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“Im doing fine,” Ning Yiyuan replied faintly.

“Is that so” Song Tiancheng smiled faintly.

“The supplies should have already been delivered.

Are you satisfied with them”

“Thats right.

Theyve already been delivered .”Ning Yiyuan nodded and waved the list of supplies in his hand.

“As for whether Im satisfied or not, you should know better than me, right, Family Head Song”

“What are you saying I dont understand.” Song Tiancheng narrowed his eyes and hid the brilliance in them.

“However, I heard that the treatment plan for this disease hasnt been brought out yet.

Do you need help”

“Haha.” Ning Yiyuan chuckled.

“I believe that the medical resources in my hands should be much better than yours!”

“Really” Song Tianchengs expression did not change after Ning Yiyuans sneering.

He only raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Then Ill wait and see!”

The conversation came to an abrupt end.

With a smack, Song Tiancheng hung up the terminal and slammed the table angrily.

“Humph, he wants to do it the hard way, I see!”

This time, he had finally grasped Ning Yiyuans lifeline.

He thought that he would make a concession, but this kid did not lose his edge.

He did not even reveal the slightest hint of weakness.

It seemed that his wishful thinking could only be put aside for now.

Song Tiancheng did not believe that Ning Yiyuan could escape his perfect plan.

One had to know that due to the relatively backward development of District 12, there was no Food Center that specialized in developing food.

The food of the people was bought by merchants from neighboring areas and then transported back for sale.

It was because of this that once the epidemic broke out, the price of food and medicine soared by several times!

Now that Ning Yiyuan had basically restored the price to a stable level, there was not much grain left in District12.

Song Tiancheng had also taken advantage of this gap and dared to make things difficult for him! He did not expect this kid to have such a backbone.

He wondered how much use this backbone of his would have in the face of reality

While they were busy, another three days passed very quickly.

Mo Chu returned to the Quarantine Center and changed the dressing for the patients.

With the skin medicine that Shen Yi had developed, the ulcers on everyones faces were alleviated very well.

When they saw her now, they were all beaming with joy.

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The atmosphere in the ward was always cold, but this little girl, Mo Chu, always had a smile on her small face.

Coupled with her delicate features, it made people feel comfortable just by looking at her.

“Little girl.” The gossipy old lady poked her head out curiously and asked softly, “Is the young man who came to look for you previously also an admirer of yours”

Once this topic was opened, the others also joined in one after another.


“Ive seen it too.

That young man is quite handsome too!”

“What are you saying I still support Marshal Ning! Its only fitting that he stands together with our little Chu!”

“Hmm…” Mo Chu, who was quietly changing the wound dressing, shook her head helplessly.

Seeing that the situation was about to turn into an argument, she immediately interjected, “You guys are mistaken.

It was my brother who came to look for me that day!”

“Is he your biological brother” They still did not believe what she said.

All of them stared at Mo Chu suspiciously.

“Thats right, hes my brother!” Mo Chu nodded heavily.

“Thats good, I was worried for nothing.”

“Thats right, you should stay with Marshal Ning!” Although he said that, his face unconsciously revealed a hint of regret.

It was over, there was no more gossip to talk about!

Mo Chu really did not know whether to laugh or cry when she saw this!

In a room not far away from her, Hu Qing was lying on the bed with disheveled hair and a dirty face.

Not only did the festering on her face not improve, but it was also even getting worse.


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