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Two days later, Mo Chu officially entered the Military Academy and became a freshman of the Federation Military Academy Class 3030.

However, she had the title ofChen Bais only elite student on her head, so it was inevitable for others to pay more attention to her.

“Hey, hey, did you see that girl”

“Shes the one She doesnt seem to be very powerful.

Why did Exalted Chen Bai pick her”

“Thats right!”

Naturally, there were people who were more powerful than Mo Chu.

They could not help but feel jealous.

After all, they had outstanding talent, yet Exalted Chen Bai did not even look at them.

Instead, he chose a country bumpkin from District 12.

They found this hard to swallow.

They did not dare to blame Exalted Chen Bai for not having good taste.

They could only blame it all on Mo Chu.

No matter how they looked at her, they still did not like her.

Mo Chu did not mind.

It was not until she entered the Military Academy that she finally understood why it had become one of the top academies in the Federation.

There had always been only one rule here — to judge heroes by their strength!

The Military Academy would hold a school competition every year.

Everyone had to form their own teams and enter the Magical Region to capture magical plants and magical beasts to obtain points.

The higher the ranking of the points, the better the resources they could enjoy.

It was because of this that the entire Federation Military Academy was filled with a strong competitive atmosphere.

The phrasesurvival of the fittest was vividly displayed here!

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Looking at the lecturer on the stage, Mo Chu was slightly stunned.

This years school competition happened to coincide with the time when they entered the academy.

The principal waved his hand, and they, a bunch of small fries who had only entered the academy for about ten days, had to participate in the competition.

The teacher was currently giving them an impromptu explanation of the relevant matters.

Mo Chu could not help but be shocked by the Military Academys iron-blooded methods!

The surrounding students were also discussing animatedly with worried expressions on their faces.

After all, they had not even passed the adaptation period for entering the school, yet they had to participate in such a large-scale competition.

Moreover, this was related to the issue of their treatment for this year, who would not be anxious

According to the school competition rules, every team must obey theOne to one rule.

In other words, every high-year student must pair up with a low-year student, so that they could complement each other.

Mo Chu and Mo Yangs shortcomings were reflected here.

They came from District 12, so they did not know anyone in District 3.

Meanwhile, the others had already found a target to latch onto.

For a moment, the two of them stood at the side.

“Ha! Still holding onto a pet at this time, do you really think youre that great”

“Thats right, if were left alone later, well have to teach them a lesson!”

Ever since entering the school, Mo Chu had kept a low profile, and people could not find a way to criticize her.

This group of people who disliked Mo Chu had no choice but to criticize the Blood Luminescent Beast in her arms.


Mo Chu had heard these words countless times.

She could not help but touch the Blood Luminescent Beast that was about to explode in her arms.

Sigh, she felt a little helpless.

They actually thought that the Blood Luminescent Beast was a docile and innocent pet.

Were they blind

“Hey, are you willing to form a team with us” Suddenly, a man walked toward them.

His voice was like a loud bell.

Coupled with his strong body and bulging muscles, he looked like a strength-type fighter.

However, the person he was talking about was not Mo Chu, but Mo Yang, who was beside Mo Chu.

After all, Mo Yangs strength, which was close to tier 7, was quite outstanding among the freshmen.

Qin Yue sized up the little fellow in front of him.

Their team could only be considered above average in the Federation Military Academy.

Hence, he had taken a liking to Mo Yangs skills at a glance.

As for the little girl beside him, although she had been taken in as a disciple by Master Chen Bai, however, her strength was too weak.

In the Military Academy that was filled with experts, a cultivation at the initial stage of tier 5 was nothing.

Mo Yang did not say anything.

He only glanced at Mo Chu beside him.

His meaning was very clear.

It was fine if they wanted to form a team, but Little Chu had to be with him as well!

Qin Yue naturally knew the pros and cons.

In the end, he nodded his head and agreed.

As long as this little girl did not drag them down, he would reluctantly bring her along.

The seniors who had already participated in the school competition naturally knew that the Magical Region that the school was looking for was not too big.

The resources were limited, so the earlier they entered, the more advantageous it would be.

After forming a team, they headed straight for the Magical Region.

The journey was considered quite smooth, but this group of people treated Mo Chu like an extra character.

They did not even let her make a move and had already taken down quite a number of magical beasts.

The points in the terminal in their hands continued to rise, and in a short while, they had successfully earned 20 points.

The points were assessed based on the energy of the magical plants and magical beasts.

The higher the level, the higher the points.

When Mo Chu took a closer look, she realized that the number one person actually had 100 points! Her heart could not help but be shocked.

The Military Academy was indeed filled with experts!

“Lets continue walking!” Although Qin Yue was big and burly, his strength could not be underestimated.

The cultivation of the middle level of tier 8 was considered to be above average in the entire Military Academy.

“Wait, dont leave yet!” Mo Chu, who had remained silent the entire time, suddenly spoke! “Theres danger ahead.”

“Whats wrong” Mo Yang turned his head to look at Little Chu.

He understood that she would not say it if she did not mean it.

Tch! The rest of the team scoffed at Mo Chus words.

Danger How could there not be danger in the Magical Region

“Lets hurry up and leave!” A man in the team mocked.

“Little sister, if youre afraid of danger, you shouldnt have come here.”

In the few minutes that Mo Chu was delayed, another team had overtaken them.

Everyone was a little anxious.

“Why dont we hurry up and leave Otherwise, well be left behind!”


Suddenly, a scream suddenly came from the front!

Qin Yue squinted his eyes and focused.

He quickly recognized that this voice was from the team that had surpassed them just now.

Their strength was even slightly better than theirs! How could it be that they had encountered some troublesome magical beast at this time


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