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Marshal Nings posture was really cool, alright

His long legs were half-kneeling on the ground.

His back was straight, revealing the arrogance of a soldier without a trace.

His iron-clad discipline and gentleness blended together, emitting a unique charm that made people unable to take their eyes off him.

He lifted his chin slightly, revealing his well-defined profile.

The pair of eyes that were staring at Mo Chu were filled with deep affection, like a vast ocean.

Even outsiders like them were about to drown in it!

“Oh oh! Is this a public declaration of Love Marshal Ning is so adorable!”

“Im still a pure baby… Why are you guys treating me like this”

“Hehe! As a lone wolf, I have no choice but to devour this show of affection!”

The online joke writers could no longer hold back the primal power in their bodies and unleashed their ultimate moves one after another:

“You ask me how much I love you.

Only one knee can protect you the most…”

“In the past, Marshal Ning was still a cold boy.

But now, he has transformed into a romantic emperor.

I feel a lot of emotions… F*ck! Why am I the only one who is suffering I wish to be freed!”

“Marshal Ning, I want to be your disciple.

I am talented and intelligent, so please accept me, alright”

The atmosphere at the scene was heated to a white-hot level by Ning Yiyuans actions.

No one knew who shouted first, “Say yes!”

Then, the others started to cheer as if they had opened up the ren and du vessels, “Say yes! Say yes!”

The neat and enthusiastic shouts almost overturned the entire interview room.

“Brother! Steady! You must steady yourself!” When he saw the commotion at the scene, Qin Yue could not help but cry out in his heart.

When he turned around to look, as expected, Mo Yangs eyes were already red with anger.

Seeing that he was about to get up and act up, Qin Yues entire body quivered.

He quickly reached out and firmly pressed Mo Yangs shoulder, lowering his voice, “This is a live broadcast.

Calm down, calm down…”

Even Song Qingsong quickly turned around and pressed Mo Yang down.

In the end, their commotion quickly attracted the attention of the few girls beside them.

At first, they found it strange, but when they saw Mo Yangs slightly red eyes, they immediately acted like they understood.

They even added fuel to the fire, “All of you are also moved by Marshal Ning Sob sob, its simply too touching!”


Hehe! Do you want a slap!

This rascal was clearly trying to create momentum and take my little Chu away!

Holding back the swear words that were about to come out of his mouth, Mo Yang shut his eyes tightly and raised his head to look at the stage again.

In his eyes, Ning Yiyuan had already automatically transformed into a big jackal dressed in a foxs skin at this moment.

He was scheming wretchedly on how he was going to eat his sister bit by bit!

Looking at how Mo Yang was about to explode, Qin Yue could not help but mutter in his heart,Marshal Ning, dont make any more trouble.

If there were any more movements, I wouldnt be able to stop this Kid.

Speaking of which, Qin Yue was also feeling frustrated.

He just wanted to watch the interview show, okay How could he cause so much trouble As expected, the Heavens were jealous of handsome people!

On the stage, Mo Chu was also stunned by Ning Yiyuans sudden move.

Her small face was at a loss, but her fair, jade-like earlobes were stained with a bright red.

“You, how did you…”

As soon as Mo Chu opened her mouth, the entire interview room fell silent.

Everyone stared at the two people on the stage without blinking.

“How did I what” It seemed that Ning Yiyuan was prepared to completely go all the way to the end of being a scoundrel.

His perfect lips curved slightly, and he smiled at Mo Chu with a hint of evil charm.

His charm was simply off the charts! “I just want to determine my own status today!”

Ning Yiyuan also felt that his heart was aching.

Tell me, previously, he had finally decided on a day to swear an oath with Mo Chu, but in the end, there were always unexpected situations.

Time and time again, something will happen at the crucial moment, forcefully delaying their fateful day!

If he did not take the initiative this time, the deadline would be pushed back indefinitely…

“Pfft– “Mark, who was hiding behind, could not help but laugh softly.

Dont look at Marshal Nings aloof face, but the grievance and grief in his words could not be concealed.

Thinking about those resentful single men, he put this image onto Ning Yiyuan.

No matter how he looked at it, it felt funny.

In the end, he was so pleased with himself that he forgot to turn off his earpiece.

Then, this laughter immediately spread throughout the entire interview room, causing Ning Yiyuan to glare at him coldly.

This gaze was different from the warmth he had when he looked at Mo Chu.

It was filled with coldness.

It scared Mark into a daze, and he subconsciously reached out to cover his mouth.

Mo Chu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“What do you mean by giving you a title”

“I will give you the best of me.

I will always protect you and love you.” Ning Yiyuan did not answer Mo Chu directly.

He raised his right hand as if he was swearing an oath, “I swear on my own life that I will never go back on the above promise.”

This guy!

The corner of Mo Chus mouth curled up.

Was this a military report And he even made it sound so official

Then, Ning Yiyuan fully demonstrated the actions of a soldier.

Without saying anything else, he stretched out his wrist and lightly pressed a few times on the terminal.

What was Marshal Ning doing

The audience at the scene wished they could turn into the necks of long-necked beasts so that they could investigate the situation.

Fortunately, the director of the show was very considerate.

With a wave of his hand, the two cameras recorded Ning Yiyuans actions from the bottom up and clearly reflected them on the big screen behind.

When they saw Ning Yiyuans actions clearly, everyone could not help but suck in a breath of cold air! This, this was also…

“Ding Dong –”

At this moment, Mo Chus terminal suddenly rang.

She looked at the smiling Ning Yiyuan, and only then did Mo Chu Open the terminal.

No matter how mentally prepared she was, she was frightened by the notification that hung high up on the terminal!

——”Respected Ms.

Mo Chu, Hello.


Ning Yiyuan (terminal number: 111133XX) has already transferred the following properties to your name, which include eight houses.

The specific locations are 19 Federations of District 1,3, 6. Federation District 2, and 11, Federation District 3… the current value of the Federation Coins is a total of 1.3 billion…”

The long string of data stunned Mo Chu.

Damn, what is this person trying to do

Thats right! Ning Yiyuan was a man of his word.

He immediately transferred all the properties under his name to Mo Chus name.

This huge sum of money scared everyone!

Not to mention that he was not Mo Chus legal Guardian, even if he was, how many people would dare to give such a huge sum of wealth so readily

“Gulp –”

No one knew who it was, but they swallowed hard.

The scene suddenly became silent!

The Starnet audience watching the live broadcast also fell silent for a few seconds, and then they recovered their jaws that were about to fall off in shock!

With Marshal Nings move, who could compete with him

All the girls came back to their senses and left comments in the comments section:

“In the future, if anyone tells me that Marshal Ning doesnt understand love, Ill kill him!”

“Im suddenly so envious of Mo Chu…”

“Little Chu, I love him so much! Hurry up and take care of this monster.

Dont let him cause trouble to the world anymore.

I cant hold on any longer!”

“Do I only need to pay attention to that long list of assets Although its just a flash, but… Damn! Marshal Ning is really rich!”

“Ive seen it for myself.

Rich people are inhumane…”

In stark contrast to the comments of the girls, the tone of the Federations men mostly carried a tone of condemnation and complaint:

“Marshal Ning, I dont object to you pursuing girls, but the problem is that you dont want to drag us down with you…”

“Thats right.

With your actions, the difficulty of pursuing girls has suddenly increased by several degrees! Tell me, should I take responsibility That… just compensate me with Little Chu!”

“Stop it, my girlfriend was just asking me if I really love her.

Shes asking why didnt I transfer the assets under my account to her.

Now shes messing with me! Marshal Ning, Im in deep trouble because of you!”

“Get lost, dont think that I cant see through your sinister intentions.

Youre clearly trying to show off the fact that you have a girlfriend.

Get out of my sight!”

“ 1”

“ 2”

“ 3”

Ning Yiyuans move was too neat and straightforward.

Who still dared to say that this kid was a virgin who still dared to say that this guy did not know how to flirt with girls Did you see that He was definitely an expert deep inside!

As soon as Ning Yiyuan made this move, even Mo Yangs expression became much better than before.

He snorted and said, “This Kid only knows how to do crooked things!”

Qin Yue could not help but twitch his lips.

How could this be called dirty tricks As expected… after turning into a protective devil, Mo Yang did not even have the most basic judgment.

“Little Chu, are you willing” Ning Yiyuan clenched his right fist, but his eyes were staring at Mo Chus flower-like face.

In the end, he could not help but feel a little guilty.


Youre already so high up, do you still have room for her to say no The corners of Mo Chus eyes flickered.

She nodded heavily and threw herself into Ning Yiyuans embrace.

“Awoo!” Seeing this scene, the audience below was even happier than if they had successfully confessed.

They clapped and cheered, and there were even quite a number of women who were secretly wiping the tears from the corners of their eyes!

Even though Mark had been a host for so many years, he had to admit that todays interview was the most exciting one he had ever hosted! It was even more exciting than playing on a roller coaster!

Looking at the center of the stage, the two of them were tightly leaning against each other.

The handsome man and the beautiful woman were warm and affectionate… No matter how he looked at it, they were a perfect match made in heaven.

However, Mark could not help but scratch his head in embarrassment.

Seeing that the show was about to end, should he go up and remind the two of them However, seeing that they were hugging each other until the sky turned dark, he did not dare to act rashly.

Ning Yiyuans cold gaze was still etched in his heart!

Before Mark could think of what to do, Mo Chu noticed this.

She gently pushed Ning Yiyuan away from her embrace.

However, Ning Yiyuan was not willing to be left out.

He held Little Chus hand and their fingers interlocked.

This guy! Mo Chu glared at him before turning around to face the fans below the stage.

Under the circumstances that no one had expected, Mo Chu suddenly bowed 90 degrees and said softly, “Thank you, everyone!”

The scene, which was originally a little chaotic, suddenly quieted down.

In the middle of the stage, Mo Chus bow was very standard.

She half-bowed and placed her hands on her sides.

Previously, in order to make egg fried rice, her long hair had been coiled up.

She did not have the time to put it down.

Now, it just so happened that her delicate little face was revealed.

Her pure eyes were imprinted in everyones eyes, and they were filled with gratitude, there were no impurities or fakes at all…

Little Chu was really grateful to them, grateful for their existence!

“Thank you, everyone.

I will be fine.

I also hope that everyone can always be happy!” Mo Chus eyes were curved as she added.

Although her tone was light, everyone could feel the sincerity in it.

Upon hearing these words, many of Mo Chus true love fans started to shed tears.

To be honest, before this, no one had expected that Mo Chu would thank everyone like this.

Due to the popularity of the Federations entertainment industry, it had given birth to a large number of die-hard fans.

For the sake of their idol, they had done far too many things, and most celebrities seemed to have taken this situation for granted.

It was actually the first time that Mo Chu had thanked her in such a serious manner.

This action caused many people on the celebrity website to become her fans.

A large number of fans took this opportunity to show their sincerity:

“My Little Chu is awesome! Dont worry, we will always be here!”

“Oh! Im so touched.

I actually cried twice while watching an interview show.

This is simply too embarrassing! But, Little Chu, we will always support you.

All the best!”

“Marshal Ning, we have all heard your promise.

If one day you dare to treat Little Chu badly, when that time comes… Hmph!”


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