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In just a short night, the wordsSpirit Food Shop instantly became popular on the Starnet!

At first, it was only a small-scale uproar.

Later, the popularity spread like a spark that ignited a fire, and it was out of control.

The next morning,Spirit Food Shop directly jumped from obscurity at the beginning to the top of the trending posts, and its attention even surpassed the second place by tens of millions of people!

Almost all the netizens had noticed this strange shop, and all kinds of discussions were in full swing.

There was a wave of skeptics —

“Dont think about it.

These five buyers are definitely the shop owners friends! Look, this explanation is too exaggerated.

Even the best top-grade medicinal pills cant have such an obvious effect! Everyone, dont be fooled by this promotional method!”

One had to know that the price of supreme-grade medicinal pills started at tens of millions of Federation Coins, and the highest price of this Spirit Food was only tens of thousands.

The huge difference in price was enough to explain the problem.

The other group was half-convinced and half-doubtful —

“Heh! Not necessarily so! If this Spirit Food really has such good effects, it would be a great thing! Just based on this 50-50 chance, we must buy it!”

Even the food experts joined in, preparing to analyze the ingredients and effects of this Spirit Food from various angles.

However, the information given by the shop owner was too little, so they could only give up in the end.

The Starnet was simply bustling with noise and excitement.

In comparison, Mo Chus place was much quieter.

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In just a few short hours, five business transactions had been completed.

The money had also been received smoothly, and he had even brought back 20 types of magical plants.

This made Mo Chu extremely happy! Her little face was beaming with joy!

Mo Yang was slightly saddened.

Back then, he had risked his life in District 12 to save up a few hundred thousand Federation Coins.

Now, with Little Chus easy move, the money she had earned was almost half of his!

However, when he saw the warm smile on Little Chus face, the corners of Mo Yangs mouth unconsciously curled up slightly.

Once these magical plants were in Mo Chus hands, she immediately checked them.

She did not know what she saw, but his eyes instantly lit up! “Brother, Ill make you a fresh meal today!”

Guess what she found

Flour! This was flour!

Among the magical plants that the Flying Fox brought back, there was a type calledWhite Tree.

Its root was shaped like a peach heart.

When the root was cut open, there was fine white flour inside!

“Awoo–” Before Mo Yang could reply, Roundy had sharp ears.

When it heard the wordfood, it ran over as if it was a reflex.

Previously, Roundy was the only foodie.

Now, even the little Flying Fox was imitating it.

It followed behind Roundy and stared at Mo Chu with its big watery eyes.

“Enough!” Mo Chu patted the heads of the two little guys and secretly increased the number of lunch ingredients by a few percent.

Then, she turned around and walked to the kitchen.

She first took a clean basin and placed the flour inside.

Then, she took a big bowl of hot water and sprinkled it into the flour.

As she sprinkled it, she used chopsticks to stir it into a round shape.

Then, she used her hand to knead the dough in one direction.

Roundy, who was at the side, rested its big head on the glass table.

Its red eyes were filled with curiosity.

“Do you want to try it” Seeing the interest in the little guys eyes, Mo Chu also had some thoughts.

She stopped what he was doing and waved at Roundy.

In any case, the root of this White Tree was very big.

The flour in it was probably several kilograms.

It did not matter even some of it was wasted.

Hearing Mo Chus words, Roundys eyes immediately lit up, and it cried out excitedly a few times! Come, come, let me cook something delicious for you guys!

After all, it was food, so Mo Chu did not dare to be careless.

She washed Roundys big meaty palm clean before putting it into the basin.

“Aooo–” Just as it reached its hand in, this warm and sticky feeling made Roundys eyes widen.

Its palm mimicked Mo Chus action just now and rubbed the dough forcefully.

From the looks of it, it was still quite decent.

However, when it looked inside, almost all of the dough was stuck to Roundys palm.

The little fellow also knew that something was wrong.

It tried its best to remove the dough, but in the end, it became more and more sticky.

The more it stuck to him, the tighter it became.

Its fair and tender face was almost red from holding it in.

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Mo Chu held back the smile on her lips.

In the end, she could not stand it and stepped forward to help Roundy.

Roundy did not know why, but the previously wild and willful dough was extremely obedient in Mo Chus hands.

In a short while, the dough was smooth and formed.

After washing its hands, Roundy was still staring at Mo Chu.

Its eyes were filled with admiration for her! The little Flying Fox behind him was the same!

Mo Chu smiled.

She took a basin to cover the dough and let it wake up for about half an hour.


Then, he took out some Water Weed from the terminal, cut it into pieces, and placed it in a small bowl at the side for backup.

Then, she added a suitable amount of oil to the pot.

After heating it up, she poured it onto the Water Weed and brought out its fragrance.

Then, she added a suitable amount of salt and mixed it well.

She used a stick to roll the dough into a large pancake shape.

Roundy had just done some practical operations, and it was the time when its hands were itchy.

When it saw Mo Chus method, its small face was full of eagerness to give it a try.

It looked at Mo Chu with high intensity.

Let me try, let me try again!



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