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Although the trip to the Deep Sea Forest had only lasted for a few days, it had left a deep impression on both Mo Chu and Mo Yang.

Now that they thought about it, they were somewhat enlightened.

On the other hand, Roundy was as concerned about its delicacies as ever.

They had just returned, and it was already urging Mo Chu to reward it.

“Ao ao–” The Blood Luminescent Beasts large, watery eyes were filled with complaints.

You clearly said that you would cook something delicious for me! Look, Ive been starving for the past two days!

It even started to jump around, causing the sofa to tremble violently! Mo chu hurriedly stretched out her hand to press down on this little fellow.

Damn it! Stop jumping, if you continue jumping, this sofa will probably collapse.

Youre starving How is that possible With Roundys weight, it would probably be able to endure a week or two before it needed to eat.

However, this time, the little guy really helped them.

Otherwise, they would not have been able to escape from the claws of the Lizard Tree so quickly.

Thinking of this, Mo Chu patted Roundys head.

She fulfilled its wish and walked into the kitchen.

The wild boar meat that she had collected before was not used yet.

Now, it seemed to be the right time to cook it.

When it came to pork, there were endless ways to cook it.

Moreover, the wild boar was big.

Even if she removed the parts that could not be eaten, there was still nearly two-thirds of the amount left.

Mo Chu took a large piece of pork rib meat.

It was separated by a layer of lean meat and a layer of fat meat.

It was suitable to be used for braised pork.

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As time passed, Mo Chus knife skills improved.

She neatly cut the cleaned pork belly into small pieces into neat, three centimeters squares.

Then, she cut the Water Weed into sections.

Then, she started the fire.

She first put cold water in the pot and then put the cut meat in.

She boiled it for another two to three minutes before scooping the ingredients out.

She then used warm water to wash away the foam on the surface of the meat, drained the water, and put it aside for later use.

Then, she poured in a little bit of soybean oil and added sugar.

She put in the blanched pork belly and quickly stir-fried it to coat the surface of the meat with sugar.

Then, he sprinkled salt on it.

She put in the Water Weed and stir-fried them evenly.

When she saw the obvious change in the color of the meat, she added an appropriate amount of water to cover the pork belly.

When it came to a boil, she turned down the heat.

She then covered the lid and stewed it for an hour.

Finally, she increased the heat to completely drain the soup.

“Ao ao–” It was so fragrant! As soon as Mo Chu brought out the dishes, Roundy began to go crazy! It was jumping around vigorously, and it even turned around from time to time!

The fragrance of the red braised meat was very unique.

Coupled with the bright color, it was enough to fill ones appetite.

Mo Chu took out a large bowl that was specially prepared for Roundy.

The area of the bowl was comparable to more than half of the pot.

He filled Roundys bowl with a large chunk of meat.

The rest was her and Mo Yangs rations.


Before Mo Chu could say anything, Mo Yang took the bowl.

He had also prepared the rice and was waiting for Mo Chu to start eating.

“Is it good” Mo Chu did not need an answer.

She could already get an answer from Mo Yangs satisfied expression and the piece of meat that quickly disappeared from Roundys bowl.

She could not help but feel happy.

She also took a piece of the meat with her chopsticks and put it into her mouth.

Yes, this red braised meat was thin but not sticky.

It was fat but not greasy.

It was much more fragrant than the pork from the 21st century!

The three of them finished an entire pot full of red braised meat in less than half an hour.

Even so, they still did not feel satisfied.

On the other side, Ning Yiyuan was not having fun.

Under the scorching sun, all the soldiers stood straight and endured the torture of being roasted.

Large drops of sweat dripped down their foreheads, and the sound of them hitting the ground could be heard.

“The selection has ended,” Ning Yiyuan said softly.

Just this sentence made all the soldiers bodies shake violently, and they subconsciously straightened their backs.

“Now, I will announce the results,” Ning Yiyuan continued after glancing at their expectant faces.

“None of you have been selected!”

As soon as he finished speaking, all the soldiers expressions changed.

However, they were well-trained after all, so they quickly restrained their expressions.

“Do you think that youre the elites of the various armies, and thats why youre so amazing” Ning Yiyuans eyes darkened, and his tone was stern.

“Thats why you ignored my order and went to the Deep Sea Forests Central Ring without permission”

“Do you think that youre the best of the best Thats why you dont care about any danger.

Do you still want to join my team”

“Ill give you a piece of advice.

Dont even think about it!”

“I even feel ashamed for your team! Not only will you destroy yourselves, but youll also hurt others!”

Ning Yiyuan rarely said such harsh words, but the result of their reckless actions this time was too serious.

Half of the ten soldiers had died! Such a sacrifice could have been avoided, but it was because of their arrogance that caused this incident to happen!

No one spoke, and the atmosphere was terrifyingly quiet.

After a long time, Zuo Lin took a step forward and said, “Alright, this selection is over.”

“Although you have not been selected, after these few days of observation, we have summarized your shortcomings in actual combat.

The information has also been sent to your own terminals and the terminals of your units.

I hope that you can improve in the future.”

“The Drive Machine is in place.

We are leaving the Deep Sea Forest.

Now, move out!”

“Yes!” After answering in unison, the group of soldiers ran out in an orderly fashion.

In a short while, there was no sign of them.

“Boss, its time for us to leave.” Zuo Lin had already tidied up everything.

Ning Yiyuan turned around to take a look.

His eyes darkened slightly.

Once they left, who knew when he would be able to…

“Dont worry, Boss.” Zhong Wen understood Ning Yiyuans intentions very well.

The corners of his eyes revealed a trace of craftiness and his tone was light.

“When I came back, I chatted with Mo Yang.

He said that they are preparing to participate in the recruitment of the Military Academy.

At that time, we might be able to meet again!”

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuans eyes lit up! The Military Academy


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