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One had to know that the five people Song Tiancheng brought were all famous experts in the circle.

No matter how extraordinary Song Qingsong and Mo Yang were, they could only deal with two or three of them at most… So, as long as they could catch them off guard and act fast enough, there was a 90 percent chance that they could successfully take down Song Qingsong!

Therefore, the wordssly old fox could not be more apt to describe Song Tiancheng… After all, who would have thought that he would suddenly make a move at this time!

He had caught Song Qingsong and the others off guard!

However, their reaction speed was also very fast.

After a moment of stupor, they immediately retaliated!

However, the strength of both sides was displayed here.

Not long after, Song Qingsong and the others began to show signs of fatigue.

When he saw this, the corners of Song Tianchengs mouth could not help but curl up!

With just these two little fellows, they still wanted to fight with him They were overestimating themselves a little too much!

At this moment, a few people suddenly appeared on the side and joined the battle without saying a word! Moreover, they were leaning toward Song Qingsongs side!

With their participation, the situation on the field was instantly reversed!

With a few strong helpers, the burden on Song Qingsong and Mo Yangs shoulders immediately became much lighter, and the situation where they were suppressed by others earlier was instantly reduced to nothing!

Ten minutes later.

This sudden battle ended.

The result was that… the experts from the Song Family were knocked to the ground and could not even stand up!

This made the Song Tiancheng and Song Tianshan brothers look even more helpless…

The wind blew, and the hem of their clothes fluttered.

There was even a hint of desolation!

“Who… Who are you people”

It was supposed to be a sure-win situation, but because of the intervention of these people, it became like this!

It was impossible for Song Tiancheng not to be angry!

In fact, not only was Song Tiancheng curious, even Song Qingsong and Mo Yang, who had benefited from it, were puzzled… The point was, they did not know who these people were either And they suddenly helped them out of nowhere

They did not want to hide their identities.

The man standing in front of them took a big step forward and smiled at Song Tiancheng.

“We… are people sent by Commander Ning! Its our duty to keep an eye on your Song Familys every move!”


Song Tiancheng was stunned when he heard this!

Then, his face turned pale! He understood that Ning Yiyuan was deliberately torturing them!

First, he revealed the news of their arms trafficking in advance.

He saw that they were anxious, afraid, and could not sleep or eat well… then, when they finally thought of a way, he deliberately sent people to monitor and destroy them from behind!

He wanted them to have no way to seek help and could only watch helplessly as they died.

This move was simply too ruthless!

It was a waste of his previous self-satisfaction.

He thought that as long as he had Song Qingsong, he would have a high chance of escaping this disaster.

He did not expect that the mantis stalks the cicada, and the oriole follows behind.

Ning Yiyuan had already calculated all of this clearly, how could he leave them any chance of survival

After thinking through all of this, Song Tiancheng could not help but laugh bitterly!

It seemed that this time, they really… could not escape this calamity…

“Lets go.” Although Song Qingsong did not understand what was going on, he could vaguely guess some of the inside information from Song Tianchengs pale face.

He did not want to bother with the Song Familys mess anymore.

Song Qingsong held Mo Yangs hand and the two of them walked into the house together.

Mo Yangs face was full of smiles at this moment.

He was like a brilliant sun, so dazzling that no one dared to look him in the eye!

Uncle Wang had long sensed the ambiguity between the two of them.

Now that they had made things clear, he naturally tactfully retreated, leaving the silence in the room for them.

“Youre that happy” Looking at Mo Yangs smiling face full of vitality, the corners of Song Qingsongs mouth could not help but curl up.

When their gazes met, the two handsome faces became even more radiant.

“Of course!” Mo Yang held Song Qingsongs hand, his eyes shining brightly.

“Its not easy to wait for this day.

How can I not be happy”

“Arent you afraid that the Song Family will come looking for trouble with us when the time comes” The two of them took the opportunity to sit on the sofa.

Song Qingsong raised his eyebrows slightly and asked softly.

Previously, he had never faced Mo Yangs feelings directly because of this layer of concern… The ups and downs of his youth made Song Qingsongs nature even more cautious!

“Why should I be afraid” Mo Yang raised his chin slightly, his eyes filled with determination.

“Dont tell me that if we work together, we wont be able to take care of them”

Hearing this, Song Qingsong could not help but be stunned.

Then, he suddenly burst out laughing.

“Yes! Thats right!”

It was because his thoughts were too complicated!

Not to mention that the Song Family was about to be taken care of by Ning Yiyuan.

Even without Ning Yiyuan, could it be that the two of them were ordinary people who would allow the Song Family to bully them

The moment the two of them opened their hearts, the distance between them was instantly shortened.

Just by quietly leaning against each other and accompanying each other, their hearts felt peaceful and comfortable.

On the other side.

Mo Chus situation was not as good!

Because she was starting to vomit!

Previously, because of the bloody smell on Ning Yiyuans body, she only vomited a few times.

After returning home, she did not have this reaction anymore.

For a moment, Ning Yiyuan also let down his guard.

This time, after he handed over the Song Familys information to the higher-ups, he went home happily to accompany his wife!

Unexpectedly, just because of the little bit of bloody smell on his body, Mo Chu officially started her pregnancy and vomiting life for a month or two.

Retch– Retch–

Mo Chus reaction was much stronger than before.

She was hugging a small basin and puking her heart out!

Her delicate little face was completely pale, causing Ning Yiyuans heart to ache!

He had already changed his clothes and showered thoroughly.

After ensuring that there was no strange smell on his body before he dared to approach Little Chu.

“Are you still feeling bad Its all my fault! If I had been more careful, such a problem would not have happened!”

“Its… Its fine… Urgh!”

She had only said two or three words when Mo Chu started vomiting again!

Ning Yiyuan stood beside her with a face full of self-blame.

He patted her back carefully so that she could breathe more easily…

After Mo Chu had finished vomiting, Ning Yiyuan immediately handed her some warm water.

He moved it to Little Chus mouth and said with a pained expression, “Come, rinse your mouth first.”

“Gulp, gulp, gulp…” Mo Chus face was puffed up like a bun.

She used the clean water to rinse the strange smell in her mouth, and there were traces of water in her eyes.

She looked very uncomfortable!

“How is it Have you found a way” Ning Yiyuans eyes immediately lit up when he saw Zhong Wen, Elder Liu, and the others walking over.

He hurriedly asked, “Or do you want Little Chu to take some medicine to restrain herself”

“No.” Zhong Wen sighed dispiritedly and shook his head.

“This is a simple pregnancy reaction.

According to the information we have found, there is no special medicine that can control this situation!”

Even if there was, they did not dare to use it on Mo Chu without permission.

If something happened, who could bear the responsibility

“Im not taking medicine,” Mo Chu leaned on Ning Yiyuan and said weakly, “I have a child in my stomach! How can I take the medicine casually Lets just leave it as it is.

Maybe it will be better after a while!”

Everyone had no choice but to comfort themselves.

However, no one expected that Mo Chusafter a while actually lasted for an entire week!

Her condition did not improve at all.

Mo Chus vomiting rate was even more frequent than three meals a day! The food that was originally in her stomach was all vomited out not long after!

If this continued, how would there be any nutrition In addition, the child in her stomach was constantly absorbing her energy.

The result was obvious!

She was obviously pregnant.

She should be fair and fat! However, Mo Chu was thinner than before, and his appearance was also a little haggard!

Seeing this scene, Ning Yiyuans heart ached terribly! He spent the whole day looking for Zhong Wen and Elder Liu, asking them to think of a way!

Zhong Wen and the others were also anxious!

Previously, they could still say that they would not take the medicine and just wait and see.

But now that Mo Chu was so thin, how could they not panic

Previously, Elder Liu had found a folk prescription from God knows where.

He said that it was something sour that could prevent pregnancy vomiting.

But now, he had mobilized everyone to look for acidic food!

Needless to say, they had really found it!

It was the fruit on the fat tree.

It was round in shape and wrapped in a layer of yellow skin.

If the skin was not peeled off, it would taste very astringent.

But if the skin was peeled off, the fruit inside would taste sour and sweet.

The deeper the yellow skin on the outside, the sweeter the taste.

On the contrary, it would taste even more sour.

Thus, they gave the light yellow skin of the fruit to Mo Chu to taste.

The group of people looked at her nervously from the side.

Under the burning gazes of the crowd, Mo Chu stretched out her hand to peel off the skin of the fruit and took a bite of the flesh.

The sour juice instantly splattered in her mouth!

After eating two whole fruits, Ning Yiyuan, who was holding his breath, asked tentatively, “How is it Do you still want to throw up”

Mo Chu was quiet for a moment before shaking her head.

She widened her eyes in surprise.

“It seems… I dont want to throw up anymore!”

During this period of time, she had also been tormented by pregnancy vomiting.

Sometimes, she would fall asleep at night, and strong nausea would hit her chest, waking her up! It was a terrible feeling!

Ning Yiyuan also did not sleep well.

As long as there was a slight movement on her side, Ning Yiyuan would immediately wake up and help her serve tea and water.

Usually, he would be busy for half the night.

By the time the two of them were done, it was almost midnight…

Ning Yiyuan had to wake up early to go to work in less than a few hours.

It was because of this that when Mo Chu was haggard and suffering, Ning Yiyuan also suffered along with her!

Mo Chu could not take it anymore and even offered to sleep in separate rooms with Ning Yiyuan.

In the end, this fellow was still unhappy.

He lay beside her every night and did not move his position no matter what!

Now that they saw that the light yellow fruit was effective, everyone was happy!

Unfortunately… The effect of this thing was not as long as they thought.

In just two or three days, the fruit lost its effect again.

Mo Chu had returned to her previous frequent vomiting state!

This made Ning Yiyuan extremely worried!

He had even specially sent people to ask around for folk prescriptions.

Even if he was at work occasionally, he would immediately perk up when he heard someone mention the topic of preventing vomiting.

He would look at him with a smile and ask about the relevant situation in detail.

Unfortunately, after such a long time, he still could not come up with a feasible solution!

Seeing that Little Chu was getting more and more haggard and thinner by the day, Ning Yiyuan was really anxious! He kept on pestering Zhong Wen and the others!

“Boss! We really cant do anything here!” Zhong Wen cried.

These few days, they had been staying up late to read the information, and their eyes were as red as Roundys.

However, they could not do anything.

Even if their Boss forced him to death, he still could not do anything!

“You guys keep looking.

Look carefully!” Ning Yiyuan never relented.

The key was that besides looking for them, Ning Yiyuan could not think of any other way!

Zhong Wen was completely exhausted at this moment, and his mind was a mess.

However, his Boss was still pestering him.

Zhong Wen almost knelt down to him!

He just wanted to shout to the sky — Let me go!

“Boss, speaking of which, this is still your fault!” Zhong Wen shook his head and said with emotion, “If you hadnt come back with that blood stain, perhaps Little Chu wouldnt have vomited!”

They would not be so worried now!

When he heard this, Ning Yiyuan really could noto refute it!

During this period of time, the self-blame in his heart almost drowned him!

Indeed, it was his fault in the end!

If he had been more careful in the beginning, this matter would have been avoided, right Little Chu would not have to suffer like this anymore!

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