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The Military Academy had always been known for being swift and decisive.

This was why they had only informed their fellow students about the military training in the afternoon.

The next day, they had gone straight into the action.

Mo Chu had initially thought that this military training would be similar to that of the 21st century.

The most impressive things would be standing in the military posture and taking proper steps.

However, when she truly began training, only then did she realize that her thoughts were too naive!

The military training did not last long.

It was only a short week.

However, it had only just begun, and the instructors had already given them a fierce show of strength!

The first event was close combat!

Wow, so fierce from the start Mo Chu swallowed hard.

Her small body was upright, but the sweat on her forehead was dripping down.

It was only early April.

It was supposed to be a gentle breeze and a good day, but the instructors had somehow created a climate change instrument.

The entire training ground was as hot as a big oven, not to mention moving, it was uncomfortable just standing there.

Ning Yiyuan stood at the front of the line, her eyes catching Mo Chus figure.

In the team, Mo Chu had a slender figure.

Her dull dark green military training uniform made her look even more beautiful.

Her bright eyes and white teeth, beads of sweat flowing down her fair neck and into her slightly bulging lapels.

Ning Yiyuans throat suddenly trembled!

“Now the men and women are separated.

The two of you will form a team and fight in close combat for half an hour.

Be careful, you can not use your elemental power during this process!”

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“The winner can rest on the spot for an hour.

The loser will have to run laps with weights.

If Its a draw, both of them will lose.

The boys will run ten laps with 30 kilograms while the girls will run six laps with 15 kilograms.”

This series of numbers sounded scary, but it was not too serious for special ability users with strong physical fitness.

Hearing this, Mo Yang could not help but frown.

He was not worried about himself, but about Mo Chu.

After lying in the sealed cabin for a full 15 years, Little Chus physical fitness was naturally not much better.

Even if he had a lot of actual combat experience in the future, in terms of physical condition, she definitely could not compare to these people who had received training since young.

“Now, move out!”

As soon as Ning Yiyuan finished speaking, everyone quickly split into two groups.

However, they did not expect an odd number of girls in their group, causing Mo Chu to fall behind.

Standing in the middle of the group, she was particularly eye-catching.

“Pfft–” Qiao Hongmei could not help but chuckle.

She looked at Mo Chu, who was alone, and the gloating look in her eyes was about to spill out.

Look, if her character was too bad, there was nothing she could do about it!

Actually, this really had nothing to do with her character.

The main thing was that the entire school was going through military training, and the system would randomly pick people to group up.

There were not many people in this team that Mo Chu knew, and even if they knew each other, they would only be acquaintances.

Naturally, no one would team up with her.

“If thats the case, then you can team up with me!” Seeing this situation, the corners of Ning Yiyuans mouth curled up in an imperceptible manner.


Its over, its over! If she were to compete in close combat with Ning Yiyuan, then she definitely would not be able to escape from this weight-bearing lap!

Looking at Mo Chus shocked little mouth slightly open, there was a glint in his pitch-black and bright eyes.

Ning Yiyuans heart could not help but soften.

However, his brows raised slightly, and his expression was solemn.

“What, youre not willing”

“No, I will, I will!” Mo Chu agreed with a bitter face.

Given the current situation, how could she not agree

“Very good.” Ning Yiyuan nodded with satisfaction.

When he turned around, his eyes immediately turned sharp.

He swept his gaze across the crowd and said in a deep voice, “Now, the time starts!”

As soon as he said that, pairs of figures who were fighting with all their might appeared on the training ground.

They punched and kicked, and the sound of the wind rose and fell.

It was really dazzling!

“Come over.” Ning Yiyuan put a hand behind his back and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

“Use your full strength.

Let me see how far you can go.”

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Since Ning Yiyuan had already said so, Mo Chu naturally would not show mercy.

She stepped forward and ruthlessly hacked forward.

Speaking of which, Mo Chu had never learned the combat techniques of the system.

Her current skills were all accumulated from her previous combat experience.

Every move and move was not too flashy.

It was just that her movements were not precise enough, and the power was too weak.

Even with just one hand, Ning Yiyuan was able to easily block Mo Chus attack.

His expression was calm and collected, but it had exhausted Mo Chu greatly.

He only managed to attack for about ten minutes before she lost her strength and was panting heavily, her face pale.

Her constitution was too weak, her movements were weak, and her judgment was not good enough.

Ning Yiyuan could not help but shake his head slightly when he saw the flaws in Mo Chus body one by one.

However, when he saw Mo Chus pitiful appearance, he could not bear to scold her.

He subconsciously took two steps forward and held Mo Chus weak waist with his big hand.

His tone was gentle, “Straighten your back and control your breathing.

Inhale and exhale!”

Tsk tsk, this was the obvious difference in treatment!

Zuo Lin was the instructor of the side team, so he naturally saw this scene.

He could not help but feel speechless.

If this was a soldier under the Boss, with this quality, he would definitely not stop until he was beaten to the point of crying.

Then, he looked at Mo Chu.

This was a properpalace-level treatment!


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