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As a result, many online viewers in the live broadcast room were tortured while they followed Mo Chu on a gourmet journey with great enjoyment.

One of Mo Chus bamboo tubes had been opened and sealed.

At this moment, hot air was rising from it and brewing in circles, bringing about an infinitely tempting taste.

The spoon gently scooped the inside of the tube, bringing out spoonfuls of well-defined grains of rice.

Occasionally, there were eye-catching kernels of corn and carrot mixed inside.

When the spoon was fed into the mouth, the unique fragrance of the bamboo completely seeped into the tube.

The hot rice was filled with a delicate fragrance and instantly spread throughout the entire taste buds!

After chewing carefully, ones entire body seemed to be surrounded by that indescribable fragrance.

It was as if one was currently immersed in the distant bamboo forest.

Beside them was an endless golden wheat field… The sun… The rain…

Occasionally, she would bite into a piece of corn or shiitake mushroom.

Then, a unique taste would burst forth from this faint fragrance.

It was either slightly sweet or slightly fresh.

When they were combined together, it was just perfect!

Not long after, Mo Chu finished this section of bamboo rice…

With a smile on her face, she began to attack the next section of bamboo rice..

This time, the netizens suffered!

Due to the holographic mode, not only could they smell the fragrance, they could even feel the taste in Mo Chus mouth.

Although it was less than 1 percent, this faint feeling was actually more torturous!

Everyone watched with their blood boiling!

They could not wait to stuff something into their mouths!

However, due to Mo Chus pregnancy and morning sickness, it had been a long time since she introduced spirit food in the Spirit Food Shop.

Everyone only had nutrient capsules on hand.

They had no choice but to make do with it first.

They stuffed the nutrient capsules into their mouths and took a small bite.

Wow! The taste was simply too sour and refreshing! It was completely different from the taste they felt in the holographic mode at this moment, alright

It was fine if there was no comparison at first, but now that the comparison was out, everyone was even more impatient!

Speaking of which, there were quite a few nouveau riche-level fans among Mo Chus fans.

At this moment, there were already people who could no longer suppress the primal power in their bodies and were getting restless.

The comments kept spamming…

“Why dont I buy one to make bamboo rice as well Oh my God! Just looking at it will really make me want to die!”

“Wow! Im rich, so hurry up!”

“Just give me a bite when you make bamboo rice.


“Haha, Bro, we are so in sync! I think so too.

Why dont we buy it together”

“Damn… There are too many rich people! I think its better for the poor to leave quickly!”

“Its one thing to have the money to buy it, but its another thing to not be able to buy it.”

Thats right!

Did you think that this normal plant was for sale As long as you paid for it, it would be sold to you How was that possible!

If it was not for Mo Chu being pregnant and her morning sickness, she would not have been so extravagant as to use normal plants as Spirit Food!

Even if Ning Yiyuan was willing to do this for her, would the government agree

As expected, after someone rationally unveiled this veil, the previously elated tycoons instantly fell silent!

In other words, they could only watch as Little Chu ate…

In an instant, countless crying emojis appeared on the comment screen…

On the other side, Ning Yiyuan was completely relieved when he saw Little Chu happily finish the bamboo rice!

He had been worried that the pickled bamboo shoot segment was just an accident, but now that so much time had passed, Little Chu still did not feel nauseous…

From the looks of it, she should be able to accept theUpgraded version of Spirit Food made from normal plants!

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