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As soon as the call was connected, a barrage of curses could be heard!

“Ning Yiyuan, have you been too self-righteous recently You even dared to investigate the military without permission.

Who gave you the right”

“Are you trying to quit If you dont want to be Commander anymore, just say it! Dont forget that just because of this matter, youll be punished a lot!”

Ning Yiyuan pursed his lips and did not speak..

Song Tiancheng, who was beside him, could not help but curl the corners of his lips.

Seeing Ning Yiyuan being scolded so badly, he finally vented a lot of the pent-up anger in his heart..

“Ning Yiyuan, let me tell you, there are still many people who are staring at the position from below you!” The angry scolding in the terminal continued.

It seemed that the higher-ups had been thoroughly angered by Ning Yiyuans series of actions this time! “If you continue to be so stubborn, youll definitely suffer in the future…”

“Enough,” Director Li finally concluded after swearing to his hearts content.

“Now, release the Song Familys soldiers immediately.

Otherwise, you wont be able to keep the black veil on your head!”

“Director… Theres definitely a problem with these people…” Before Ning Yiyuan could finish his explanation, he was interrupted by the other party!

“Even if theres a problem, its not up to you to investigate! By doing so, youre crossing the line, do you understand!”

… In other words, if Ning Yiyuan really put the Song Familys soldiers on the hook today, he definitely would not be able to shake off the label ofIllegal Investigation on his head.

If he continued to investigate further, he might even lose his position of Commander!

Taking a deep breath, Ning Yiyuan, who understood the pros and cons of the situation, nodded.

“… I understand.”

Song Tiancheng could not help but feel reassured when he heard Ning Yiyuan finally relent!

However, before he could relax for a few more seconds, Ning Yiyuans next sentence almost made him lose his breath!

“… Even if I will be punished, I have to investigate them thoroughly first!”

Ning Yiyuans eyes were resolute, and his thoughts were clear!

The only clue they had now was this small piece of cloth and this group of people.

If they let the Song Family go now, it would be even harder to find any clues about Mo Chu!

So… no matter how much he had to pay, he could not let this group of people go!

After making his stance clear, Ning Yiyuan did not look at Minister Li, who was fuming in anger, and quickly cut off the communication.

He turned to look at the soldiers who were in the middle of a thorough investigation and asked in a deep voice, “What did you find out”

“Reporting, Commander.

We havent found anything strange yet.

The investigation is still ongoing.”

“Very good.” Ning Yiyuan nodded and said seriously, “We must investigate thoroughly and thoroughly.

We must not miss any details!”


Looking at Ning Yiyuans behavior, Song Tiancheng was almost dumbfounded..

Did this Kid understand the consequences of his actions

Ning Yiyuan could do this for just one woman.

Was he crazy

After more than ten minutes, the investigation of every detail finally had a breakthrough.

“Commander!” A soldier turned his head and called out softly.

Ning Yiyuan immediately walked over quickly.

“Whats going on”

“Look.” The soldiers finger swiped a few times on the screen as he said in a low voice, “On the surface, this persons information seems to be completely consistent with his identity.

However, if we investigate further, well find that some of his experiences and relationships with the characters are a little unclear.

Therefore, its very likely…”

“Its someone else who borrowed their identity!” Ning Yiyuan quickly figured it out, and his expression darkened!

He turned his head and gave a signal to the soldiers on standby.

A few of them swarmed forward and immediately pinned this problematic person to the ground!

“Ning Yiyuan!” Seeing this, Song Tiancheng panicked.

Although he did not reveal too many flaws on his face, the urgency in his words was clearly a few times greater than before, “These are the military families under our Song Family.

How dare you use lynching on them Release them immediately!”

“Hmph!” Ning Yiyuan turned around and sneered.

“This crime is much lighter thanselling arms.”

Upon hearing this, Song Tianchengs face immediately froze!

Selling arms…

Could it be… that Ning Yiyuan already knew something

Just as Song Tiancheng was stunned, Ning Yiyuan had already walked quickly to the man who had been forcibly detained.

He narrowed his eyes and scrutinized him for a while, then suddenly reached out his finger and gently stroked his face…


Was this the legendaryflirting

When the onlookers saw this scene, they were instantly shocked to the point that their jaws dropped!

Oh my God! Commander Ning actually had this kind of taste This taste was quite strong!

However, it did not take long for them to realize that they had misunderstood.

Commander Ning was indeed an upright man!

Following Ning Yiyuans rough movements, the mans facial features gradually changed..


Why did his nose suddenly collapse a lot His eyes were not as lively as before either

In short, he was completely different from that handsome young man just now..

Due to the thousands of years of evolution, the human bodys genes also followed the trend ofsurvival of the fittest.

Therefore, the genes that were able to remain until today were all tending towards perfection!

At least in the aspect of appearance, it was no problem for him to suppress the 21st century!

Any random passerby could be pulled into the 21st century and become a young hunk or something!

It was because of this that surgeries like plastic surgery and fine-tuning were basically useless.

Gradually, they were lost in the long river of history… and now, in the Federation, they had never even heard of it before!

Therefore, everyone was extremely excited when they saw the real drama ofturning into a living person with their own eyes!

“Damn! This skill is too interesting! I feel like I can change my face at any moment!”

“I really want to learn it, I really want to learn it.

Where can I find a tutorial Dont stop me.

Ill go get a master later, okay”

“Alright, everyone, stop dreaming.

This is clearly a military professional skill.

How can an ordinary person like us learn it”

Everyone was discussing fervently!

Not far away, the atmosphere in Ning Yiyuans group instantly froze…

After wiping off the disguise on this mans face and revealing his true appearance, Ning Yiyuan said in a deep voice, “Check his identity!”

“Yes!” The soldier beside him immediately scanned his appearance and used it to compare it with the Federations database.

In less than a few seconds, the first round of preliminary screening results was displayed.

“Reporting, Commander… I cant find any information on this person!”

“Oh!” Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan could not help but raise his brows slightly.

His gaze was slightly mocking as he glanced at Song Tiancheng.

“In that case, this person is definitely not someone from our Federation Right, Family Head Song”

Song Tiancheng could not help but wipe the cold sweat off his forehead.

At this moment, not to mention making a fuss, he did not even dare to fart…

“Bang!” There was a muffled sound!

What followed was a cry of pain!

Ning Yiyuans face was full of coldness.

He casually flicked his slightly red fist and stared at the man in front of him.

“Speak! Wheres Little Chu Where did you take her”

The man was curled up by Ning Yiyuans punch!

As soon as he opened his mouth, he spat out a mouthful of blood! It could be seen how vicious Ning Yiyuans punch was!

However, this man was also a vicious character.

After being beaten to such a state, he was still able to smile at this moment.

When he smiled, the scars on his face were like curved earthworms, looking particularly ferocious!

“Take a guess!” The man said with a vague smile.

When he met Ning Yiyuans sharp eyes, he coughed violently a few times.

“Ahem… That girl was too disobedient! So… We wanted to teach her a lesson!”

“In the end, we were careless and hit her a little hard, so we killed her.

We had no choice but to throw her to the side…”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Before the man could finish his words, Ning Yiyuan could not hold back the anger in his heart.

The fist in his hand hit him desperately again!

The fierce look on his face made the soldiers beside him turn their heads!

“Commander!” Finally, an adjutant stood out and reached out to pull Ning Yiyuan.

“We cant hit him anymore, or we wont be able to question him!”

“Continue to investigate!” Ning Yiyuan turned to look at the soldiers beside him.

“There must be some helpers among them.

Investigate them carefully!”

“Yes!” Looking at Commander Nings bloodthirsty look, everyones speed increased even more!

In fact, Ning Yiyuan understood that the mans words were most likely to anger him.

Nothing would happen to Little Chu!

After all, what Wisdom Cloud Galaxy wanted was definitely not a stiff corpse!

However, when he thought of the scene described by the man, the anger in Ning Yiyuans heart surged up.

He could not suppress it no matter how hard he tried!

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