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Taking Actions (3)

Lu Nan took back the lip balm he put into Lin Yu He’s pocket earlier.

“Seems like there’s no point in giving reminders, I’ll do it myself.”

Lin Yu He gaped.

He wanted to say something but shut himself up when he spotted the expression on the man’s face.

It fell silent inside the car, to the same slightly tensed atmosphere as when they had just left the house.

Lin Yu He thought that Lu Nan had gotten somewhat angry.

However, he could not understand why.

Most people who would get angry over matters like this would be a family member or the doctor themselves.

Lu Nan was neither his family nor a doctor so he was unsure why the older man would go to such great lengths to take care of him.

The car ride was smooth and remained silent throughout, Lin Yu He thought that Lu Nan did not want to talk to him anymore.

However, the seemingly mad Lu Nan started ransacking the plastic bag for something again.

Lu Nan took out a pack of wet wipes and pulled a piece out from the packet then told Lin Yu He, “Hand.”

Lin Yu He was not sure what Lu Nan wanted to do but still stretched his hand over as requested.

Lu Nan was expressionless as he said, “The other one.”

Lin Yu He switched over to the other hand and Lu Nan grabbed onto it.

The slightly cool wet wipe gently ran across the back of his hand.

He finally remembered that he used his hand to wipe off the blood earlier after seeing the stain on the wipe.

He had forgotten about it but Lu Nan noticed it.

In his elders’ eyes, Lin Yu He was perfect and need not be fussed over, but it was the complete opposite in Lu Nan’s eyes.

In his eyes, Lin Yu He was always wounded and had to be constantly taken care of.

He lightly said, “Thank you.”

The act of wiping off the bloodstain was very gentle, the tissue that was originally cool gradually grew warmer when integrated with the heat from the skin, and ultimately warmth was the only feeling left.

Lu Nan was very gentle as he held Lin Yu He’s hand.

The latter had a pair of beautifully crafted hands, with fair skin and clear joints.

It was a stark contrast when held in Lu Nan’s own hands.

That was a pair of hands born to hold a scalpel or glide across the black and white keys of a piano.

After the bloodstain was cleaned, there was still a red patch on the back of Lin Yu He’s hand.

Lu Nan tried to clean the spot but he failed; the mark was still there.

Lin Yu He noticed what he was doing so he explained, “It’s alright.

That isn’t blood, just a scar.”

Lu Nan paused briefly and asked, “When did you get it”

Anyone would’ve asked if it was a birthmark but Lu Nan’s question was when he obtained the scar, as though he knew Lin Yu He was not born with that mark.

However, Lin Yu He did not notice the intricacy of the question and answered faithfully, “It’s from an indwelling needle when I was young.”

Lu Nan frowned.

“Indwelling needle”

Lin Yu He nodded his head.

“I have very thin blood vessels that make it hard for any injection.

Only the vein there was more obvious than others and I had to be injected often so an indwelling needle was used.

There’s one time the needle was crooked, so it left a scar.”

The man halted his hand movement.

The tip of his finger was almost touching the scar but never made contact as he asked, “Does it still hurt”

Lin Yu He chuckled.

“Not anymore.”

Lu Nan softly asked, “Then, do you cry when you get injected”

Lin Yu He was a little surprised as he looked at the other man.

Lu Nan’s question sounded like he knew Lin Yu He easily cried when he was a kid.

He still answered honestly, “I’m actually quite scared of pain when I was a kid.

But it’s normal for a child to exaggerate the pain.

It didn’t hurt that much actually.”

His tone was one at ease but when Lu Nan heard it, he remained quiet for a long time.

Lu Nan wondered if it was because a child exaggerated the pain or he’d grown up getting used to ignoring his pain.

Lu Nan did not touch the scar until the end.

After he wiped off the blood, he used the heat from his own hands to warm the younger’s but Lin Yu He’s fingertips and the back of his hand remained cold as ever.

Lu Nan kept the pack of wet wipes and enveloped Lin Yu He’s hand in his large ones.

Lin Yu He noticed what the man was trying to do so he hurried to tell him off, not wanting to trouble the older man, “It’s fine, my hands are always this cold.

It’ll warm up after putting them in my pockets for a while.”

Lu Nan gave him a glance but he did not loosen his hold, “You’ve already kept them in your pocket for a long time since just now.”

That effectively silenced Lin Yu He.

Lu Nan was not wrong, his hands were always so cold that putting them inside his pocket was not effective either.

If it was effective, he would not have had to suffer so much at night when he slept.

He did not want to trouble Lu Nan all the time either, and it was not convenient to get hot water from inside the car too, so he said, “I’ll remember to wear gloves next time, maybe it’ll be better then.”

Lu Nan responded, “There are no gloves.”

Lin Yu He was stunned.

During the brief moment he was stunned, Lu Nan reached over his shoulders and held his left hand while he was still holding onto the other hand.

The act of enveloping both his hands in his wound up with Lin Yu He being held in Lu Nan’s embrace.

Lin Yu He wore a thick down jacket that made him look like a fluffy mass.

However, it was actually easy to circle one’s arm around and when held in one’s arm, it made one easily content.

As for Lin Yu He who was held, the low, magnetic voice of the man fell straight on his ears when the man spoke.

Lu Nan said, “I didn’t bring gloves so just bear with it.”

Lin Yu He was muted.

His ear was burning red from the man’s breath landing on it but he tried to keep a neutral expression.

However, he was thinking in his mind, “You said earlier you didn’t prepare gloves for me anyway.”


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