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As a result, the rest of the work was basically done by Ning Yiyuan alone.

Mo Chu was only responsible for guiding from the side…

“Yes! You dig out the bulging part below first, then peel it open.

Yes! Just the core at the innermost part.

Be careful, dont hurt your hand…”

Following Mo Chus words, Ning Yiyuans movements were very nimble.

Not long after, the bamboo shoots tip was completely peeled out.

It looked tender, very pleasing to the eye!

Speaking of which, their luck was really not bad.

The few normal plants they bought were edible.

Mo Chus target this time was this bunch of green bamboos and another sharp pepper tree.

Thats right! If Ning Yiyuan spent all his effort and only managed to get a few little white poplar trees, then Mo Chu would really be dumbstruck!

Looking at the ingredients, Mo Chu arranged them well.

First, she made a tiger skin chili and a pickled bamboo shoot.

One was spicy while the other was light.

It was a perfect combination.

Oh right… She could also make a bamboo tube rice!

Thinking of this, Mo Chu immediately had a craving.

She quickly said, “Oh right, Ning Yiyuan, if you cut this bamboo again, cut it according to the bamboo segments on it.”

As soon as Mo Chus voice fell, Ning Yiyuan finished the work with two swooshing sounds.

“Anything else”

Looking at Ning Yiyuans relaxed look, Mo Chu suddenly realized that this person was also good at farming! She only needed to give him a few pointers, and this person would immediately get the hang of it…

“Then you can pluck this chili again.” Mo Chu pointed at the chili tree and described it, “Its that somewhat long shuttle-shaped thing… Yes! Thats it!”

“That… Ill give it a try too.” Zuo Lin, who was at the side, found it quite interesting, and could not help but chime in excitedly.

He took a fancy to the big pepper on the top and pressed his big hand on the stem of the leaf.

He gently pulled it down and very soon, he successfully got his hands on one.

He could not help but be happy.

“Aiya! Its quite easy!”

The first battle was won.

Immediately after that, Zuo Lin began the joyful process of destroying the flowers with a ruthless hand.

He almost destroyed the entire pepper tree before he stopped.

It was also at this moment that he felt a tingling pain in his hand.

What was going on

Zuo Lin frowned slightly and shook his arm.

“Does your palm hurt a Little” Mo Chu asked with a smile.

“Yes, yes!” Zuo Lin immediately nodded.

“Its okay.

This is what happens when you pick too many chili peppers.” Mo Chu looked calm and collected.

However, she could not help but stifle the laughter in her heart.

Hmph! Who asked you to be so cocky Now you know how awesome you are, right

She also took out the other ingredients that he had prepared and placed them aside for use.

Ning Yiyuan was wearing a pink apron.

This was something that Mo Chu had prepared for him previously.

This apron matched his handsome face that was filled with manliness, a strong impact instantly hit her!

Mo Chu could not help but smile!

When the others saw this scene, they were also disillusioned! When did Boss fall in love with this style It did not match his temperament at all!

Ning Yiyuan did not notice their strange behavior at all.

He lit the fire and poured oil into it, then skillfully prepared himself…

On this side, the terminal on Mo Chus wrist was aimed at Ning Yiyuan.

Thats right!

She had started the live broadcast at the strong request of the majority of the netizens! As the saying goes, its better to be happy alone than to be happy together.

This kind of scene had to be enjoyed by everyone!

As expected, the moment Mo Chus live broadcast started, the netizens instantly went into an uproar!

“Oh hh! Are my eyes playing tricks on me Little Chu really started the live broadcast.

Everyone, come in quickly!”

“What Whats the room number”

“Bro! Wait for me!”

Some netizens took the lead and shouted.

The rest of the people rushed into Mo Chus live stream room at lightning speed.

In less than 10 minutes, the maximum number of people in the live stream room had reached its limit.

A total of 50,000 people were watching it online with great interest.

The other netizens who were a step behind could not help but beat their feet and stomp their chests in frustration.

He had just posted a comment when he realized that the number of people in the room had already reached its limit… They could not enter…

This time, the netizens who were unable to squeeze into Mo Chus live broadcast room began to howl!

“Live broadcast number (this is the system department that specializes in managing matters related to live broadcasts), youre giving Little Chu a room with 50,000 people.

Are you looking down on our vast fans Hurry up and expand the room!”

“Right! Request to expand the room! Otherwise… Ill cry!”

“Hehe, let me tell you, Ill directly file a complaint!”

Logically speaking, Little Chu had just opened the livestream room, and the maximum limit she could receive was 50,000 people.

But now, the situation was different! Everyone was in a state of excitement! The official platform of the live broadcast room, which had always been quiet, was about to explode from comments! Everyone had strongly requested for the room to be expanded!

There was no other way, the staff of the live broadcast room could only communicate with Mo Chu online, to see if she was willing to expand the room to the maximum size of 2 million people.

Of course, Mo Chu agreed.

Thus, in a few minutes, a group of netizens quickly rushed into Mo Chus live stream room!

As soon as they entered, they were stunned by the flirtatious pink apron on Ning Yiyuan!


This live stream room was indeed worth entering! They had not expected that Commander Ning would actually be such aheavy-flavored person in private!

There were even some people who secretly took a screenshot of this photo and posted it on the Internet.

The title was: The Pink Commander Ning is really cute!

Once this screenshot was released, it caused another wave of heated discussion!

The netizens who had not been able to grab a second chance to enter Mo Chus live broadcast room were on the verge of tears!

This was such an explosive thing from the start! The broadcast later would definitely be even more exciting!

Why were they so slow and could not squeeze in This was simply too cruel a story!

After all, even if Mo Chus live broadcast room was the highest level with a maximum of 2 million people, it would not be able to hold up against Mo Chus huge fan base!

These 2 million people were just a fraction of the total number, alright

When the few staff members of the live broadcast saw this scene, they could not help but laugh.

They were smart enough to squeeze in at the beginning.

Otherwise, they would have been like most of the others, looking at the screenshots eagerly to quench their thirst!

“Is that how its done” Ning Yiyuan asked softly.

He cut the bamboo shoots with his hands very quickly.

With a series of clattering sounds, he stopped the kitchen knife and pressed it down again.

The bamboo shoots were cut into small segments of the same length.

Damn! This show of skill stunned a group of people!

The messages on the comment screen flew up.

“Damn! Commander Nings craftsmanship is so perfect! Isnt he too awesome”

“No, I have to go home and practice this skill too… I have a feeling that this will be a magic treasure for chasing girls in the future!”

“So handsome! Did you see Commander Nings profile when he cut the vegetables just now From that angle, he is unbelievably handsome.

Oh my God!”

“Well… Im sorry, my eyes are all focused on the pink apron on Commander Nings body.

I cant move my eyes away at all! I beg for the connection of this apron!”

While looking at the bullet screen happily and instructing Ning Yiyuan to cook, Mo Chu played the essence of the wordmultitasking to the extreme!

“Yes, yes! Thats right.” Mo Chu nodded and highly praised Ning Yiyuans knife skills.

“Then you can boil them in water.

It wont take long.

One minute will do.”

This step was mainly to remove the astringent taste of the bamboo shoots.

Ning Yiyuan swiftly scooped out the bamboo shoots that had been blanched in water and drained them.

Then, under Mo Chus command, he proceeded to the next step.

Ning Yiyuan first poured oil into the pot.

When the oil was half-cooked, he added a little star anise, stir-fried it slightly, and then poured in the bamboo shoots.

After the bamboo shoots had slightly changed color, then, he added a proper amount of soy sauce, white sugar, and water.

After the water was boiled, he turned the heat down, covered the pot, and stewed it for 15 minutes.

During this time, Ning Yiyuan poured boiling water into the chopped bamboo, washed it slightly, and then poured out the water.

In the soft rice, he added some corn kernels, carrot kernels, sausage slices, and shiitake slices.

He sprinkled some salt on them, mixed them evenly, and then put them into the bamboo tube.

“Then, seal the top of the bamboo tube with clean bamboo leaves, and then put it on the fire.”

Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan had a tacit understanding.

As soon as she said that, Ning Yiyuan started to operate smoothly.

When the netizens in the live broadcast room saw this series of actions, they were a little dumbfounded.

“Is this the making of Spirit Food Is it because Im not smart enough… Why do I feel like I cant understand it”

“Me too, Im totally confused!”

“Aiya! I said that this is Spirit Food made from normal plants.

The method must be extraordinary, so its understandable!”

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