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Zuo Lin was still laughing happily at the side.

He did not notice that Ning Yiyuans face had turned extremely dark.

“Do you find it funny”

“Of co not.

Its not funny at all!” Zuo Lin turned around and saw his Bosss ugly face.

He immediately put away the smile on his face and said, “Boss, I just have a cramp on my face.”

“Really” Unfortunately, Ning Yiyuan did not believe his lame excuse at all.

“In that case, your training will be doubled when we get back.

I guarantee that it will definitely cure all diseases!”

No! Zuo Lins handsome face fell when he heard this.

The regular training in the team was already unbearable for him, so how could he double it It was over.

This is the end for him.

Zhong Wen watched from the side and gave him a look that saidserves you right.

Ignoring the clown Zuo Lin, Ning Yiyuan turned to look at Mo Chu.

“Oh right, why were you alone there and fainted Wheres your brother Wasnt he with you”

“I was with my brother before, but I was caught by the Ghost Tree…” Mo Chu briefly told her about her previous experience with a face full of joy.

“Fortunately, I met you guys.

Otherwise, my life would have been in danger.”

“So, you swallowed a palm-sized energy source into your stomach” Hearing Mo Chus story, Zuo Lins face was full of shock.

This little girl was not only brave, but she was also very lucky.

The energy source condensed from magic plants could indeed greatly increase elemental energy.

In the past, there were even people who sold it on the black market.

Just a fist-sized energy source was sold for a sky-high price.

However, not everyone was able to enjoy this item.

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In the beginning, people did not know much about energy sources.

Therefore, once this item was available on the market, it was immediately sold out.

However, some special ability users soon realized that something was wrong.

Not everyone could increase their energy greatly after consuming energy sources.

On the contrary, quite a few people even experienced the regress of their energy levels and even had their special abilities crippled.

Later, after many years of research by food experts, they found that the energy sources condensed by magic plants were different.

Just like the special ability users were divided into different types, such as metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

The attributes of the energy sources were also different.

Only when compatible special ability users took the energy sources, their elemental energy would increase.

Simply put, if there was a metal-type energy source here, only metal-type special ability users could consume it.

If other types of special ability users took it, not only would it have no effect, but it would even cause the elemental user to reject it.

However, the crux of the problem was that with the current technology, there was no way to determine the elemental attributes of the energy sources.

Therefore, in their eyes, this thing was more like a gamble.

If they won the bet, their energy would advance.

If they lost the bet, they might even lose their special abilities.

Mo Chu, this lass, was extremely lucky.

With a casual bite, she was able to consume a water elemental energy source.

However, was the energy source from the Ghost Tree actually of the water elemental

Looking at Mo Chus pale face, Ning Yiyuan was still a little worried.

“Zhong Wen, take another look at her.”

“Okay.” Zhong Wen was also curious.

He strode forward and carefully examined Mo Chu.

He found that there was no big problem.

“Dont worry, your body is fine.

You just need to refine the energy source as soon as possible.”

“Refine” Mo Chu was a little confused.

What should I do

Ning Yiyuan also found that Mo Chu was very lacking in general knowledge.

He softly explained to her, “Just like your usual practice, but you need to guide the elements to attack the energy source in your body and turn it into your own energy.”

Mo Chu seemed to understand, but not really.

“Oh, I got it.”

“Okay, then we wont disturb you.

If theres anything, just call me.

Ill always be outside if you need me.” As Ning Yiyuan said that, he walked out, dragging Zuo Lin and Zhong Wen along with him.

Only when Mo Chu was left alone in the tent did she dare to take out the food from the terminal and stuff it into her mouth.

She had not eaten anything for the past half a day, which made her extremely hungry.

Only after eating a lot of food did her body regain its strength.

Only then did Mo Chu start to focus on cultivating.

Closing her eyes slightly and focusing her attention, Mo Chu quickly felt the various elements in her surroundings appear one after another.

They were constantly jumping and emitting different colors and radiances.

Mo Chu pulled out a thread of spiritual power and connected it to the elements.

Then, this thread of spiritual power turned into a slide.

The jumping elements were like naughty children playing with the slide, one after another, entering her body through the slide.

The elements in Mo Chus body began to gather, turning into a small stream.

It began to swim in the various veins in her body, continuously washing away the energy source.

The energy source began to shrink rapidly.

The parts that were washed away also fused into Mo Chus body.

The small stream of energy gradually turned into a river, and the jubilation became even more intense.

Finally, Mo Chu completely converted the entire energy source, and the energy in her body was also filled to the brim.

It was like a sudden rainstorm in a dry desert.

The cracked land had been doused with water, and that kind of satisfaction was truly delightful!

Upon closer inspection, Mo Chu could not help but feel shocked.

She had actually jumped from advanced tier 2 to tier 4.

This leap was truly amazing!

When Mo Chu walked out of the tent, she realized that the sky had already darkened.

Unknowingly, she had already cultivated for an entire afternoon.

She did not know how her big brothers current situation was, nor did she know about Roundy.

Previously, she had agreed to meet it when the sky was dark.

Now, it seemed that she had no choice but to miss the appointment.

When they saw Mo Chu, Ning Yiyuan and the others were also very surprised.

However, their thoughts were exactly the opposite of Mo Chus.

After all, the energy source condensed from the demonic plant was not something that they cultivated.

Therefore, the time needed to refine it was also relatively long.

Usually, it would take two to three days.

However, Mo Chu only spent an afternoon, turning the palm-sized energy source into her own.

This talent could not be underestimated!


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