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Although half of her face was covered by the mask, she stood quietly at the side.

Her entire body exuded a calm and natural temperament, and she did not seem to be as worried and conflicted as he had previously thought.

Qin Yue thought for a moment.

With Mo Chus carefree personality, she probably answered with certainty.

As for the rest of the uncertain ones, she might as well guess!

After almost half an hour, Qiao Hongmei was the second one to hand in the question board.

When she walked past Mo Chu, she even gloated and stared at her.

Mo Chu returned with a faint smile.

Hehe, no matter how pleased you are now, you will cry miserably later!

One after another, the other girls handed in the question boards.

A few judges walked up to the stage and first picked out the authentic antiques among the ten pairs of real and fake antiques one by one.

They quoted the classics, and the story was very pleasant.

However, not many people present could really listen to it.

The people below the stage were all anxious to see the answer revealed.

As for the girls participating on the stage, they all had different expressions on their faces.

Those who answered correctly naturally had a delighted expression, but those who answered incorrectly had a face full of unwillingness.

Her luck was not bad! Qiao Hongmeis eyes were filled with joy.

Out of these ten pairs of antiques, she only recognized four of them, and the remaining six were all guesses.

She did not expect to guess correctly three of them!

This time, she would teach Mo Chu a lesson!

“Hey, hurry up and announce the results! What are you still talking about!” Qin Yue was extremely anxious at this moment! He circled around Mo Yang and kept mumbling.

There were many people who had the same thoughts as Qin Yue.

These referees naturally knew what they were thinking.

Towards the end, the speed of their speech also increased a lot.

Even so, this lecture took a full half an hour, causing the people below to be extremely anxious!

Finally, it was time to announce the results.

Previously, all of them looked impatient, but now they were all energized and staring at the stage with burning eyes.

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In order to show fairness, the few judges corrected the answer boards on the spot and counted the number of correct answers according to the number of questions.

The top ten people with total points would participate in the second round of the competition.

Obviously, this years antique appraisal question was a little difficult.

Most of them only got two or three correct answers, and the occasional person who got five correct answers could be considered amazing.

At this moment, a referees eyes suddenly lit up, and his old face became excited as he shouted, “Number 56, you got seven correct answers!”

Instantly, everyones eyes were focused on Qiao Hongmei.

And she obviously enjoyed this moment very much.

Her eyes narrowed, and her steps slightly staggered.

Her graceful figure became more and more eye-catching.

“Wow! This must be the first place.” The people below began to discuss.

“She got seven correct answers, which can be considered to have broken the highest record in this appraisal competition!”

“Thats right.

The previous record was six.”

“Look at this figure.

She must be a great beauty.

I really want to see how she looks when she takes off her mask!”

“Beauty my ass!” Hearing the praises from the crowd, Qin Yue frowned and cursed.

Qiao Hongmei only had a pretty face, but she was scum!

“Mo Chu will definitely be fine…” Qin Yue could not help but worry about Mo Chu after he cursed.

Seven correct answers was hard to beat.

Mo Chu definitely could not compete, but as long as she could keep her position in the top ten, it would be fine.

“You must be very unhappy, right” On the stage, Qiao Hongmeis face was full of pride.

Her red lips curled slightly and her low voice only reached Mo Chus ears.

“However, theres nothing you can do.

After all, it takes many years to become good at appraising antiques.

As for you, I reckon youve still got a long way to go!”



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