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From this moment on, almost everyone subconsciously treated the two children as their own treasures.

The gentleness in their hearts rippled one after another…

At this moment, if you were to tell them that you were going to hand over the younger sister of the two children to Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, there was no doubt that everyone would spray you with blood and make you wish you were dead!

Naturally, the federal government was aware of this point.

However, it was because they were aware of this that they became even angrier!

Thats right!

The wishful thinking that they had originally planned was actually so easily broken by Ning Yiyuan!

At this moment, if they were to really release the news of their collaboration with Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, just this group of indignant citizens would be able to drown them with a mouthful of saliva! Ning Yiyuan did not even need to make a move!

To think that they had thought of a way to make up for the Ning Family.

Now, it seemed like it was unnecessary! The Ning Family and Ning Yiyuan were not prepared to make peace with them at all! Otherwise, would they be able to make such a big move

“Everyone, what should we do now”

Elder Chen was the person in charge of this incident.

He could not shirk the responsibility and could only brace himself.

In the past one to two months, he had been so worried about this that even his white hair had grown a lot!

The meetings were held one after another.

The emergency meeting that had been held with great difficulty finally came to a conclusion.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, Ning Yiyuan suddenly revealed such a move, causing them to instantly fall into a deadlock.

The situation became even more unfavorable!


The meeting room was silent.

No one spoke.

Elder Chen could not help but get angry.

He slammed the table hard.

“Speak! Have all of you become mute”

“Elder Chen,” after a while, someone finally spoke.

His voice was a little hoarse.

“Um, are we still going to stick to our original plan”

One had to know that Commander Ning not only had strong military backing, but more importantly, he now had the support of the people!

As the saying goes, water can carry a boat, but it can also overturn it… Who would dare to say that he could really ignore the peoples will and act alone Moreover, in history, those who dared to say that most likely did not have a good ending.

Hearing this, Elder Chens expression could not help but freeze.

Actually, he also understood this principle.

And to be honest, Ning Yiyuans series of actions were indeed beautiful! Especially the pictures of the two children, they played the role of the finishing touch!

Putting others aside, even he himself could not help but feel his heart tremble when he saw them!

Really, these two children were too cute! Their small arms and legs were like lotus roots, white and tender.

Although they were sleeping with their eyes closed, one could imagine their bright and sparkling eyes when they opened them.

From the bottom of his heart, he was not willing to hand over such obedient children to the Federation.

However, the problem now was that the higher-ups were still adamant that they were not willing to offend Wisdom Cloud Galaxy! In that case, they could only sacrifice Ning Yiyuan, Mo Chu, and the others…

Sighing lightly, Elder Chen shook his head.

“For the time being… the higher-ups have yet to reveal any thoughts of changing their minds.”

Hearing this, everyone frowned.

That meant that they only had one choice left, and that was to fight Commander Ning!

However, if they were to count carefully, in Commander Nings entire military career, he had never been defeated!

Everyone looked at each other in dismay.

Before this battle had even begun, they had already lost most of their confidence.

Seeing this, Elder Chen could not help but let out a bitter smile…

On the contrary, Ning Yiyuans morale was high!

Hmph! It was just a battle, right

Who was afraid of who!

Zuo Lin, the militant, was the first to speak.

“Boss, the necessary arrangements have been made.

When do we make our move”

Damn it! From his tone, why was he still feeling a little excited

Zhong Wen could not help but roll his eyes at him!

Then, the two of them heard Ning Yiyuans deep voice.

“Dont be anxious.

Calm our people down and let them wait and see.

Once the other party makes a move, well make our move!”

No matter what, they were still citizens of the Federation.

Once they took the initiative to make their move, they would definitely be labeled as having said or done something inappropriate.

However, if the Federation made their move first and they only resisted, then the situation would be completely different.

Zhong Wen also understood this concern and immediately nodded his head in agreement.

“Dont worry, boss.

Ill be by the side to give them some pointers.”


Once he was done with his business here, Ning Yiyuan headed straight for Little Chus bedroom.

The moment he walked in, Ning Yiyuan subconsciously slowed down his footsteps and carefully poked his head in to take a look.

The two children obediently lay beside Mo Chu with their mouths slightly open.

They were sleeping soundly!

As for Mo Chu, she was holding up an elbow and looking at the two babies with a gentle and beautiful expression!

Seeing this scene, Ning Yiyuans heart was struck! It was as if he was immersed in a cool pool of water on a scorching summer day.

He was so happy that she was about to fly!

“Why dont you put them in the sterile box” After staring at them for a while, Ning Yiyuan walked over.

He reached out his hand and gently brushed the broken hair on Mo Chus head.

“Dont be fooled by how obedient they are now.

When they cry, its quite torturous!”

Little Chu was still in confinement! He had to recuperate properly.

How could he work so hard

“No need.

Actually, theyre not noisy,” Mo Chu replied with a smile.

She could not help but pull Ning Yiyuans hand away.

He did not know which ancient book Zhong Wen and Elder Liu had gotten the information from, but they said that during her confinement period, she could not move recklessly.

She could not waste her energy, and she could not touch cold water.

Because of this, even her normal physiological activity of bathing was mercilessly deprived.

Not only did Ning Yiyuan not speak up for her, he even stood by Elder Lius side and supervised her 24 hours a day.

It had already been almost half a month, yet she still had not taken a bath.

There was no need to mention the smell on her body.

Even she herself felt that it was rancid… How Could Ning Yiyuan bear it

This guy clearly had a germaphobia too, okay Could it be that he could be cured of his germaphobia now

“Why Are you still quarreling with me Im doing this for your own good.

At most, Ill bear with it for another half a month.” Ning Yiyuan chuckled.

He sat down next to Mo Chu, and there was a hint of ambiguity in his tone.

“When the time comes, Ill personally bathe you, alright”


You hooligan, who doesnt know that you have some lewd thoughts in your head

Mo Chu snorted lightly and turned her head away.

Seeing the little girls tsundere appearance, Ning Yiyuans heart softened even more! Although Little Chu had given birth to a child and become a mother, in Ning Yiyuans eyes, she was still that little girl who loved to eat!

“Umm…” Seeing that Ning Yiyuan did not mind hugging her at all, Mo Chu said, “Dont you think it smells bad”

The smell was bad, right

How was that possible!

Ning Yiyuan did not have a problem with his sense of smell, so how could he not be able to smell it Moreover, due to his special ability, his five senses were much sharper than the average persons!

But so what

Compared to Mo Chu, those things were just minor details that could be completely ignored, alright

“Its fine.” Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan smiled.

He hugged Mo Chus arm slightly and said, “Compared to you, these things are nothing.”

A simple sentence made Mo Chus heart soften!

Damn it!

This guys ability to talk about love was even better than before! In the past, it was enough to make people blush, but now it was a direct hit to the soul.

It was a good place toreturn to the basics.

Late at night.

The Ning Familys old mansion was quiet.

Everything seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep.

At this moment, Ning Yiyuans terminal suddenly lit up.

A message was faintly flickering, emitting a dazzling light in the dark night…

Ning Yiyuan opened it to take a look.

There were only a few simple words on it, but it made his pupils suddenly shrink, and his heart also jumped!

— “Boss, someone is trying to sneak into the old residence.

Should we take action now”

Zhong Wens name was on the signature.

Upon seeing this, Ning Yiyuans eyes narrowed… Looks like the other party was finally unable to hold back anymore!

Actually, Ning Yiyuan understood that when he openly opposed Elder Chen, he already had no way out!

Even if the Federation really compromised with them this time and gave up on their cooperation with Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, their Ning Family had already been firmly marked on their heads.

In the future, as long as they were caught with even the slightest mistake, it was very likely that they would never be able to recover!

Therefore, they had no way of avoiding this battle!

It was either you die or I live!

After looking at the message for a few seconds, Ning Yiyuan finally raised his hand and replied with three words on the terminal —Lets move out!

It was these three words that caused a bloody storm to erupt in the Federation not long after, ushering in a huge change…

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