean up the poison inside.”

“Our current machine has a stability duration of about two weeks,” Mo Chu continued to explain, “So, every two weeks, there will be a special person to adjust the concentration of the fog, and this person is guaranteed to be one of our own! And this process is also very secretive, it will definitely not be discovered by others!”

“So, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys side proudly thought that they had mastered the production technology of the Spirit Food, but they didnt expect that there would be such a thing!” Hearing this, Elder Ning clapped his hands and praise Mo Chu.

“Not bad, this move is simply brilliant!”

Even Ning Yiyuan, who was at the side, could not help but gently rub her head.

His eyes were filled with pride — did you see that My wife is just that amazing!

Roundy directly used its claws to cover its eyes.

Tsk tsk, just look at this foolish humans appearance.

I really cant look at it anymore…

Wisdom Cloud Galaxys side was in deep trouble, and through this matter, the people on the Federations side who were planning to attack Mo Chu also started to restrain themselves.

Oh my, no wonder Mo Chu did not make a move earlier!

They were originally a little puzzled, thinking that this little girl would not be scared silly by Wisdom Cloud Galaxys lineup, right But now that they looked at it once more, it was clear that she had a plan in mind!

Tsk tsk, this little wife of Mo Chus was not as weak as she looked! If she were to casually go up against her, not to mention taking advantage of her, she might even stab herself until her head was bleeding!

The citizens of the Federation were naturally slower than Elder Ning and the others when they heard the news.

However, this could not stop the joy that was rising in their hearts!

Oh my, this was really satisfying! The situation had turned out to be too wonderful!

“Look, Lucky Star is really lucky! It has only been a short while, and everything has been settled.

Its just like a disaster!”

“Thats right, they cant help but admit defeat!”

“Haha, I laugh when I think of the Wisdom CLoud Galaxy governments sullen look!”

“Such a wonderful thing is worth eating another plate of crayfish! Lets go, lets go to the Spirit Food Shop!”

“Hold your horses, Im a loyal fan of spicy crayfish too! The taste of the fresh, spicy, and spicy food, Emma, after eating it once, is simply unforgettable!”

“Well, personally, I prefer stewed chicken soup.

Its fragrant and mellow…”

At first, everyone was still talking about Wisdom Cloud Galaxy!

But for some reason, the story gradually became crooked, and it was quite crooked.

It became a personal exhibition of food preferences…

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