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“Qingqing, come, apply some medicine.” Even though Hu Tian was scratched and infected by Hu Qing, Hu Tian still could not turn a blind eye to his daughter.

He had doted on her since she was a young girl.

As soon as the medicine was distributed, he immediately went to collect it.

“No, I dont need it!” When she saw the medicine bottle in Hu Tians hand, Hu Qings eyes widened and she shook her head violently.

“Once I use it, I wont be able to live!”

“Dont let your imagination run wild.” Hu Tian frowned when he heard this.

However, when he saw the festering on Hu Qings face, he comforted her softly.

“This medicine was personally delivered here by Mo Chu.

Its said to be very effective against the festering.”

Hu Tian did not expect to see Mo Chu here.

The thin and weak little girl from before had actually become pretty and graceful now.

Time really passed quickly.

“I dont need it!” At the mention of Mo Chu, Hu Qings reaction became even more intense.

“How could she be so good to me She, she probably cant wait for me to die right now!”

Hu Qings eyes were bloodshot.

Ever since she found out that their medicine was sent by Mo Chu, she had been extremely afraid.

Back then, she had personally pushed Mo Chu into the Quarantine Center, wanting to see her die a horrible death! In the end, in just a few days, their identities had changed.

Nothing had happened to Mo Chu, yet she was infected with this damn disease!


“Dont talk nonsense.” Hu Tiannong frowned.

“Why Would Mo Chu harm you”

“Why wouldnt she” Hu Qing suddenly turned her head around.

Her eyes were blank, and her face was extremely twisted.

“Back then, I was the one who pushed her into the Quarantine Center.

How could she be kind enough to send me medicine”

Hu Qings gaze shifted to the medicine bottle in Hu Tians hand.

“There must be something wrong with this medicine! She must be trying to kill me with this medicine.”

Hu Qing laughed, there was a hint of madness in her eyes.

“I wont fall into her trap.

I definitely wont use this medicine!”

“What did you say” Hu Tian stood up abruptly.

He gripped the medicine bottle tightly in his hand and stared at his daughter in disbelief.

“You said… you pushed Mo Chu into the Quarantine Center”

“Thats right!” Hu Qing nodded and actually revealed a smiling face.

Coupled with her festering skin, it looked even more distorted.

During this period of time, the mental pressure, in addition to the bone-eroding pain in her body was almost driving her crazy.

“Whats there to be arrogant about Shes just a b*tch! If it wasnt for her, why would Mo Yang leave the Wild Wolf Team, and why would he hate me”

“Its all her fault!” Hu Qings face was fierce.

“Thats right, she deserves to die!”

Hu Tian stared at Hu Qing in a daze.

He felt as if he did not know his own daughter.

He knew that Hu Qing had always been arrogant and willful, but he had never known that she could be so reckless with human lives!

“Ill leave this medicine here.” Hu Tian stared at her deeply, then turned around and left.

“Whether you want to use it or not is up to you.”

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“Dad, where are you going” Seeing Hu Tian leave, Hu Qing panicked.

Her legs were already weak and she could only lie on the bed.

There was nothing she could do to stop him.

She could only shout in panic, “Dad, dont leave.

Come back!”

Hu Tian acted as if he did not hear her and left without looking back.

Her voice was almost hoarse when Hu Qing finally stopped.

She turned around with a blank expression.

When her gaze landed on the medicine bottle at the side, anger rose in her.

She waved her hand fiercely and slapped the medicine bottle onto the ground! It was all Mo Chus fault.

All of this was because of her.

“B*tch! Its all your fault, b*tch! Its all your fault…”

Hateful murmurs sounded in the room one after another, but no one noticed them, and they drifted away with the wind.


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